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How to Get Rid of Bees?

Though, bees are the best suppliers of honey in the world. But, their presence at home can create so much mess for the dwellers. When you notice the honey bee at your home, the only thing that annoys you about these pesky insects is the bee sting. It is very painful and if you are attacked by the whole group of bees. In such situation, it becomes very difficult to prevent yourself from them. The only way out from such a miserable situation is to get rid of bees fast.

Few Fascinating Facts About Bees:

Bees are also known as Order Hymenoptera. There are various fascinating facts associated with bees. Here are few of them:

  • Though people are afraid of the bee sting, but it can cure HIV.
  • Bee sting can also provide ease in the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.
  • They work harder than human beings.
  • They have the quality to change their brain chemistry when they change their jobs. They can perform multiple jobs and tasks in their lifetime.
  • These little insects can easily recognize the human faces.
  • They have various personalities like shirkers and workers in their kingdom.
  • They can use the sun as a compass to get the directions.

How to Get Rid of Bees

Ways to Get Rid of Bees:

Before, finding out the ways to get rid of bees first you need to follow these steps to get rid of bees.

Step 1: Find the Hive

You need to find out the bees infested area especially their nests to get rid of bees. It is the most primary step that is very useful to prevent bees.

Step 2: Define Their Identity

Try to find out which kind of the bee is creating a mess in your surroundings. Identify their species to get rid of bees naturally. You can only prevent them while using different ways to get rid of bees. This can only be done when you can recognize their species.

Step 3: Wear Protection While Spraying

Bees can attack you if will not wear proper protection. Try to spray on their nests at night when these bees are not buzzing around their nests. Also, wear full sleeve shirt, gloves and a wide-brimmed hat having a net to protect your face and hands from the bee sting. Moreover, don’t forget to spray on the bees infested areas like flower beds, plants, and bushes.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bees:

There are various natural ways to prevent bees:

1.) Use Vinegar Solution to Get Rid of Bees

Just take half amount of water in the spray bottle. Now, add half a teaspoon of vinegar in it. Mix it well and prepare a solution. Vinegar can repel the bees easily. Spray it on their nests directly to get rid of the bees.

2.) Use Soap Solution to Get Rid of Bees

You can also use a soap solution to get rid of bees. Just add soap in water and mix it well. Pour this soap solution in a spray bottle. Now, spray it on the nests of bees and the places where bees occur more frequently.

3.) Mothballs to Get Rid of Bees

This is one of the effective ways used to get rid of bees. Just hang some mothballs in the thin sock or old nylon. Place it near to the nests of the bees. They will fly away from their nests due to the presence of mothballs.

4.) Soda Pop to Get Rid of Bees

Just take an old soda bottle containing half amount of soda in it. Now, fill it with a sweet soda like mountain dew. Place it near to the nests of the bees and the places where these bees occur more frequently. You will find that the bees will be attracted towards the scent of the solution and they will surely come to consume it. They will drown inside the solution when they will come to consume the soda. Repeat this process until the bees get disappear naturally. Also, keep on changing the soda for few days to get rid of bees.

5.) Call for Professional Help to Get Rid of Bees

If the situation goes out of your hands and you are unable to control the bees then call a pesticide company. Take assistance of professionals. They will come and will remove the bees and their hives. They will use pesticides and organic material to get rid of bees. So, call for a professional assistance if you are unable to handle the situations on your own.

6.) Take Help of a Beekeeper to Get Rid of Bees

If you are afraid of bees and you can’t control them on your own then it is better to take a help of a beekeeper. They will surely like to take beehive as they surely like to get honey from it.

7.) Use Zapper to Get Rid of Bees

Place a bug zapper strip close to the beehive. This is one of the best ways to get rid of bees. The bees will be caught in the sticky material and eventually they will die. You can purchase it from any home improvement shop, grocery, and drug store.

Once you are done with these different ways to get rid of bees. Then simply see whether there is the activity of these bees or not. Also, clean up the bees and their nest after spraying.

How to Protect Your Home from Unwanted Bees?

Well, it is not in your hand to protect your home from unwanted bees as they can enter any object and item that contains a hole which is a quarter or an inch larger in the size. So, here are few preventive measures that you may take to avoid bees from entering your home.

  • The first step for preventing bees is to destroy their nests. Just small amount of pesticide can provide a great relief from bees.
  • Also, if you want to protect your child from the bee sting, then simply avoid using perfumes as it may attract bees.
  • If there is a beehive in your home, then simply avoid wearing the bright color of clothes that looks like a flower patch.
  • Always try to wear long pants, shoes, and hats on your hat to avoid bees.

Ways to Prevent Bees from the Nesting:

Here are few preventive measures that you must follow to prevent bees from the nestling.

  • Just try to clean out the old nests that have no activity.
  • Stay vigilant while finding out the activity of bee.
  • Seal and plug all the openings of soffits, vents and cracks.

At times, it is really important to use few preventive measures to avoid bee sting. These methods can help you from getting into the contact of the bee. So use these preventive measures to prevent yourself and your kids from a bee sting.

Now, there is no need to be worried about these pesky pests. You have plenty of homemade options and various other ways to prevent bees. So, the next time you notice these bees roaming in your surroundings doesn’t worry. Take proper preventive measures and get rid of bees as soon as possible.


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