How to Make yourself Puke?

This article will help you to know the ways to make yourself puke. Everyone of you might not like the idea to puke. But sometimes puking proves to be good for your health. There are times when you are not well which makes a need for you to puke. The reason behind puking can be from too much of headache, intake of unhealthy food, too much intake of alcohol, nausea, fever and many more. When the feeling of nausea strikes you, it’s time for you to let the unwanted particles come out of your body. To puke is the one way for you to relieve your stomach. At times the stomach is upset which leads to the formation of acids that is required to be flushed out of your system. With the flushing out the unwanted substance you will get much relief as of compared to the time when you have not puked. When your stomach is too much in stress, it leads to puking naturally. But there are times when you need to use force by yourself to get the relief. So, here are the some of the easiest ways that will help you to puke by yourself by adopting those measures.

make yourself puke

Ways to Make Yourself Puke:

1.)  Use your Finger to Make yourself Puke

One of the simplest and easiest ways to make yourself puke is using your finger. Firstly, wash your hands properly to kill the germs. Then take your index finger and insert in your mouth opening it wide. You are supposed to try to insert your index finger as far as possible. The inserting of your index finger will ignite the spark in your throat to let you puke easily. Try to repeat this trick for more than once if you have not puked in one go. It is an ancient trick that has been in use since ages. And so you can apply it easily without hesitating. After trying this trick make sure to wash your hands properly.

2.) Drink Warm Salt Water to Make yourself Puke

The warm salt water or the saline water solution is also another trick to help you with puking. Try to heat the water in luke warm form. And add two to three spoons of salt in it. Generally in normal terms, only a pinch of salt is recommended to be added in a glass of water. But in case of the feeling of nausea you are supposed to drink the strong solution of salt water in one go. Try to finish it in one gulp, that will only induce you to puke. Else, it won’t work. Also there is an another way to give more push is that after drinking the solution try to put your finger inside your mouth as mentioned in point one. This technique will automatically let you puke.

3.) Drink Coca-Cola to Make yourself Puke

Here’s a unique and weird trick which might be according to you, but it works. Generally, you love to drink Coca-Cola with your snacks or other stuffs. But this can also be useful to help you puke easily. When you think your stomach is upset or you have overeaten something, just drink Coca-Cola instantly. The fizz that is present in Coca-Cola will help to ignite the puckishness feeling. The bubbles of fizz present in Coca-Cola will to give you relief from your upset stomach. The drinking of Coca-Cola is of great help when you have suffered from some kind of food poisoning.

4.) Try the Emetics to Make yourself Puke

Emetics are the medicinal drug which is designed to ignite puke. They are found in every medical store. If you are somewhere out and suddenly had a feeling of upset stomach or nausea, you can get the emetics from a medical store easily. You will need to take the pill with a glass of water. After taking the emetics you will have an unusual feeling that will induce your stomach to let out the unwanted particles out of your body. There is also a minor side effect of taking the emetics medicine. After taking the medicine you will have the feeling of nausea for a while, low blood pressure. And after you have puked, you will be fine within next ten minutes.

5.) Try to Overeat to Make yourself Puke

The next way of making yourself puke is to overeat. The overeating may sound a bit weird. But it will work if you are feeling a bit dizzy and nausea. When you have eaten something unhealthy that had made your stomach upset. Then try to eat more on top of that. It will naturally make you puke without using any other effort. When your stomach cannot take that extra food in it, you will have indigestion leading to vomiting or puking. But overeat do not eat more of that food that caused you the feeling of upset stomach. Instead have fresh fruits or vegetables.

6.) Try to Breathe the Unpleasant Smells to Make yourself Puke

The next trick for you to puke is to breathe the unpleasant smells. The unpleasant smell will work its best. When you are not feeling well with a feeling that you might puke, but you are not able to, just apply this trick. In general terms, usually people tend to feel the puckish feeling with a sudden unpleasant smell. So, this might work in your case. To induce it more just put your finger in our mouth as mentioned in point one.

7.) Use the Toothbrush to Make yourself Puke

The toothbrush technique is similar to that of the finger putting inside your mouth. The only difference will be that instead of the finger you will require a toothbrush to put it inside your mouth. You can use this technique if you are not comfortable with the first point to put your own index finger inside your mouth. Take your toothbrush and just try to pop it inside your mouth. Just like the way you use your toothbrush to clean your tongue while brushing your teeth. But before that, try to wet the bristles of the tooth-brush. And then try to do this for two to three times. That will easily help you to puke.

8.) Take the Bloodroot Herb to Make yourself Puke

You can use the bloodroot herb by mixing the powder with a glass of water. Then drink the solution in one go. It will help to induce the feeling of dizziness and nausea more that will lead to puking. The bloodroot is the herb that can be harmful if taken in over dose. Because it is toxic in nature. The bloodroot will easily help to upset your stomach. So, try to take a small dose of the solution.

9.) You can Gargle with Egg Whites

This is another hack that will help you to puke. In most of the cases, many of you do not like raw eggs. So taking the help of raw eggs you can puke easily. Just take an egg and break it in a bowl while keeping the yolk aside. It means to separate the egg white from the yolk. After that, try to beat the egg white to make a foamy substance. And then take that beaten egg white and try to gargle it.  Try to repeat the process for few more times till you feel the gag. To induce it in a faster way just put your index finger inside your mouth. This will definitely help you to puke fast and easily.

10.) Drink Mustard Solution to Make yourself Puke

The mustard solution is also another hack that can help you throw up easily. All you need to do is to pour two teaspoons of mustard in a glass of water. Mix the solution well. Now drink the solution in one go. Do not try to take a break in between gulping the mustard solution. This will naturally make your mouth feel a different taste which is unpleasant generally. And it might even work to help you puke. But it will time to let you puke. So try to have patience and after twenty minutes or later you will surely puke.

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