How to Get Rid of Head Lice?

In this article, we will discuss some best remedies to get rid of head lice. They are a small insect that lives in the human hair and feeds on their blood. Their infestation is done by laying eggs, which stick to hair. These eggs take about 5 to 9 days to hatch. They take seven more days to become egg-laying adults. Head lice are not able to survive very long without feeding so, they die within 2 days. That’s why they cannot live long away from your head.

Head lice are quite problematic not only in homes but schools and offices also. Your personal hygiene doesn’t guarantee that head lice will not bother you ever. The best way to get rid of lice is to not allow them to enter into the hair. That can be done by identifying the ways by which they get to enter. There are several mediums that help head lice to get transferred from one person to another. Some of the most common ways by which they enter in your hair are:

  • By head-to-head contact, especially in children.
  • By sharing- combs, hats, clothing, barrettes, helmets, scarves, headphones, elastic, towels, scarves or other personal items.

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Common Symptoms of Head Lice:


The most common symptom of having lice is itching.

Tickling feeling

If you have a tickling feeling of something moving through the hair. This is a symptom of having lice.

Difficulty in sleeping

Head with lice offers sleepless nights. Studies show that lice are most active in the dark.


People having head lice keep on scratching their head for relief. That may cause sores on the head, which would also become a symptom of head lice.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Remedies to Get Rid of Head Lice:

Head lice do not jump, fly or leap to infest your head but they crawl quickly to move. They cannot live on  pets or any other animals. Lice could live off the head for up to 3-4 days, but their eggs and nits need a warm atmosphere to grow naturally. Nits do no like the room temperature to hatch their eggs.

1.) Check Your Head Regularly to Get Rid of Head Lice

Do check the head of every member of your family on a regular basis. Doing this will keep away head lice from your head. Make a strict routine of  checking the head for lice once in a week. Children generally get head lice easily as they interact with other children in school. Check your child’s head after every sleepover to prevent lice infestation. If any  of your family members is infected then there is great chance of passing lice back and forth. it becomes necessary to wash bedding and clothing used by anyone with lice daily treatment to kill any lice that might have come off a person’s hair.

2.) Do Not Share Personal Items to Get Rid of Head Lice

As we have already discussed the mediums by which the lice get transferred from one person to another. Sharing of personal items as mentioned above could become the possible reason for getting head lice. Although, you always maintain a good hygiene and take preventive measures to avoid lice but still can’t get rid of head lice. People often forgot that lice infest mostly due to the sharing of personal items so be careful from next time while sharing your personal items to anyone. You will easily decrease the chances of getting head lice only by not sharing your personal items. Only use your own  brush, hat, comb, and scarf.

3.) Use Lice Removal Comb to Get Rid of Head Lice

You should use a nit comb that you can purchase at a pharmacy, grocery store or another large retailer. You have to comb the entire length of wet and lubricated hair to eliminate all head lice. The lice removal comb would give you the optimum possible outcome. Choose the correct comb, which is capable of removing even tiny lice. Without a special comb, the nits will stay stuck to your hair near the scalp. Terminator comb can be used to produce the desired result to eliminate lice from your head.

4.) Conditioner to Get Rid of Head Lice

To get rid of head lice if they are already infested your head, it becomes necessary to eliminate them as early as possible. Lice glue themselves near the scalp and hold the hair with their teeth tightly. If you go for direct combing then this will be quite painful due to the firm grip of lice. Use any natural conditioner to weakens the hold of lice in the hair. After that use lice comb to comb your hair to completely remove lice from your hair.

5.) Disinfect to Get Rid of Head Lice

Lice crawl in order to move from one place to another and get transferred from your head to the objects which come in contact with them. You should keep the objects clean like sheets, combs, hair brushes, helmets, etc. Prevention is the best way to get rid of lice fast and naturally and also a simple remedy for head lice. If your child wants a sleepover then don’t forget to wash his/her sleeping bag and pillow first, does not let them use before cleaning it.

6.) Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Head Lice

Using tea tree oil to remove head lice is not only simple but also inexpensive too. It  has been benefited many  people to get rid of head lice naturally. Put 6-8 drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo bottle. You will not find any bad smell in shampoo after adding it. When you dry your hair smell is almost negligible. Lice don’t like the tree oil mixed in shampoo and as a result of this, they won’t make your head their home in the future.

7.) Olive Oil to Get Rid of Head Lice

Olive oil is one of the best smothering agents for the lice. It needs to be applied overnight, under a shower cap to suffocate the lice. Lice can’t live without breath for hours. You also have to comb your hair, but don’t worry. Olive oil will you to loosen the grip of lice from the hair shafts.

8.) Hair Dryers to Remove Head Lice

Hot air is useful in killing the nits, but it becomes less effective when it comes to living lice. Old school hair dryer could kill 90% of the nits, on the other hand, it just kill 10% of lice. A blow hair dryer using direct heat kills 95% of nits and almost 60% of lice. Use only on freshly washed hair, this will increase chances of removing them. Make sure that hair dryer should not use if you already wearing any chemical for lice treatment.

9.) Mayonnaise for Head Lice Treatment

Mayonnaise is one of the most popular home treatment for head lice. It can successfully suffocate the little monsters and ultimately kills them. Put a thick layer of mayonnaise on the hair and massage thoroughly. Now, put a shower cap and leave it for around 8-12 hours. The better way of doing it is before going to bed. Wash the hair 4-5 times in the next morning. The mayonnaise has a great property to suffocate the live lice, and it also loosens the glue.

10.) Louse Buster to Treat Head Lice

Louse buster is a vacuum tube resembling device, but it’s different in working in all aspects. This device is used to remove lice from the head. It has hot a brush like a nozzle, it blows heated air on the hair, scalp, and root. It dries the out lice along with their eggs. The device is capable of killing all the nits and 85% of live lice.

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