How to Wash Pillow?

This article is about how to wash pillow. Washing pillow is as important as washing any other fabric. You wash your bed sheets regularly to wash off the dirt and germs present there. But, we always forget about pillows that we use daily. Washing pillow is important as we keep it under our head and thus the skin of our face comes in direct contact with the pillow and the dirty pillow can cause problems acne, pimples, blackheads, etc. Thus it is very important to wash pillows regularly. But, washing pillow may be a really tricky task. This is because of the reason that a pillow is stuffed with cotton and when the cotton becomes wet, the weight of the pillow increases and becomes heavier and it becomes difficult to dry it. Also, washing pillow in wrong way can destroy the formation of cotton stuffed and thus the shape will be spoiled. Once the shape is spoiled, such pillow can lead to various problems. It can also affect the structure of the body. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that will help you wash pillow as at home. Read the article for the purpose.

It is not important that you have cotton pillow. You might also have synthetic and memory foam pillow. These pillows differentiate themselves from others in their own ways. Here we will discuss some different ways to wash different types of pillows.

how to wash pillow

Ways to Wash Pillow – Down, Cotton and Synthetic:

If you are using the cotton, synthetic or down pillows then they can be cleaned in the same way. You need not to follow different procedures to wash these pillows.

1.) Remove the Case to Wash Pillow

This is first and the foremost thing that you should consider while washing a pillow. You might have kept your pillow in a sham or in a pillowcase. Just take it off and wash them. You might be having pillow with additional zip-on case. You are supposed to remove them as well and wash off. You can use any detergent to wash them and you can also wash them washing machine.

2.) Put the Pillows in Washing Machine to Wash Pillow

Once you are done with the cases, it’s time to switch to pillows. You can directly put the pillow in the washing machine. You need not worry. The process would be completely safe. You can even put the down pillows in the machine. Down pillows are usually considered delicate, but they can also be kept in the washing machine. Make sure that you wash at least two pillows at once. Washing one at a time might get thrown around so much. So, to maintain the balance, keep two pillows in the machine.

3.) Add Detergent to Wash Pillow

Now it’s to add the detergent to the machine. If it is regular wash then add one cup of your regular detergent. But, if your pillows are too dirty or you want to make them ultra-white, you should also add one cup of bleach, half cup of borax and one cup of powdered dishwasher detergent to it.

4.) Set the Timer to Wash Pillow

This is the most important of washing. The question here is, for how long does the pillow need to be there in the machine? What you have to do is adjust the setting in a way that the washer runs with hot water and goes through a second rinse cycle.

5.) Dry Your Pillow to Wash Pillow

Drying off your pillow completely is the next part of the process. If you do not wash the pillows then they will not only take time to get dry but they can even stink. Just put your pillow in the drier and adjust the setting. If you have down pillow then put the drier on the air-setting mode. IF you have synthetic pillow, switch the drier to low heat.

Now, take two tennis bowls and put them in separate socks. Socks should be cleaned. Keep the socks with the ball in the drier. This will help reduce the drying time.

6.) Check them 

Once you have finished the drying process, remove the pillows from the drier and check if they are completely dried off or not. You can check it by touching it. Smelling you will help you to know if the pillow is still moist or not. If you feel that the pillows have not dried properly, repeat the process till they are completely dried off.

Ways to Wash Pillow – Memory Foam Pillow:

Memory foam pillows are very common now-a-days. But they are not to be washed in washing machine. Thus, washing them can seriously be a difficult task for you. Here are the ways that you can go for in order to wash memory foam pillow:

1.) Wash the Cases to Wash Pillow

This is one of the most important tasks to be performed in order to get neat and cleaned pillows. Remove the cover from the pillows and wash them with any detergent. You can wash the cases in the washing machine. Washing machine can go harsh on foam pillows and thus you need to wash them with your hands. It is necessary to remove the cases before beginning with the process to wash pillow.

2.) Fill the Bucket with Water to Wash Pillow

As mentioned above, you cannot wash foam pillows in washing machine as it can damage the material of the pillow. Thus, fill the bucket with warm water. Add enough water that can cover the pillow. If you are washing one pillow at a time, add one tablespoon of liquid detergent. Swirl it with your hands to form bubbles.

3.) Massage and Squeeze to Wash Pillow

This is another important part to wash the pillows properly and neatly. What you have to do is put the pillow in the water and move it to allow the water to penetrate. Massage the pillow well with your hands and also squeeze it. This will remove the dirt from the pillow and will also freshen up the outer layer.

4.) Rinse to Wash Pillow

Now, when you are done with the process of massaging and squeezing, rinse it off. Simply run the pillow under fresh water. Rinsing process is important as it is needed to remove all the detergent from the pillow properly. Rinsing the pillow can more time them washing with detergent as it is very necessary to remove the soap completely from the pillow.

5.) Dry it to Wash Pillow

You can put the foam pillow to high heat. This is because of the reason that high heat can ruin the foam and crumble will be formed. Thus, do not put you foam pillow in your washing machine. Instead, allow it to dry it one a clean towel in a dry area. It is good if you let the pillow dry in sunlight.

5.) Check it

Once you have exposed the pillow to sunlight for a day, it is time to check for moisture. You should make sure that there is no water left in the pillow. This is because of the reason that foam pillow can hold water for longer than a normal pillow and thus, you should make sure that the pillow is dried completely. Or else, it will develop mildew and moles.

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