How to Kill Fruit Flies? (Get Rid of Fruit Flies)

Fruit flies feed on decaying fruits. Fruit flies suck food from its pipe like mouth. The germs and pathogens present on the decaying fruits also get stuck in its mouth. When flies sit on your food the germs and pathogens get transferred to your food from the fly’s mouth. This leads to harmful diseases and infection. Read this article, to know about diseases spread by fruit flies and ways to kill fruit flies.

Diseases Spread by Fruit Flies:

1.) Dysentery

This disease occurs when contaminated food is eaten. In this, the intestine gets inflamed and blood comes with stool. Muscular pain and cramps in the stomach is a common symptom of this disease. Loss of body fluids also happen, which is fatal because all the nutrients and mineral ions are released from the body.

2.) Muscular Pain

No matter what your age is whether you are a child or adult muscular pain is very common. This is very restless sometimes. It happens on weather change or during the flu. But sometimes it is caused by bacteria and pathogens present in food taken unintentionally. Take proper rest and medical treatment to get back in shape.

3.) Fever

Fever is normally felt when body temperature rises and body pain is there. Fever should be taken seriously as it is fatal sometimes. Fever can happen in any age group. Virus and bacterial infection cause fever spread by fruit flies.

4.) Food Poisoning

This is very common after having food or water from unhygienic area. Unhygienic area is the biggest host of flies and other insects. Bacteria and pathogens survive and breed over here. Food poisoning happens when our digestive system does not work properly. Intestine is not in proper shape and not working properly. The symptoms are like vomiting, uneasy, blood in stool.

5.) Diphtheria

This is also transmissible disease which spreads by sneezing and coughing of the infected person. In this bacteria causes trouble to nose and chest pain is a common symptom. Blood is also common to flow from the nose. This disease occurs more in children than adults.

6.) Nausea

Nausea is a common disease spread by the fruit flies. Fruit flies contaminate the food and eating contaminated food causes nausea. Nausea makes the person restless as there is always the feeling of vomiting in it. It causes pain in the stomach and sometimes unbearable.

How to Kill Fruit FliesHow to Kill Fruit Flies?

1.) Home Made Repellent to Kill Fruit Flies

Insecticides kill the fruit flies instantly, but they can be dangerous for children. Insecticides contain harmful chemicals. Insecticides or fly repellents can be made at home easily using natural herbs oil. There are different herbs available in the market easily these are lavender, basil, mint or camphor. Take any of the one you like crush the herb, take the extract mix it with water. Pour the mixture into spray bottle your home made repellent is ready.

2.) Clove to Kill Fruit Flies

Its odour is not liked by the fruit flies and is an easy way to get rid of fruit flies. Pluck two or three clove in an apple and place it in your kitchen. The odour released by the combination of apple and clove will kill the fruit flies after entering your kitchen and spreading the disease. The other way of using the clove is to boil the clove with water, let the mixture get cool down spray the mixture into the house where the fruit flies are mostly seen.

3.) Wine Traps to Kill Fruit Flies

This is not accepted by wine lovers as there is some wastage of wine in this. But, to get rid of fruit flies at home, you have to take some bold decision. Flies like the smell which is fermented, wine is a good example of fermentation. Take a soap solution and wine in a glass and place them where the fruit flies are seen regularly. Flies are attracted to the smell of wine, but they will not be able to escape from the solution and get killed.

4.) Flypaper Strips to Kill Fruit Flies

These are easily available in the market. But, you can make Flypaper Strips at home also. The paper used in this is coated with a chemical that is poisonous . The home made are not poisonous they contain corn starch and sugar. Cut a piece of paper 3 inch wide. Punch a hole at one end and tie with a thread. Apply the mixture of sugar and cornstarch on paper. Hang the paper on different places in your home where fruit flies are mostly seen. Fruit flies will get attracted to syrup and stuck to it and at last get killed.

5.) Electric Fly Killer to Kill Fruit Flies

The ultraviolet rays attract fruit flies and other insects also. Their weakness is our strength to kill them. The electric fly killer consists of rod, which produce a high voltage current. These are easily available in the electronic shops. They should be placed or installed at a location which is closed to entrance of your house. When fruit flies enter into your house they get killed by electric fly killer.

6.) Hair Spray to Kill Fruit Flies

Yes, you are right to read this. Hair spray can also be used to get rid of fruit flies fast, the reason for this is hair spray contains chemicals which are sticky in nature. When they are sprayed on the flies the wings get attached to each other due to sticky substance and they can’t make an escape and finally get killed. The chemicals in hair spray are highly inflammable take necessary precautions before using them like not closed to open flame.

7.) Insecticides to Kill Fruit Flies

These are chemicals which are poisonous and highly inflammable. Take necessary precautions before using them. They are easily available in the market and have long lasting effect. They can also kill the eggs and larvae of the fruit flies, so that they do not grow up. Just spray the insecticide on the fruit flies and areas where they generally roam and they will be killed in seconds.

8.) Boric Acid to Kill Fruit Flies

This method, which is to be used with proper precautions. Keep your face covered with a mask and wear gloves. Boric acid is highly poisonous and it is not the best way to kill fruit flies but if you are fed up with them then this is also an option. Put boric acid on places where fruit flies sit mostly. Don’t put near to food items as it is highly poisonous.

9.) Lavender Oil to Kill Fruit Flies

Lavender oil is a popular product easily available in the market to get rid of fruit flies. Lavender oil releases odour, which is a fruit flies repellent. You can spray it in your home and in your garden also. Take a spray bottle with some water, add some lavender oil in it and spray all around the corners of the garden and lawn. This is also used as a bug repellent for the mosquitoes and moths.

10.) Honey Trap to Kill Fruit Flies

Honey is used for centuries as a medicinal product not only as a flies trap but also for skin problems. Honey has healing powers and the capability to boost the immunity as well. You can make traps for flies to get rid of them naturally. Apply some honey on a plate and spread it all around. Honey is sweet and sticky, it will attract the flies. The flies will get stuck on to the plate and get killed. Fruit paste can also be used for the trap.

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