How to Kill Head Lice Naturally?

In this article, we will discuss the remedies to kill head lice naturally. Head lice is also known as head louse. Scientifically it is termed as “Pediculus humanus capitis”, a six-legged dependent bloodsucker that lives on the human head. They don’t create any long haul hurt, yet it causes the sufferer to always fight an unending inclination to scratch the scalp relentless. These living beings are truly difficult to see, as they are generally of sesame seed size. They are to a great degree strong in their own specific manner,  they can survive being submerged for nearly six hours. They are so strong that even the chlorine in swimming pools is not able to kill them. These head lice can’t bounce, jump or fly and it transfer only with direct contact with somebody. Individuals can likewise get defiled with head lice on the off-chance that they utilize the bedding, garments, hair-brush and so on that has beforehand been utilized by a person contaminated with head lice.

Symptoms of Head Lice:

  • Feeling that something is creeping over the head.
  • Bothersome scalp joined by perpetual scratching, bringing about the scalp to be red and disturbed.
  • Seeing minor cocoa bugs in the hair.
  • Swollen lymph hubs in the head back

how to kill head lice naturally

Remedies to Kill Head Lice Naturally:

1.) Hot Oil Treatment to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Coconut oil can be utilized for this treatment. Coconut oil can help treat lice on the grounds that it contains lauric acid which has anti-bacterial properties and can help to shed these head lice. The soaked unsaturated fats in coconut oil choke out the head lice. Because they start feeling suffocated and fall from your head. The greasing up nature of the oil makes it simpler for the lice to fall off from the hair if the hair is brushed with a nit brush.

2.) Margosa Oil Can to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Margosa oil is also available by other names such as Indica oil. It contains azadirachtin, which essentially upsets the life cycle of the lice by killing them. The triterpenoids present in neem oil creates problem for head lice. Margosa oil greased up the hair the same way that coconut oil does. It is truly easy to apply the treatment. Take some neem oil on a small bowl and warm it in a microwave. Rub this tepid oil on your hair and scalp with mildly. Let the scalp and hair drench up the oil for around thirty minutes. Separate the hair in two parts and comb it downwards direction. The dead lies will fall off while combing your hair.

3.) Hair Dryer to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Consequently utilizing a hair dryer after shampooing your hair can be helpful in uprooting head lice. The heat emanating from the hair dryer will kill the head lies instantly. Separate your hair into two parts. Use a hair dryer to altogether dry the individual areas. Begin from the scalp and gradually move towards the tip. This will help to reduce hair lice.

4.) Mayonnaise to Kill Head Lice Naturally

The mayonnaise treatment works in the same manner just like a hair gel treatment does. It is said that it helps to eliminate head lice by choking them. Cover every last bit of hair with mayonnaise. Spread your hair firmly with a shower cap and afterward wrap a towel around it. This makes the hair sealed properly, furthermore keeps the mayonnaise from dribbling. Leave this on for around six hours. Wash your hair with cleanser. Be patient and try to wash off the mayonnaise gently from your hair. Dry the hair with a hair dryer. Then separate the hair into two portion and use a nit hair brush to comb it. This ought to be done twice every week for around two months to totally take out head lice.

5.) Dish washing Liquid to Kill Head Lice Naturally

The dish washing fluid does not kill the lice, but rather it will assist you with liberating the lice from your hair. All you need to do is dilute your dishwasher solution with water and apply it on your head. Leave it for ten minutes and then wash it off. After that dry your hair with hair dryer in order to blow away the dead lice and then brush your hair. The strong smell and lather of dishwasher make it quite difficult for lice to survive.

6.) Onion to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Onions contain sulfur, which helps to kill head lice. The use of onion juice or its paste is quite effective to dispose of head lice. Take six standard onions and toss them in the blender to make a smooth glue. Pour the paste or glue in a bowl to strain the juice out of it. Now rub your scalp with this juice and ensure the to cover it with a shower cap for around two hours. Cleanse the hair, dry it with a hairdryer. Afterwards, use a nit hair brush to comb your hair. Try to apply the onion treatment for back to back three days. And later on then apply it once every month for around two months.

7.) Lemon Juice to Kill Head Lice Naturally

The exceptionally acidic nature of lemon juice can be utilized to dispose off head lice too. Take four substantial garlic cloves and squash them into a fine glue utilizing a pestle or a mortar. Include one tablespoon of lemon juice to it and blend the glue completely. Rub your  scalp utilizing this glue with the help of cotton balls. After that secure it with a thick towel for around thirty minutes. Cleanse your hair and afterward brush it. The above treatment can totally wipe out head lice in a short period of time.

8.) Rubbing Alcohol to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Rubbing alcohol is another remedy that helps to kill head lice. Pour a drop of rubbing liquor on the scalp with the help of cotton balls and spread it consistently by means of a delicate back rub. Leave it on for twenty minutes. Then cleanse your hair and after that use the hair dryer to get rid of head lice through heat as mentioned in the third point of this article. Applying this treatment twice, every week will dispose of the head lice in around one month.

9.) Vinegar to Kill Head Lice Naturally

Vinegar is powerful in disposing of head lice on the grounds. The acidic effect in vinegar is lethal for the lice. Blend a balance of white vinegar with mineral oil, and apply it on your head scalp. Rub it completely, secure your head with a shower cap or towel and keep it on for over night. Cleanse it off the next morning. If try to follow the vinegar treatment continuously then it will dispose off the head lice in around one month.

10.) Wash Clothing and Bedding to Kill Head Lice Naturally

It is a confusion that head lice can hop starting with one individual’s head then onto the next. In some cases, these lice can fall off from the individual’s hair and join itself to cushion cases, garments, stuffed toys or some other articles. If your head may have come in contact with these articles then you will also have to deal with the lice. The best way is to wash them in heated water and afterward place them in the dryer for no less than ten minutes.

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