How to Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly?

After writing, how to get rid of heartburn?, how to get rid of acid reflux?, and home remedies for prevent belching naturally, we are now writing the ways to get rid of hiccups instantly. Hiccups are very common part of our life. Hiccups irritate us and we want to get rid of hiccups instantly. It is almost unpredictable and can makes it way any time of the day, which makes it more irritating to deal with this problem. Hiccups is not a disease and so it do not require any treatment and you can mostly get rid after a few minutes by simple tricks in this article.

What Are Hiccups or What Causes Hiccups?

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm muscle tightens suddenly and involuntarily. As the diaphragm tightens repeatedly, it leads to breathing air quickly. Then that air closes the opening of your vocal cords, which produces the ‘hic’ sound. Sometimes you may experience slight tightening sensation in the abdomen or throat and chest. Hiccups occur due to several factors that are overeating, drinking carbonated beverages, eating too quickly or eating very spicy foods, smoking, and swallowing air while eating or chewing. Long term hiccups can last for many hours and can be due to some respiratory conditions, nerve damage and central nervous system. Hiccups are very annoying and embarrassing when you are in public. A sudden change in room temperature and also change in your stomach temperature are the reason which resets your breathing patterns.

Best Ways To Get Rid of Hiccups Instantly:

1.) Hold Your Breath 

If you want to get rid of hiccups instantly, then you need to take a deep breath and hold it for some time. When carbon dioxide increases in your lungs, then your diaphragm relaxes. The air you inhale will get inside forcefully and this will also help to clear the passage. So relax sit back and take a deep breath to get rid of hiccups.

2.) Plug Your Ears With Fingers

Put your fingers in your ears for 1-2 minutes. Sit on some soft or couch, insert finger in your ears and relax. This procedure provides relaxation through the ‘vagus nerve’, which connects to the diaphragm. This is a natural way to get rid of hiccups fast.

3.) Rub Your Hands

Use your thumb to press the palm of other hands. This method generates distraction, which affects your nervous system and leads to end hiccups. You can do another method also. Squeeze the ball of your left thumb, which is present between the thumb and forefinger of the right. This is an effective way to stop hiccups. Rubbing your hand against each other will also help a lot. So remember to try this easiest remedy to get rid of hiccups, when you are out side.

4.) Pull Out Your Tongue

Pull your tongue out, which helps to open your vocal cords. By doing this, you breathe more smoothly. Most of the singers and actors do this exercise to sing well and it can treat hiccups as well.

5.) Drink Some Water 

This one the well known and oldest remedies for hiccups. Water is very powerful to cure each and every problem related to the human body. Water will remove the materials to the nerves, which will help to breath you properly and ease your comfortably. Take a glass of water. Then take 9 to 10 sips continuously from a glass. This will help to generate the rhythmic contractions of the esophagus, which override the spasm of the diaphragm to get rid of hiccups instantly.

how to get rid of hiccups instantly

6.) Take Help From Ginger

Ginger is a home remedy to cure hiccups. You need to use fresh ginger to stop hiccups. It directly overcomes the contraction of the diaphragm for curing hiccups. Take a small peeled, slice of ginger and chew it slowly.

7.) Eat Some Peanut Butter

Take a big tablespoon of peanut butter. Place it in your mouth and hold it for 3-5 minutes. Then swallow the peanut butter slowly. Don’t chew peanut butter. You can use Nutella or Almond butter. Anything which is sticky you can use it. So this remedy gives best results for hiccups.

8.) While Drinking Block Your Ears

While drinking water, block your ears. Put your fingers in your ears and take a sip through a straw. This method will definitely help to get rid of hiccups instantly.

9.) Have Some Sugar

Sweet sensation does a great job to treat hiccups. Take a teaspoon of sugar and place it on the back of your tongue. But don’t swallow it. This is an effective home remedy for hiccups.

10.) Use Lemon or Vinegar

Having lemon or vinegar both can help for curing hiccups. As both are sour in taste. Take a peeled lemon slice and place it on your tongue. They interrupt the surrounding nerves when they come in contact with the taste buds. As the same way, vinegar works.

