Home Remedies for Bad Breath Treatment

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for bad breath treatment. “Man your mouth stinks”. These words are the last thing you want to hear before the day of the apocalypse. I mean nothing, could be more insulting than someone telling you that you have bad breath. Please don’t fret, you are not the only one suffering from it.

In America itself, there are millions of people of suffering from the same. Big corporate make full use of this opportunity and everyday come up with products claiming to get rid of it in no time. I don’t say they are not effective but there are cases of cheap marketing and false promises.

Therefore, we have come to your rescue. In this article, we will talk about one of the best home remedies for bad breath. So hold your breaths and let us understand what leads to that stinkiness. Oh! Btw you can release your breath now.

What is Bad Breath?

Many at times the food we tend to consume has a strong odour. The food after being processed in our mouth, eventually mixes with the blood. The blood travels to all parts of the body, here the case being of lungs. The strong odour left from the food mixes with our breath and funnels out from your mouth. It can also occur because of some disease or problems like dry mouth. Development of bacteria inside is also one of the major factors contributing to bad breath.

Symptoms of Bad Breath

  • Bad breath
  • People offering you mint and chewing gum randomly.
  • They keep insisting, even if you refuse.
  • They run away at your sight.
  • Kissing you is the last thing anyone wants to do.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • You are too cool to brush your teeth.
  • Having food with strong odours.
  • Smoking or a habit of chewing tobacco.
  • Suffering from a medical condition called dry mouth.

Home remedies for bad breath
Home Remedies for Bad Breath Treatment:

1.) Cardamom as as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Natures natural mouth freshener. Cardamom with its fresh taste and scented aroma can get rid of your bad breath. The seeds especially have a beautiful aroma to them. Toss it in whenever you need a quick solution. Preparing Cardamom tea can also prove to be beneficial, even though the taste may be a big turn-off.

2.) Lemon as as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Lemony, tangy breath exists for sure. Lemon is not only beneficial to you in your toothpaste, it is also effective in its natural form. Simply squeeze in some lemons with water and add honey. Do not drink the solution rather start gargling with it. Continue the process for at least 2-3 times in a day. You will notice your bad breath disappear in no time.

3.) Yoghurt as as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Bacteria in the mouth is what leads to bad breath. They say that evil in good form is the best thing. The same goes with the good bacteria in yoghurt, which acts as a natural pro-biotic. Yoghurt can get rid of the bacteria and can give a long lasting fresh breath.

4.) Baking Soda as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Good old baking soda is one of the best solution for bad breath. Simply mix baking soda in water and consume the solution. Its antibacterial properties will help get rid of the bacteria that is breeding in your body and mouth. You can also brush your teeth with baking soda for a more conventional solution. Make sure to look for any underlying problem or allergy before beginning with the treatment.

5.) Fenugreek as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

The seeds of this plant can provide a refreshing breath. Simply boil the seeds of this plant and then consume the tea on regular basis. It will help get rid of the bacteria. Not only bad breath, it is also good for your overall healthy being. Make sure to have it every morning before breakfast and in the afternoon after lunch.

6.) Avocado as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

The tiny fruit has unmatched health properties compared to its counterparts. The fruit can either be directly consumed to act as a mouth freshener. Its juice alternatively can also be mixed with banana to get a delicious bacteria killer drink. Make sure to consume it every day for long term treatment process.

7.) Mint Leaves as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

Talking about bad breath treatment without this one is like mentioning American breakfast without pancakes. Even though both are not related but at least you get the idea. Toss in some mint leaves in your mouth and chew them on regular basis. You could also get their juice and drink it on uniform intervals. The mint leaves are known for their healthy, antibacterial properties and can provide a nice aromatic fragrance to your mouth.

8.) Drink Tea as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

We keep stressing on all the natural benefits that tea has to offer. Green tea as an alternative could be a great home remedy for bad breath. It is easily available and takes less preparation time. Green tea with its herbal aromatic qualities will disappear all the stink from your mouth. It will also make sure to provide you with a healthy body and a healthy mind. The detox effect will also get rid of all the bacteria from your body.

  • Boil green tea in water.
  • Consume it after every 2-3 hours.
  • See the results.

9.) Apple Cider Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

This one is one of the essential items that should be in your cupboard. The product comes in mind whenever we think of home remedies. The same holds true in case of bad breath. The apple cedar can be mixed with water to form a refreshing gargle solution. Continue gargling with it for atleast 2-3 minutes. Once done you will noticed a more refreshed mouth.

10.) Drink Water as a Home Remedy for Bad Breath

This is one of the simplest of tips anyone can suggest you for bad breath. Keeping your body hydrated is important to keep your mind and body in perfect balance. Water helps get rid of all the toxics in your body. It also simulate the salivary gland, helping produce more saliva. The saliva gets rid of the dry mouth; making sure that bad breath does not come close.

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