How to Sneeze Without Pepper?

After writing, how to get rid of stuffy nose?, how to stop a runny nose?, and how to get rid of a cough?, we are now writing how to sneeze without pepper? Sneezing is a natural process, which triggers when some particles strike inside your nose. When anything strikes inside the nose, then brain instructs the muscles to expel out the foreign object out of the nose. Sneeze sometimes just stuck at the tilt of the nose. Sneezing purpose is to throw out the irritants out of the nose. Sneezing depends from person to person about the sensitivity according to how an individual reacts to different outside irritants and particles. In this article we will tell you some simple ways to how to sneeze without pepper?

Best Ways to Sneeze Without Pepper:

1.) Look at Sun or Bright Light

Looking directly towards bright light or the sun will help you to sneeze. Sun light will trigger the nose muscles and rouse your sneeze. This is a fast way to sneeze and does not have any side effects. Those who are sun sneezes will get more relief as their nose muscles are sensitive to sunlight. The other benefit of sun light is you will get a good amount of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps to get strong bones. Don’t spend too much time in sun as it may cause sun burn and dull skin.

2.) Drink Cold Water

Drinking cold water will trigger your nose muscles to eradicate the irritants. Drink a glass of cold water whenever you feel that you are not able to sneeze properly. Don’t drink a lot of water at a same time as it will cause other health issues like cough and cold. Cold water sometimes leads to cold, as it swell the wind pipe. The other way to use cold water is just splash it on your face for a few minutes. This will also help to trigger your nose muscles.

3.) Breath Cold Air

Air conditioner is a good source of cold air and also a good way to induce sneeze if you are not able to sneeze properly. Take a deep breath of cold air or inhale as much as you can by standing in front of the air conditioner. Cold air will trigger your nose muscles to remove the irritants resulting in to make you sneeze. For small kids and older people it might not be the best way to trigger nose muscles. Cold air might cause harm to small kids and older people lungs. It can cause cold and flu to them.

4.) Trick Your Nose

This is an interesting way to trigger your sneeze. In this try to sneeze again and again resulting into a real sneeze. Tricking your nose or fake sneezing is sometimes useful to get rid of feeling that you are not able to sneeze. This is a good technique and is in use for centuries. It may take sometime to sneeze properly but it is a successful technique to go for.

5.) Sneezing Powder

Since sneezing is an important process and if not occur properly, it will make you irritate a lot. Spice makers have already started to make sneezing powder. Sneezing powder is easily available at your nearby stores. It is a combination of various spices, read the instruction properly written on the packet for how to use it?

6.) Pluck Your Eyebrows and Nose Hair

Removing or plucking some hair from eyebrows is a painful act, but it will trigger sneezing. The other way to trigger your sneeze is by just scratching your eyebrows. Plucking a hair or scratching the eyebrows will trigger the muscles to make you sneeze. Use tweezers to pluck a nose hair to trigger the stopped sneeze. It is painful at many occasions, but it is a fast way to sneeze. If you pull out the hair in a fast manner, then you will not feel the pain.

How to Sneeze Without Pepper

7.) Spices

Spices like cumin powder, cinnamon powder or coriander have the ability to trigger the sneeze. Slowly inhale these spice aromas to sneeze. Don’t inhale in large quantity as this will cause a burning sensation in your nose and chest. Spices have the strong aroma that is beneficial to sneeze without pepper. Always use fresh spices as they have strong aroma present in it for longer time. You can use spices any time when you feel of sneezing.

8.) Soda Drink

Soda drink has a sensation to trigger your sneeze. The bubble and acidic nature of these fizzy drinks will trigger your sneeze muscles to remove the irritants and outside particles resulting into a sneeze. Drink soda drink in limited quantity as it is loaded with artificial sugar. Artificial sugar will trigger your body glucose and will imbalance your blood sugar level.

9.) Use Your Tongue To Sneeze

Press your roof of the mouth with the help of the nose and roll up the soft tissues of the mouth. This will help to trigger the nose muscles and will cause you to sneeze. Don’t try to do the same for a long time. This will cause pain in your tongue and mouth. It is a good technique to sneeze without pepper.

10.) Disturb Your Nose

A small match stick or a roll of tissue will help you to disturb your nose and resulting into a sneeze. Irritate your nose by placing a roll of tissue or match stick in a gentle manner. This irritation will trigger the nose muscles to remove the irritants out of the nose. This is one of the easiest way to remove the irritants out of the skin. The important thing to note here is that, don’t use a sharp thing to trigger your nose muscles. The sharp thing might harm your nose from inside. You can use a match stick with a cotton. Cotton is soft and will not harm your nose. It is one of the easiest way to sneeze without pepper.

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