How to Lose Neck Fat? (Natural Ways)

After writing how to lose weight in your face?, how to get rid of a double chin?, how to lose thigh fat?, and how to lose face fat?, we are writing the ways to lose neck fat. Are you aware of the loose and bulk skin just below the chin? Isn’t it an ugly thing that also hampers the natural beauty of your face. Well, yes you are thinking right, it is the fat accumulated in that particular area that is also referred as the neck fat or double chin or turkey neck. So, if you want to the ways to get rid of neck fat, then this is the right thing that you should be reading. The article is about the various ways to lose neck fat. 

A workout is the most basic key factor that helps in keeping your body fit. When you stop doing physical exercises, then a lot of fat gets accumulated under the epidermal layer of your skin. There are various target areas on your body for the fat to accumulate and one such place where the body may gain fat is the neck. Gaining neck fat ruins the shape of your face and makes it appear fat. Hence, it becomes really important to lose neck fat as soon as possible. So folks, keep reading the article and learn about the best ways to lose neck fat.

Ways to Lose Neck Fat Naturally And Fast:

Fat can be accumulated at any part of your body. It merely depends on you that how you are going to treat it? It is really important to stay fit and healthy to avoid fat.

1.) Start Doing Some Workout

A workout is really important to stay fit. Without physical exercises, nobody can lose weight. Even when your body lacks in physical activities, you may gain weight. So, the first step of losing weight is to start exercising. One should start performing exercises if he/she wants to lose neck fat. Moreover, one should start walking or doing jogging for 30-40 minutes, if you don’t want to join a gym. Give your body a little bit of physical strain to look good and attractive. It is one of the best ways of reshaping your body. You can even practice various neck exercises that targets the neck area and burns the fat.

2.) Perform Some Neck Exercises

Doing neck exercises is a great way to lose neck fat. Neck exercises help a lot in toning your neck muscles. Eventually making it as the best way to reshape your neck. Well, some of the neck exercises are given below that you are needed to perform on a regular basis to reduce neck fat.

  • Neck Rolling: Roll your neck from left shoulder to right shoulder. For this, you need to stand keeping your back straight. Turn your head sideways just to make your chin parallel to the shoulder. Then slowly roll your head downwards and lift it up to the other side. Repeat 10 times.
  • Chin Ups: Do Chin ups to strengthen neck and face muscles. For this, stand still. Lift your chin facing towards the ceiling. Keep looking at the ceiling for 10 seconds. You can pucker your lips upwards while doing this. Repeat 10 times.
  • Jaw and Mouth Stretching: Stand with your spine erect. Pull your lips upwards just to tighten the tendons of your jaw while keeping corners of the mouth downwards. It is just like frowning. Hold on to this position for around 8-10 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times.
  • Tennis Ball Compression: Take a tennis ball. Hold it between your neck and chin. Slightly apply pressure on it with your chin and then release. Repeat it 10 times.
  • Chew Gum: Put a chewing gum in your mouth and start chewing it. No additional effort required. One of the simplest and effective exercises for strengthening jaw and neck muscle. But keep in mind the sugar content in the gum. It should be low or gum should be sugar-free so that you can avoid extra calories.
  • With all of the above-mentioned exercises, you can take up other exercises like running, swimming, jogging, biking, etc. This will help in cutting down whole body fat and, in turn, your neck fat would get reduced further.

3.) Do Some Neck Rotation

It is another great way to lose neck fat. This exercise targets the neck area, stretches the lost skin and also burns the accumulated fat. This makes it as a really good exercise to lose neck fat. Rotate your neck slowly from left to right and vice versa. Keep repeating it 10-12 times with a medium pace. This simple exercise is helpful in toning and strengthening neck muscles.

4.) Nod Your Head

Nodding is a great exercise to lose neck fat. It is a great way to activate the neck movement that in turn helps in reducing neck fat. Tilt your head sideways and front to back. For this, stand or sit straight. Nod your up and own for 5 minutes. Also, move your head from left to right direction and vice versa to lose neck fat. Be in this position for 5 seconds then tilt to your right side in the similar fashion. Similarly, tilt your head to the front without touching your chest for some seconds and then to the back. Repeat 10 times.

