How to Sleep Better?

In this article, we will talk about ways to sleep better and for longer hours. After a tiring day a good night sleep is all that you aspire for. You are lying comfortably on your bed, cast away in the world of dreams. As you finally wait for all the new challenge that the next day holds. But sadly for many people that’s not the case always. For many like us sleep is a distant call. Struggling on the bed, goofing around in the corridors. It can be said that they are no less than a ghost.

There are several names for your sleepless nights, from insomnia to nightmare. There are many reasons to why you are leading the life of a living dead. We will discuss them in detail below. Don’t you worry for sleep is not a distant dream for you any more. Try our tips and you will be sleeping like a bear hibernating in no time. Well, maybe not that much.

Symptoms of Insomnia:

  • Not being able to sleep at night.
  • Irritability
  • Depression and Anxiety.
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of focus
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Low retention power

Causes of Insomnia:

1.) Stress or Anxiety:

Depression is one of the leading reasons as to why you can’t sleep at night. Many at time, due to some underlying psychological issues our brain tends to bring on those topics, not focusing on sleep. The mental disturbance causes the brain to malfunction.

2.) No Proper Sleep Timings:

If you are sleeping late then insomnia is bound to happen. Our body with time has evolved to create a biological clock, which is ingrained inside our system. That’s why we work at day and sleep at night. But in this age, due to distractions many of us ruin the sleep cycle which eventually after some time causes insomnia.

3.) External factors:

Many at times there are many external factors that don’t allow proper sleep. Anything like loud noises, bright lights, distractions etc can lead to insomnia. It is for us to make sure that all these distractions are gotten rid for proper sleep.

How to sleep better

How to Sleep Better & Longer Hours:

1.) Sleep in a Dark Room to Sleep Better

During the early man period our ancestors would hunt at day and sleep at night. Due to non availability of light sources they avoided going out and that’s the reason they slept at night. This was ingrained into us with time. But then came a time when the light bulb was invented. Suddenly everyone became a night owl.

The whole point of all this is to help body perform with its normal functions. Make sure that you sleep in a dark room, with no inlet to light. This would automatically make you relax and finally sleep.

2.) Set your Priorities Straight to Sleep Better

Well it is a simple as it can get. For proper sleep it is important that you bring in some discipline in your life. Sleeping late and waking up late is not how you progress. It is important that you bring consistency in your sleep times. The pattern should not change even on holidays or weekends.

3.) Get a Good Mattress to Sleep Better

Most of you end up spending so much money on items that are of no use. For once do the same with your mattress. Spending some money on a good quality mattress won’t hurt. A good quality mattress will adjust to your posture and will provide you with a sound comfortable sleep.

4.) Meditation to Sleep Better

This is one the best advises one can give you. Meditating is known to relax the body and mind. It helps create a perfect equilibrium of the soul. Using correct breathing techniques, you will be away from stress and anxiety in no time.

5.) Breathing Techniques to Sleep Better

If meditation is difficult for you, then this breathing technique may help regulate the sleep hormones in your body. Practise it whenever you feel distracted or depressed. We call it the 4-6-8 technique. Simply breathe in for 4 seconds. Inhale all the air you can in four seconds. Now after that is done, hold your breath for a minimum of five to six seconds. Don’t let it go, just hold it. Finally start exhaling for 8 seconds. Make sure you breathe out calmly and not in a hurry. Do it several times for complete relaxation. Try it right now to see the results.

6.) Temperature to Sleep Better

It is necessary to maintain a constant temperature for proper sleep. It becomes extremely uncomfortable if the temperature is too cold or too hot. Try and maintain a constant room temperature. You will notice that you will have a sound sleep. A temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit is suggested by researchers to be perfect.

7.) Proper Diet to Sleep Better

This is the best solution to all your problems. Maintaining a balanced diet will have long lasting effects on your body. Add more fruits to your diet, they provide you with all the essential nutrient and vitamins. If you are a hardcore meat eater, lower down on the extreme protein intake and add some green veggies to your diet. Replacing your normal cooking oil with a healthier alternative like olive oil is beneficial too. Eat more fish for omega 3 or consume the capsules.

8.) Stop Drinking and Smoking to Sleep Better

Both of them are known to disturb your sleep. While there might be many that suggest, that a puff of cigarette or a quarter of whisky will give you the best sleep. Well, all that is a myth, eventually they are only harming your body and may even simulate sleep temporarily. In the long run your body shall suffer. So it is best advised to stay away from nicotine, tobacco or alcohol to sleep better.

9.) Make a Sleep Journal to Sleep Better

Initially it may sound stupid but it actually helps. Write a journal before sleeping and after you wake up. Mention all the things that you want do in the morning. How the next day will be amazing. Wake up the next day to write about your dream. This may not even help you sleep better but will also induce lucid dreaming.

10.) Exercise to Sleep Better

Giving your body the requisite stress can help induce the sleep hormones. Research suggests that a minimum of half an hour should be spent exercising to help your body function properly. As you workout, you may feel tired and sleep better. Yoga can be done for the same purpose and it may yield the same results.

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