How to Stop Hiccups Naturally?

After writing, how to get rid of heartburn?, how to get rid of acid reflux?, and home remedies for prevent belching naturally, we are now writing the ways to stop hiccups naturally. Hiccups are minor issues to deal with. You need not to be worried if it last for more than 4 to 5 times. Sometimes your spasms can get out of control due to your diaphragm muscle. This is because of the fact that there is contraction of your vocal cords which leads to the sound of hiccups. These hiccups becomes unavoidable, when they appear at inconvenient times. It might occur when you are in middle of a class, meeting, while having food, during a conversation, etc. Sometimes these situations make you feel embarrassed that let you feel to control your hiccups immediately. This article will help you to know some of the best ways to stop hiccups that you can apply anywhere.

Best Ways to Stop Hiccups Naturally:

1.) Close Your Nose & Mouth

This is one of the simplest way to use it to stop your hiccups. When you are in middle of something and you are helpless to try some kind of remedy. Use your hands to stop hiccups naturally. For this you will need to use the cup of your palm to cover your nose and mouth together at the same time. This will stop the entry of carbon dioxide into your vocal cords. And the carbon dioxide that is stuck inside your cords will suffocate your vocal cords leading to the  stopping of your hiccups. This is one of the easiest ways to stop hiccups.

2.) Rub Your Hands 

For this method to stop your sudden hiccups you will need to use both your hands. In the left hand’s palm of yours place your right hand thumb in middle of it. Now you will have to press it harder with your thumb as much as possible for you to use your strength. This is one simple way to distract your mind. It affects directly your nervous system that can help to stop your hiccups.

how to stop hiccups naturally

3.) Consume Something

There are more on the list to stop your hiccups. It is always good to have something sweet, sour or spicy when you suffer from a sudden hiccup. It may include sugar, lemon juice or vinegar, honey, peanut butter, chili sauce, chocolate powder or sunflower seeds. With the intake of any of these stuffs you will instantly forget your hiccups. In no time your hiccups will be gone.

4.) Use Brown Paper Bag

This is one very different trick to stop your sudden hiccups. If you are in supermarket to buy your groceries and you suddenly struck with hiccups. Then there is no need to worry about. Pick a brown paper bag and move aside to a corner to have a lone space. All you need to do now is, try to breathe inside the paper bag slowly and deeply. This will also help the carbon dioxide to suffocate your vocal cords by halting your hiccups. You can apply this method if you are not satisfied with the other mentioned remedy at the top.

5.) Hold Your Breathe

This another simple and easy trick you can apply it anywhere. All you need to do is to hold your breathing. It means you will have to stop your breathing for a few seconds by not letting the air go inside your body. For this blow your mouth with your cheeks coming outwards by keeping your upper and lower lips sealed with each other.

6.) Plug Your Ears

This is another simple method that you can do it anywhere. For this method you will need to use your fingers to plug your ears. Thereby, close both the ears with your fingers for a few seconds. In this way your ears will let your diaphragm to relax for a while. As a result, your hiccups will come to a halt. And you will be easily freed from the sudden hiccups.

7.) Drink Some Water

This is the best remedy to get rid of hiccups fast and naturally. Even if you are in middle of a class or meeting, you can always excuse yourself for a glass of water. Therefore, try to finish up a single glass of water in one go without any break. This will help you to relax down a bit. As a consequence, there will be a movement or contractions of the diaphragm that overrides your esophagus spasms. Drinking water will give you instant relief.

8.) Stretch Your Tongue Out

This might sound a bit funny, when you apply this method, you will be relieved with its positive effects. Try to apply this method only when you are alone, else it might be embarrassing for you to perform. Just at the right moment, try to stick your tongue out. It will help your vocal cords to be stimulated at the opening of your mouth. As a result, now you can breathe smoothly in the normal way.

9.) Try To Cough Loudly

This is also one of the remedy to help you to get rid of hiccups. For this you will need to count the time difference between your hiccups. Try to count the seconds. And when you feel you are about to have the next hiccup, try to cough loudly. This is will distract your diaphragm leading to halt of your hiccups.

10.) Drink Water With Straw And Plug Ears

For this you just need to combine both the methods at the same time. Try to plug your ears and drink water at the same time. For this, close your ears with your fingers and drink water with a straw. The combination of step 6 and step 7 can give you instant relief to stop your hiccups. But when applying this method, make sure to place your glass on a proper position to sip the water from the straw. This can be tricky for you but if you are not comfortable applying this remedy, do not try it. Else, it’s very effective to cure your hiccups.

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