Hair Removal for Men

In this article, we will discuss hair removal for men. Once hair removal used to be a purely female thing. Unless you were a bodybuilder, swimmer, cyclist, or male exotic dancer, you probably do not much bother about your body hair. Now, more and more men are opting for grooming rights as women which include smooth body skin too. Although, some men don’t want it all removed, but they do want it thinned out, on their back and chest. According to some waxing specialist, lot of men wants to wax on their eyebrows, they also want to take away that unborn look. Using right product and techniques, you don’t need to live with cuts, ingrown hairs, nicks, and razor burns from shaving. A right technique can be the difference between a good and a great shave. The common mistakes men usually make when shaving include using too much pressure, using a dull blade, shaving too quickly, and not lubricating their face. The best time to shave is just after a shower or in the shower.

A man uses several types of products when he has more body hair than he wants. Individuals with sensitive skin can pick a high-quality hair removal cream that inhibits uncomfortable scratches, razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Hair removal creams that feature soothing ingredients such as aloe Vera make skin softer and less irritated. There is an extensive variety of hair removal creams for men that are easily available in medical stores, online and big-box stores. Hair removal creams contain ingredients that can effectively remove unwanted body hair easily. Some guys want to remove hair for aesthetic reasons while others for their participation in sports like bodybuilding or cycling. Out of various removal methods available in the market, it is important to determine which one will work best for you. There is no proven technique to remove hair permanently but some method reduces hair growth permanently.

Best Hair Removal for Men:

1.) Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal for men uses light energy to penetrate the hair shaft. Though, it actually kills the hair root. Don’t worry it doesn’t kill the hair follicle (the part where hair growth starts). So, new hair growth possibilities are a minimum. Laser treatment is a really effective way to prevent hair growth on the body for a fairly long time. The treatment roughly takes half an hour. Every treatment is designed to work on a particular area of the body and that is valid for this treatment also. It is only best for removing hair from back, stomach, chest, shoulders, and genital area. The method works best on lighter skin tonne with dark hair but not suitable for blond or white hair.

2.) Waxing for Hair Removal

The main advantage of waxing over others is it’s a long-lasting treatment. After application of waxing, you will be free from hair for up to six weeks. Waxing removes hair from the root and when it will grow back then the hair will be fine rather than growing blunt. Leave the work in the hands of specialist and if you are brave enough then go ahead. Waxing is quite painful but the thing is “no pain”, “no gain”.

3.) Veet for Men Hair Removal

Hair Removal for Men

Veet gives smooth results in just four minutes. It has easy wash off formula that allows you to use it in the shower. This hair removal for men ensures no razor rash and no prickly hair re-growth. Compare to other methods it is the smartest way to get rid of body hair for men. The best thing is that the effect lasts long after the application of this once. Using Veet, you can now easily remove body hair without the cuts, nicks, and prickly stubble that shaving often results in. Veet is perfect for those awkward to reach parts like the back and shoulders. For best result you should focus on one area at a time. The cream is effective in removing hair from chest, legs, back, arms, shoulders and around your briefs but not the scalp, face, genital or perianal areas. Skin reaction to the cream is common, to avoid this follow all directions and precautions carefully. Prior to using this product you should do a patch test to check skin’s sensitivity.

4.) Electrolysis Hair Removal for Men

Electrolysis uses an ultra-slim needle to penetrate each individual hair root. The process uses electric shocks to kill the cells that actually responsible for hair growth. The time frame of the treatment can take a year with twenty minutes of relatively short steps. The time consumption in this process makes sense as each hair underwent a shock. Once the treatment is processed then it will ensure that no hair will grow there. Electrolysis is equal works on every area of the body that makes it one of the best ways to remove hair. To start this treatment, small areas are good to go such as eyebrows and neck. If it is used for genital hair removal then a local anesthetic can help despite many men find that treatment in this area to be very painful.

5.) Nair Hair Remover for Men

The cream is designed to a special formula that dissolves hair below your skin’s surface so you get a smooth skin for few days without the hassle of shaving. The cream is relatively quick in removing hair in just a few minutes of treatment. The effect of this cream lasts days longer than shaving, stays on in the shower, easy to use, effective on coarse hair and work best on the chest, arms, back and legs.

6.) Revitol Hair Removal for Men

This is a high-quality men’s depilatory cream for hair removal. It can remove all hair from a target area with only one application. This cream attacks hair on a person’s beard, and other body spots with ease. The smell of the cream is very pleasant that will make your skin refresh and soften. The product is well renowned today among various other hair removal creams. The quick and easy way of its application makes it top of the table. If you have not tried this product then go ahead and give it a shot. After using it for few days, you will become a fan of this hair remover.

7.) Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream

Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream is a brilliant product exclusively from Australia. Once you got the product then it is the time to retire your shaving razor and you do not have to look back. This product can remove hair from any part of the body.  It contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and almond oil that gives a soothing effect.

8.) Magic Razorless Extra Strength Hair Removal for Men

This cream for hair removal is a men’s depilatory cream consist of moisturizing Shea butter, leaving treated areas soft. The fragrance of the product is decent and fresh. It does not require any mixing and works amazing on removing coarse beards. If you have been searching for an effective and fast way to remove hair then give this cream a chance. Just follow the instruction given on the product and you are done.

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