Best Ways To Get Rid Of a Cough Fast & Overnight

After writing how to get rid of cold?, how to get rid of a runny nose?, how to cure a sore throat?, and how to get rid of a stuffy nose?, we are now writing best ways to get rid of a cough fast and overnight. Cough, fever and pain can cause you a lot of irritation and ruin your entire day. While trying to sleep at night, in meetings, during phone calls, all this becomes so annoying that you want to seek relief from cough as fast as possible. In this article, we will explain different medications and home remedies to get rid of cough fast. Coughing is actually a reflex reaction of the upper respiratory system, which is characterized by the expulsion of air from the lungs through the mouth. In other words, it is the natural way to clear the throat of foreign particles and other irritants.

A cough can also be caused by smoking, acid reflux, allergies, sore throat, bronchitis, dry air, and asthma. It can be extremely painful and annoying not only physically, but also mentally. Here we have jotted some best remedies to get rid of a bad cough as fast as possible. While we are sleeping, our body works more efficiently and effectively and hence the healing will be faster.

Types of Cough:

  • A Dry Cough: This type of a cough is caused by the infection in the upper respiratory tract. The infection could be because of drugs, smoking, dry irritants or asthma. This type of a cough gets worse in warm conditions. It is an early sign of a problem in the lower respiratory tract.
  • A Wet Cough: It is caused by mucus found in the lower respiratory tract. Wet coughs are commonly caused due to bronchitis, tuberculosis, asthma and other infections. When a person coughs the fluid is removed from the lower respiratory tract.
  • Croup Cough: A croup is a disease that causes a harsh and dry cough and the patient has swelling in the upper trachea and it is caused by viral infection. A person suffering from a croup cough has a high-pitched sound when breathing in.
  • A Whooping Cough: The symptoms of a whooping cough are similar to the symptoms of an ordinary cough but it becomes worse with time. The patient suffers from deep and fast coughing, especially at night. The rapid coughing may also lead to other breathing problems.

Causes of Cough:

  • Common ColdCommon cold is one of the most common reasons for a cough. Cold is not always directly responsible for a cough. It is a nasal drip, the symptom of cold, that causes a dry cough. Sometimes it might be a cold that is responsible for a dry cough. In that case, you need to stay hydrated and always keep your throat moist.
  • Dry Air – Dry air is a common cause of a dry cough. A cough largely depends on the quality of the air we inhale. If there are pollutants in the air or the air is extremely dry then there are increased chances of you suffering from a cough.
  • Smoking – Smokers generally suffers from the problem of wet cough. This is because of the toxins they are taking inside their bodies through a cigarette.
  • Asthma – Cough-variant asthma can also show a cough as its symptom. The problem is generally common among children and young ones.
  • Tuberculosis – If you are suffering from a chronic cough then it might be the symptom of tuberculosis and in that case, you need to consult your doctor.

how to get rid of a cough fast and overnight

Best Ways to Get Rid Of a Cough Fast And Overnight:

1.) Use The Honey To Help

Honey is known as the most powerful natural remedy for various health problems related to skin, hair, and other health issues. It is also known as an effective remedy for cough and sore throats. Honey is an antibiotic remedy, which not only kills the bacteria, but also soothes throat pain. So, if you don’t want to go for medicines, expectorants, and lozenges, you can prepare your own cough syrup using simple ingredients available at home.

You can take raw honey directly for your cough. You need to take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day for better result. For kids, you can reduce the amount to 1 teaspoon. For more effective results, You can add 5-6 drops of lemon juice per tablespoon of honey, mix them properly and have it. Take it at least 2-3 times a day for better results. You can also take honey with a glass of hot milk before sleep. It will give relief to you form dry cough and helps to reduce chest pain also.

2.) Use The Turmeric

Turmeric is a remedy that has been used to treat a number of health related issues also. A cough and cold are common problems among them. Turmeric has properties that clear the mucus and remove any kind of congestion. This is one of the most ancient remedies used to get rid of a bad cough and cold. Just half teaspoon of turmeric will do the job. What you have to do is mix half teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water. Mix it well and drink it. You can also make turmeric tea. Read the health benefits of turmeric. Follow the steps below to make turmeric tea:

  • Take a cup of water and bring it to boil. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to it and allow it to steep for some time. Now, strain it and your tea is ready.
  • You can also add lemon juice and honey to taste and for better and more effective results.