5.) Stop Eating Oily and Junk Foods

Oily and fatty foods leave a very bad impact on your health. They are considered to be one of the basic cause of weight gain. To lose weight, it is really important to stop eating oily and fatty foods. People don’t bother about the things they eat. They basically focus on fulfilling their taste. In order to lose extra fat, it is really important to avoid eating all kinds of oily and junk foods. Try to avoid them at any cost and instead of them eat foods that are low in calories and good for your health. After all, health is your wealth.

6.) Try Some Bicycling

Bicycling is a great way to lose neck fat. One should start cycling on a regular basis. Just paddling your cycle can benefit your health in numerous ways. It assists in reducing the overall body weight, which also includes the face or neck fat. While doing bicycling, you head including your neck moves a lost and its a exercise for your neck. So, start cycling on a daily basis to save your fuel and your health. Go eco-friendly and build your health. It is a really good way to lose neck fat.

How to Lose Neck Fat

7.) Keep Eyes on Your Posture

Your posture plays a vital role in reducing neck fat. It is really important to maintain a good posture of your body to avoid pain and postural deformities. A wrong posture can cause various problems. Hence, it is really important to keep eyes on the way you sit and stand. A right posture will provide various health benefits by strengthening your bones and also assists in removing neck fat. It builds a good body frame that in turn plays a major role in enhancing your personality.

8.) Stay Determined Towards Your Fitness Goal 

It is really important to stay committed and determined towards your fitness goal. Nothing can become a reality till you do not bring your words into action. So, start acting upon your words and religiously practice the physical exercises. Also, try and maintain a regular diet plan if you really want to maintain a good health and reduce the neck and overall body fat.

9.) Start Drinking Extra Water 

Drinking water is one of the best ways to detoxify your body. It is a great way to remove all the body toxins from your body. So, start drinking ample amount of water to lose body and neck weight. It is a proven way to lose neck fat. Drinking water will also keep your body hydrated and reduce extra fat from your body. It also assists in clearing your skin and preventing from various skin problems like acne.

10.) Eat Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is really an important factor for staying fit and healthy. One should keep eyes on the food they eat. You cannot control your body weight till you will not focus on the foods you consume on a regular basis. An individual should follow a proper diet and this can be done by making a diet chart. The chart includes a list of foods that are needed to be consumed at various time slots. Now, this depends on the health benefits of that particular ingredient and the amount of carbs and fat present in it.

This plays a key role in framing and toning your body. You should consume every nutrient so that your body don’t face any nutritional deficiency. But, also, keep your eyes on the foods that are being excessively consumed and what alarming harms are they causing to your health.

11.) Reduce Calories Intake

The best way to reduce neck fat is to decrease your overall weight. No matter where you want to shed weight, first you need to reduce your overall weight that will simultaneously reduce you neck fat. Start reducing your calories intake by about 500 calories daily. Reducing calories 500 calories daily will give result in about 1 pound of weight loss per week.

Cutting so much calories result in weight loss and nutrition deficiencies as you will not eat the recommended amount of essential calories as you take daily. You can take the help of journal or journal apps that help you count how many calories you are taking daily. Then subtract the 500 calories, and then you will surely see the weight loss result.

12.) Eat Healthier Carbohydrates

Whole Grains, these are those grains which contains the barn, germ and endosperm. These grains contain more fiber and more nutrition than the refined grains. When you want to choose to eat a grain based food, which is 100% whole grain.

You can add whole grain food in your diet like 100% whole wheat pasta, 100% whole wheat bread, whole grain oats, brown rice, barley or quinoa. If you want to lose weight then you must avoid refined carbohydrates (these are the foods which is made up white flour or overly processed) and offer you very little benefits. Fiber also helps to slower down the digestive process and makes you full for longer period of time to absorb nutrients.

