How to Cut Your Own Hair?

In this article, we will talk about the ways to cut your own hair. Money does not appear on its own but hair certainly does. I understand that there is no relation between the two but what about all the money that you end up spending to style your hair. Yes, your everyday salons charge exorbitant rates that burn a hole in your pocket. A large sum of this money could be saved  for some better purpose, like a trip. Unless you don’t plan on turning into a hippie or Rapunzel, you are definitely going to get rid of those dead ends. 

So do not worry, you can easily cut your own hair without going to the barber. For this, we will provide you tips and tricks that can make you become your personal hair stylist. 

how to cut your own hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair?

1.) Start Practicing to Cut Your Own Hair

As they say, that practice makes every one perfect! So, before you decide to bring the scissors and try out your own styling, it is advised to start practicing. It is advised to start with a wig or toy. Try different styles and follow the rules and you will do fine. Consult a professional on some tips that he can give you. Make sure to incorporate those tips while cutting your own hair.

2.) Consult a Professional to Cut Your Own Hair

Before you begin on the ultimate journey to save your money by cutting your own hair, it is not a bad idea to take suggestions. If possible consult a professional, who can provide you essential tips and tricks to do it properly. A friend can also help. He can access your idea and can provide a varied opinion. Who known they may even come in handy when you actually do it. A helping hand should always be welcome.

3.) Get the Right Tools to Cut Your Own Hair

No soldier goes into the battle without his equipment. The same goes for you, as what you are pursuing is nothing less than a battle. To win this battle, you would require good quality tools that work. The most important among all of these is the right set of scissors.

Make sure to choose correct scissors, which are not only sharp but also easy to handle. If they don’t grip in your hand well, they are not worth it. Make sure to also arrange a clean comb and a small water sprayer as well. A good conditioner and shampoo may also come in handy in the later stages.

4.) Get Your Hair Wet to Cut Your Own Hair

It is important that before you begin the cutting process, you should wash your hair. When cutting your hair it is advised that it should never be allowed to go dry. The dryness will lead to problems with the manoeuvrability of your scissors. Wet hair is easy to cut and split ends can be removed hassle-free. Make sure to constantly spray it up, if it starts to dry up till you don’t complete the process.

5.) Finger Techniques to Cut Your Own Hair

Use two of your fingers to balance up your hair. Use the index and middle finger to hold the ends of your hair. Now carefully start chopping the ends. Make sure you don’t go overboard and cut a lot of hair. Hold the strands nicely and cut them carefully.

6.) Clip it Up To Cut Your Own Hair

Take a nice clip and start dividing the strands of your hair into different sections. Place one on the top of your head to form a puff. Take up different sections and start dividing in different areas. Now start chopping off the ends carefully. It is advised to use crocodile clips for the same purpose as they provide an efficient grip.

7.) Measure Hair to Cut Your Own Hair

One of the most important steps before you begin to cut your hair is to measure your hair. No, we are not telling you to use a scale or a measuring tape but get an estimate using your fingers. Make sure that you get an accurate estimate of the area you are trying to cut. This will help you not to overdo the chopping and save you from embarrassment. Along with the overall hair, get an estimate of the split ends also. When all this is done, start the cutting process.

8.) Keep Ends Equal to Cut Your Own Hair

During the process of chopping your hair, it is important that the ends remain equal. For as you start cutting your hair, especially the ends, there are chances that it may be un-proportional. Place the different layer side by side to get an idea. Wherever the ends are not equal, cut the lengths in equal proportion. Match them again to see if it finally happens. Note that it is important to trim less hair, so there is a possibility to make it equal.

9.) No Experimentation to Cut Your Own Hair

If you are planning to cut your own hair to have a new hairstyle, then you are up for trouble my friend. Trying out a different hairstyle on your own is like making a good painting in the first time of trying out painting. If you are trying it out for the first time, make sure to stick to the basics. Cutting the ends and doing some basic hair styling is what is advised when you doing it first time. As you progress you could go out of your comfort zone and experiment.

10.) Use a Clear Mirror to Cut Your Own Hair

The last but not the least important thing to use a good mirror while cutting your own hair. Place your hair properly in a standing position, while the clips grip it. Make the cuts while looking at the mirror and maintain your hair properly. Working without a mirror is extremely risky and would lead to uneven strands and you cutting more hair then you eventually should.

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