3.) Make The Thyme Tea

Thyme has medicinal properties and thus it has been used to deal with various health issues. In Germany, it is widely used for different ailments. It helps with inflammation in the throat and relaxes throat muscles as well. You just have to enjoy a thyme tea and you will be able to get rid of cough fast. To make thyme tea, put a teaspoon of thyme leaves in a cup and pour hot water on it. Cover it with a lid and allow it to steep for some time. Now strain the tea. To encourage the soothing effects, add honey and lemon.

4.) Perform Some Steam Therapy

Steam is a very good solution to get rid of cough. It is very useful for chest congestion. The hot air removes irritants in the nasal passage and helps release mucus easily. Take a heat proof bowl and half fill it with boiled water. You can add a couple of drops of tea tree oil for added benefits and stir it. Cover your head using a towel and start inhaling vapors for 5 to 10 mins. Continue this process for 10-15 mins. Do not sit directly under the fan or AC right after this process. Try to go to bed as soon as possible to get rid of a bad cough fast and overnight.

5.) Use The Almond Paste

Are you looking for a remedy that not only treat your cough but at the same soothes your taste buds? If yes, then nothing can be as tasty as almonds. These crunchy almonds will help you to get rid of cough in a tasty and delicious way. But, by the time you use them to treat your cough, they will not be left crunchy. You have to prepare a paste with almonds and consume it throughout the day.

To make the paste, take some almonds and soak them in water overnight or 4-5 hours at-least. In the morning, peel off the skin and put them in a grinder. Add some honey or sugar and butter to it and grind the paste well. Keep having a teaspoon of this paste at regular intervals for the entire day.

6.) Ginger and Peppermint Syrup      

Ginger gives you the soothing qualities as well as works as a medicine, helping loosen and removes mucus. If you are experiencing a dry cough, then it gives a great relief from the tickle pain at the back of your throat to get rid of a cough quickly.

Chop a ginger along with peppermint add 4 cups of water to it. Boil the water on a lower heat until it reduced to half of it, strain it. Let it cool down and add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir thoroughly. You can keep it in water and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks and take 1 tablespoon as needed to ease your cough.

7.) Take The Help From Lemon

Lemon is an old and effective home remedy. It works as an herbal home remedy for fat, skin, and hair. It is also known as an effective remedy for cough. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C that helps to fight off infection. Lemons have some capabilities which help to reduce inflammation, cure the cough and also helps to provide infection fighting dose. Therefore, adding lemon to your diet can help you get rid of a cough faster. To make your own homemade cough syrup, simply mix 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice with a same amount of honey and a cup of warm water. It helps relieve a sore throat and restrain the urge to cough.

8.) Make Your Own Onion Syrup

Onion syrup is one of the most effective remedies for wet cough treatment. Onion has a very pungent odor and it has properties that can prove to be helpful for you to get rid of cough and cold. You need to consume onion at regular intervals to avoid the problem completely. Remember one thing that you need to consume it directly. Prepare your own onion syrup and get rid of a cough. In order to make your onion syrup, take a large onion and extract juice from it in. Collect the juice in a bowl and add a tablespoon of honey to it. Allow the mixture to sit for five hours. Have this mixture thrice a day until you get the positive results.

9.) Make The Garlic Soup

Garlic is another popular remedy to cure cough with phlegm fast. It has properties that clear phlegm and help get rid of cough with phlegm. The simplest way to consume it is to eat in raw form. Just eat two to three cloves a day and you will be able to get rid of the symptoms of a cough. You can try the other ways as well. You can add them to your meal or you can prepare a garlic soup. To make the soup, take a cup of water and bring it to boil. Take a few garlic cloves and crush them nicely. Add these crushed garlic cloves to the boiling water and cover with a lid. Allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Now your soup is ready. You can also add salt to taste.