13.) Add Fruits And Vegetable in Your Diet

As you know fruits and vegetable are very beneficial for our body. Both have very low calories and very high in fibers, vitamins and minerals. If you really want to cut down the calories, then cook your own meal, and take fruits or vegetable as a snack to cut down your calories intake. It is recommended to take 5 to 9 serving of fruits and vegetables each day. One serving food should be atleast about ½ cup chopped and small pieces. One serving should be 1 cup cooked vegetables or 2 cups of salad.

How to lose neck fat

14.) Eat Lean Protein

Lean protein is very important for all diets, but even more important for weight loss diet. The amount of protein you take depends on many factors which include your activity level and weight. Lean protein has been shown that it keeps your feelings satisfied for longer compared to other nutrients like carbohydrates. If you want to lose fat then include a 3-4 oz serving protein at each meal or snacks. This serving size should be equal to size of an adult palm or a deck of cards. Food you should include in your diet: Low fat dairy food, lean beaf, poultry eggs, legumes and tofu.

15.) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is important in keeping your bodily functions running properly. Moreover, the best thing is hydrated skin is far less likely to sag or appear lose. Make an aim to consume atleast 8-oz glasses (about 2 liters) of hydrating fluid daily. Some people drink 13 glasses (3 liters daily). This is also depend upon on your weight, gender and activity level.

Water also help you to control your appetite. As thirst and dehydration give you feel like hunger, which could trigger you to eat when your body needs a glass of water. Stay hydrated with water and unsweetened beverages over sugar drinks like sweetened coffee drinks, soda, and juice. As Sweetened drinks are very high in calories thus gain weight.

16.) Wear Sunscreen

Always wear sunscreen can help slow down the process of wrinkled, sagging and aged skin. Wrinkles happens when you have sun damaged skin and look more aged, and this is more worse than the excess fat stored around your neck. It is also recommended to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with 30 SPF year around both men and women. If you are staying longer in the sunlight then you need higher SPF for longer time. Just re-apply it in every two hours and wear a broad rimmed hat for extra coverage.

17.) Surgical Treatment to Lose Neck Fat

If you have tried diet, skin creams and exercise then maybe you need a drastic measure to remove excess fat from your skin around your neck. In this treatment, there are so many options available which includes liposuction, laser treatment, botox and neck lifts. You can also consult to a dermatologist to know what is best for your budget and body. Some of the treatments are very costly.

18.) Retinol Creams to Reduce Neck Fat

There are so many varieties of retinoid creams are there in the market which are retinoid wrinkle based creams over the counters and also by the prescriptions. Some of these creams will helps to build collagen and smooth wrinkles. You can use these combinations with sunscreen, moisturizer, diet and exercise. These creams reduce the look of sagging and wrinkled neck skin. Procedure and creams recommended by the dermatology office are considering the best.

19.) Do Not Slouch While Sitting

You way of sitting affects your neck and chin muscles. If you slouched while sitting, it also affects these muscles and makes them weaker. In some cases, these postures create fatty deposition around the neck. Slouching is the bad position and responsible for accentuating fat around the neck.  

Many experts advised that sitting up in straight position and keeping the head held high. It really works faster and helps to make your skin smoother and also smooth the fatty ceases around your neck. You need to work very hard to make this habit. When you sit straight you neck, jaw and back muscles become stronger as they keep your muscles in right position.

Few Useful Tips to Lose Neck Fat:

Here are few tips that you may follow to lose neck fat:

  • Try to change your lifestyle. It is really important to get rid of all the bad habits that may cause neck fat. This includes giving up alcohol, smoking and other habits that cause sagging skin and neck fat.
  • Maintain a proper sitting position. Just try to sit upright as it helps in making your neck and chin muscles stronger. It also helps in shedding excessive fat from the neck.
  • Start performing flexion and extension exercises for toning your neck. It is a great way to lose neck fat fast. It also helps in improving the appearance of your face.
  • Try to cut down all the high calories foods from your diet to lose neck fat.
  • You may lose up to one pound of fat in a week by creating a deficit of 3,500 calories every week. try to avoid all the fatty and oily foods which are adding a lot of fat to your body.
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