How to Remove Nits from Hair?

Nits are tiny eggs laid by head lice and can be a major problem if left untreated. Nits need heat from your scalp and hence the lice always lay eggs nearer to the scalp, near the hair shaft. Removing the nit glue can be a difficult task and in order to stop the lice from multiplying, it is important that the nits are carefully removed from the hair. Here in this article, you will get some great ways to remove nits from your hair. You can get lice from coming in touch with an infected person through play, school, sports, sleepover and other gatherings. Wearing the clothing of someone who has the parasite, sharing personal care items like brushes and combs that are contaminated, and laying on bedding that an infected person was previously lying on can also transfer nits. Two of the common signs of lice infestation are itching on the head and red bumps on the scalp. These organisms are actually tough to see, as they are normally the size of a sesame seed. They are very difficult to kill naturally, for example, they can survive being submerged under water for about six hours. Read the article to know the ways to remove nits from hair.

How to Remove Nits from Hair

Tips to Remove Nits from Hair:

1.) Coconut Oil to Remove Nits from Hair

Coconut oil can help cure lice because it contains lauric acid, which has anti-microbial properties. It can guard the area from secondary infections. The saturated fatty acids in coconut oil choke the head lice, thus killing them. The lubricating character of the oil makes it easier for the nit to come off from the hair, if the hair is combed with a nit comb.

2.) Margosa Oil to Remove Nits from Hair

Margosa oil can be used to kill head lice because margosa oil contains azadiractin. It significantly disorder the life cycle of the lice by destroying the nits. The triterpenoid in margosa oil works as a topical anti-septic. It lubricates the hair in the same way that the coconut oil does. The astringent and antibacterial properties of it removes the nits from the hair fast. The strong aroma released by the oil helps to kill the nits fast. It is a popular home remedy to treat nits for centuries.

3.) Onion to Remove Nits from Hair

Onions contain sulfur, which is known to kill head lice. What you have to do is take five to six regular sized onions and blend them to make a smooth paste. Put the paste on a muslin cloth and extract the juice. Rub the scalp with this juice and cover the area with a shower cap for about two hours. Shampoo the hair, dry it with a hair dryer and then use a nit comb as mentioned in all the other treatments. Use the onion treatment for two to three consecutive days, and then use it once a month, for about two months, for best result.

4.) Lemon Juice to Remove Nits from Hair

The high acid content of lemon juice can be used to treat head lice as well. The following is how you can use it rapidly to treat and get rid of head lice. Take four large garlic cloves and crush them into a fine paste using a grinder. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice to it and mix the paste carefully. Rub the scalp using this paste and then leave it enclosed with a thick towel for about twenty to thirty minutes. Shampoo the hair and then use a nit comb.

5.) Dishwashing Liquid to Remove Nits from Hair

The dishwashing liquid does not kill the lice, but it will help you to get rid of nits from the hair. It is usually used in combination with the mayonnaise or the hair gel treatment, because it helps get rid of the gunk left behind by the same methods; something that shampoo cannot handle properly. When dishwashing liquid is applied on the hair, it suffocates the nits instantly.

6.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Nits from Hair

Apple cider vinegar has stronger anti-microbial properties when compared with regular white vinegar. Thus, it is more beneficial to use to remove nits from hair. Before using ACV, one needs to decide whether one is allergic to it or not. Simply apply a drop of diluted ACV on a part of the skin. There should be a minor harsh sensation that should vanish after a few seconds. If there is a constant burning sensation, if the afflicted person is allergic to ACV then this treatment is not suitable for the said person. Just apply some ACV on your hair scalp using your fingertips. Leave it for some time and then wash your hair.

7.) Hair Dryer to Remove Nits from Hair

A research has shown that modern hair dryers kill about 50% of the lice and 95% of the nits. Hence, using a hair dryer after shampooing the hair can easily remove head lice. The following is how you can use hair dryers to get rid of head lice. Separate the hair into convenient sections. Use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the individual sections. Start from the scalp and gradually move towards the tip. Do not use it for more than 15 to 60 seconds on every section; otherwise the strong heat from the hair dryer can cause some serious injury.

8.) Alcohol to Remove Nits from Hair

Alcohol is a very powerful disinfectant that kills head lice. The following is how you can use it. Pour a little alcohol on the scalp and spread it evenly via a gentle rub. Leave it on for a few minutes. It might hurt a little bit, especially if the sufferer had aggressively injured her head earlier. Apply some conditioner on hair. This will put an end to the blazing sensation. Use the nit comb to take away dead head lice, along with the nit. Shampoo your hair and then use the hair dryer.

9.) Tea Tree Oil to Remove Nits from Hair

Natural insecticide tea tree oil is one of the most successful home remedies to remove nets from hair. Combine 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, 2 tablespoons of olive or coconut oil, and 1 ounce of natural shampoo. Apply this combination smoothly all over your scalp and wrap your head with a shower cap. Leave it on for an hour and then clean with hot water. Now, comb your wet hair to get rid of the nits and dead lice.

10.) Salt to Remove Nits from Hair

Another good choice to eliminate head nits is salt. Salt kills the lice and removes the nits fast from the hair fast without any side effects. Mix ¼ cup each of vinegar and salt. Now, wet your hair a little and spray this mixture. Cover your head with a shower cap for approximately 1 to 2 hours. Wash and apply conditioner. Repeat this process in every 2 to 3 days to get rid of nit in an easier way.

11.) Garlic to Remove Nits from Hair

The strong aroma of garlic can kill lice by suffocating them. Garlic is loaded with natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. These properties make it one of the best natural treatment for numerous hair problems.

  • Crush a few garlic cloves into a fine paste and add it with a teaspoon of lime juice.
  • Apply the paste slowly onto the scalp.
  • Wait for half an hour and then wash the hair with lukewarm water.
  • You can also go for the other way, make a fine paste by mixing fresh garlic juice, cooking oil, green tea and shampoo.
  • Cover the hair with the paste and wrap your scalp with a cloth for half an hour.
  • Rinse your hair with your daily shampoo.
  • Repeat this method on a regular basis for a few months.

12.) Petroleum Jelly to Remove Nits from Hair

Petroleum jelly can have a harsh effect on nits and lice. It suffocates the lice because of its sticky nature, helping to get rid of them fast.

  • Apply a fine layer of petroleum jelly to the hair scalp in the night before going to sleep.
  • Wrap your head tightly with a towel or cloth. Wait for overnight.
  • Next day, use essential oil to take away the petroleum jelly.
  • Wash your hair carefully to remove nits from hair.
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