11.) Look Straight Upward

The basic goal is to make your neck straight bending towards sky or the roof of your room. This will really help you to get rid of hiccups. As this will remove the material, which causes the obstacle to the nerves that result to this irritation. Lie down on your bed as soon you relax and lie down on the bed straightly you will get rid of hiccups. You can also sit and relax for the moment this will clear the passage in a nerves. Sing a song loudly do not concentrate up on hiccups so drive your mind to other things to cure hiccups.

12.) Drink Cardamom Beverage

Cardamom beverage belongs to the ginger family. To treat hiccups put a tincture of this spice in boiling water. Then drink it slowly. Another remedy is, you can also add two cardamoms with 6 mint leaves in one cup of boiling water. Then drink it slowly for best results.

13.) Gargle With Ice and Warm Water

Gargling with ice and warm water is a very effective home remedy to get rid of hiccups. This remedy is helpful to prevent inhaling. It increases the level of carbon dioxide in the blood and also changes the temperature of a few brain nerves. It helps to disturb the diaphragm for treating hiccups.

14.) Inhale Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the best home remedies for hiccups treatment. Black pepper is a good respiratory mechanism to treat hiccups. It helps to interrupt diaphragm’s contractions. Inhale some black pepper that will help you to get relief from hiccups.

15.) Perform Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are the best home remedy for hiccups that you can do anywhere. Inhale air as much as you can. Then push your stomach out so that you can hold your breath for at least 20 seconds. After that exhale slowly and starts backward counting from 20. Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times. Do some exercises like squats, jumping jacks, and sit-ups to reset your breathing pattern. Open your mouth as much as you can. Then hold it for at least 20 seconds. Without closing your mouth, try to swallow if you need. Take a seat on the floor. But your back should be against a wall. Then inhale and exhale slowly. Then draw your knee up and hug them.

16.) Drink Water With Paper Towel

Take a single sheet of paper towel and then put it on the top of a glass of water. Then, try to drink water through a paper towel. It is hard to drink water, which works against spasmodic muscle movements. This process contributes to interrupt diaphragm’s contractions.

home remedies for hiccups

17.) Drink Mint Beverage

Mint beverages are one of the best home remedy for hiccups treatment, which is made up of fresh mint leaves. Take some mint leaves and mix it with a pinch of salt, a fresh juice of a lemon and lukewarm water. This mixture is helpful to reduce the irritation of the diaphragm.

18.) Sip Some Hot Sauce

This remedy will definitely work because the heat and burn will help to interrupt diaphragm and breathing patterns also. Sipping something hot is one of the effective home remedies for hiccups treatment.

19.) Psychological Techniques

One of the best technique that you can do at your home is, play your favorite song. Then do the dance on that song. This is very helpful to get rid of hiccups. You can also play the alphabet game. Take a random subject and try to find out a related term for each letter of the alphabet. The alphabet should start with A and work sequentially to Z. By playing this game, you can stop hiccups.

20.) Do Some Tricks

Have someone to disturb you. But it should be a good scare. This method may be effective to stop hiccups. Tickling is also a good method to reset your breathing. But make sure that the person likes being tickled. Asking an odd question is helpful to convert into a conversation. This is the best method to reset your diaphragm.

21.) Eat Little Bit of Salt

Take a teaspoon of salt and swallow it. Then take a small sip of water slowly. While doing this method you need to take slow breaths. This home remedy will help to get rid of hiccups.


22.) Use Paper Bag

It works same as the breath-holding method. Both method build up the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood stream. So you may get relief by hiccups.

23.) Avoid Spicy Foods

Some spices like chilli may irritate the lining of esophagus and stomach. Spicy food may also cause acid from the stomach. This extra acid can cause to hiccups. So always avoid spicy food to get rid of hiccups.

24.) Avoid Drinking Excess Alcohol and Smoking

Stop drinking alcohol and smoking. Drinking carbonated drinks results in the expansion of your stomach and acid movement which is not good for hiccups.

25.) Prescription Medications

If your hiccups are long-term and persistent, then you need to consult a doctor. If you have symptoms like insomnia, unable to eat properly, weight loss, and stress, then doctor prescribes a medication. Some drugs are listed below which helps to treat persistent hiccups:

  • Haloperidol is an antipsychotic drug.
  • Metoclopramide drug is used to treat nausea.
  • Gabapentin drug is used for neuropathic pain and hiccups.
  • Chlorpromazine drug is an antipsychotic medication.
  • Baclofen drug is a muscle relaxant.
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