How to Run Faster?

In this article, we will talk about ways to run faster. Usain Bolt today stands to be one the fastest man on earth. With a record-breaking performance, the athlete has achieved stardom and respect that is unparalleled to others. This has not come that easy, as it has taken up immense hard work and dedication to reach there. The thing that makes Bolt different from others is his ability to run really fast. While many of us aspire to run fast, a lot of it depends on one’s genes as well.

While all of us are not gifted with these super genes, we can still do a lot to enhance our running capabilities. So, here we present to you one of the finest ways to work on yourself so you can run faster:

how to run faster

Ways to Run Faster:

1.) Check Your Current Fitness Level to Run Faster

Before you begin on your pursuits of running fast, it is important that you take a note of your current fitness level. As a beginner, if you run out with the motivation to break all records today only, then it’s not going to help. It will not only leave you extremely sore and tired but also highly demotivated. If that is something that you don’t want, then give your body time to adapt.

It is suggested to start up with walking in the beginning to making initial moves. A simple walk will give your body the time to get ready for the upcoming challenge. With time, you could enhance your speed and finally can reach the level which you want to touch.

2.) Stretching and Warm Up to Run Faster 

Before you begin with your endeavors of becoming an athlete, remember to get your body ready. There are many people who would in complete confidence start running directly and end up with injuries in the end. I believe that’s the last thing that you would want to do. Make sure to start every workout with a stretching and warm-up session. It will help loosen up the joints. It will also help heat up the body.

Your warm up and stretching will depend on the intensity of your workout.

3.) Maintain a Good Posture to Run Faster

When you start with running, make sure that you maintain a proper posture. Keep a relaxed posture. Follow these simple steps for a proper posture while running:

  • See to it that your body is fluid and relaxed.
  • Avoid hunching the body.
  • Keep your shoulders and arms loose.
  • Keep your back straight and keep your neck and head relaxed.

4.) Proper Breathing to Run Faster 

When you run, one of the most important thing to remember is that you breathe properly. Make sure that you breathe in a way that there is a constant supply of oxygen to your lungs. This advice comes from one of the best runners, that if you want to be a good runner you should always breathe through your belly and not your chest, unlike what is common. Keep breathing constantly and exhale properly. You could breathe from your nose or your mouth depending on whatever is comfortable for you. Just keep in mind that your heart should not get tired and the fatigue gets delayed.

5.) Do Interval Training to Run Better

Interval training is the workout in which there is a set time limit. Every time you try to overcome your earlier performance by outperforming the earlier time range. To improve your running capabilities; start-up by keeping a fixed distance and get hold of a stopwatch. Run as fast as you can from one point to the other and note down the time it took you to cover the distance. As you keep following a proper routine, your speed and the time to cover the particular distance will also be reduced.

6.) Lose Weight to Run Faster 

The title in itself is self-explanatory. Obese people tend to run slower because of the extra weight. They are also low on stamina and suffer from health problems. Tell me one Olympic level runner who would run on the track with a pouch hanging out of his belly. Therefore, it is important that you lose your extra weight. Follow all the essential tips to get rid of that extra fat. You could search our website for topics dealing with the same. As your body becomes lighter so will your speed increase.

7.) Maintain a Healthy Diet to Run Faster

If you have to run faster, then it is also important that you make some fundamental changes in your current diet. Add more carbs, for it would require a lot of energy, especially if you have to cover long distances. It would provide you with the power to run. Also, get your protein intake high to build up some muscles. For fats, take in healthy ones like omega 3 which you can get from fish and beans. Maintain a proper balance to keep yourself in shape.

8.) Drink Water to Run Faster 

When you are running you sweat a lot and tend to lose a great part of the water in your body. Make sure you replenish all the water that is lost. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated. It will also keep you away from fatigue and injury. Dehydration while running is the last thing that you want. Drink it before and after the workout session.

9.) Get a Good Set of Running Shoes to Run Faster

While they may not automatically enhance your running ability, they may be of help indirectly. They can help you to be in top form and away from injuries. As you land your feet on the ground during running, it stresses your joints. A good quality running shoes will provide shock resistance to the joints and will avoid long-term injuries from happening. While they may cost a bit but they are still worth it.

10.) Determination to Run Faster

The last but not the least is to be determined. By determined for your goal and do not give up in the process. You have to realize that no one becomes perfect in a day, it takes a great deal of efforts and hard work. Make sure you put in all the effort that is required. While, there will be failures and instances where you just feel like giving up, but remember this is the time your body will change. “Don’t quit” is the mantra.

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