10.) Have Mustard Seed Juice

The ingredient in this remedy is found in almost all kitchen shelves. Mustard seeds are easily available and you can easily cure a cough at home. It is a very effective remedy that helps to get rid of a cough fast at home. This is more effective on a wet cough. To use the mustard seeds in the right manner, take some mustard seeds and grind them to powder. Now take a cup of hot water and add a teaspoon of the powder to it. Cover it with a lid and allow it to steep for 20 minutes. Strain the juice and drink it. Drink it thrice a day for best results.

how to get rid of a bad cough

11.) Perform Salt Water Gargling

Gargling is known as most effective and old remedy. It is a very older and common remedy for cough and easy to use. If you start feeling soreness in your throat, then gargle your throat as soon as possible. Gargling is an effective remedy, which also helps to give relief to your sore throat with a warm glass of water. You have to take a glass of warm water and then you have to add 2-3 pinches of salt in it. Salt contains antioxidant properties. which help loosen mucus and phlegm quickly and easily. Then gargle with the salt water. Gargling effects in throat infection and it clears your throat. You can also gargle your throat with a glass of spinach juice and salt instead of water.

12.) Make Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root is a great source of medicine as well as the healing properties of coating mucus. A film in the throat, simultaneously soothing your chest congestion. It can also relieve any soreness that may be irritating your throat. Boil a glass of water, then places the licorice root in the glass and cover the glass for 10-15 mins. Let the drink cool down. Drink the entire cup up about 2 times a day for better results.

13.) Have Some Extra Probiotics

Probiotics are good for health as they are live bacteria and yeasts, especially your digestive system. While they indirectly work on cough and help to balance your gastrointestinal flora (the bacteria that live in your intestines). Lactobacillus, a bacterium in dairy, can reduce the probability of a cold or flu, and sensitivity to certain allergens like pollen.

14.) Have Some Marshmallow Tea

Marshmallows have been used since ages to soothe dry cough and treat sore throats. It is produced from a perennial plant called Althaea Officinalis. This plant produces mucilage, a thick sticky substance that coats the throat and prevent dry, irritating cough. Another option is to prepare marshmallow tea using the dried leaves or roots. Keep in mind, that marshmallow is not suggested as a cough remedy for children and use be used for adults only.

15.) Hot Milk With Honey / Brandy

This is a very popular remedy to get rid of a cough overnight. It works effectively and is a great choice for both children and adults. Honey gives added benefits of healing the throat and helps remove mucus. Just mix a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm milk and drink it before going to bed. 

The combination of honey and brandy is also good one to get rid of a bad cough fast. Brandy keeps you warm overnight. Whereas, the honey helps fight against a cough. Using the two ingredients together is simple. Take 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of brandy and mix it well. Take it before going to bed.

16.) Take Hot Shower

A hot shower is an easy and simple method to get rid of a cough. Do this process before going to bed. Take a hot shower. Stand in the shower for some time and take deep breaths for some time. It will help you feel warm and relax. Do not sit under fan right after taking a bath. All fans and exhaust fan should be off.

17.) Drink Some Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is known for its healing properties. It acts as an elixir for curing a number of diseases such as back pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Chamomile tea is very useful for reducing cough frequency and density. Drinking chamomile before going to bed is very beneficial and recommended if a cough doesn’t let you sleep at night. Chamomile induces sleep, which is required at the time of cough treatment.

18.) Get Plenty of Rest

Getting enough sleep is not only help in fast recovery from a cough but also helps to prevent other diseases. While sleeping, our body takes a sigh of relief. It helps build more cells and support the immune system and prepare it for fighting against any diseases.

19.) Perform Some Hot Pack

Well, hot pack helps soothe chest congestion and gives immense relief from the hoarse throat. Prepare a hot pack using roasted cloves, cardamom, and fenugreek. The mixture should be warm. Put the mixture in a thin cloth and keep it on your chest and throat for 5-6 mins. Do this process while going to bed at night to get rid of a cough fast.

20.) Eat Some Fresh Grapes

Much like pineapples and lemons, grapes are a great source of vitamin C that prevents you from bacteria causing cough and chest congestion. The natural expectorant properties of grapes make them excellent to cure a cough. You just need to eat some fresh grapes or you can even make some smoothie or fresh juice to cure a cough overnight.

21.) Cayenne or Black Pepper

These two kitchen ingredients make a great combination together. They are mostly used in cooking. However, these spices are not just restricted to the culinary world. It helps to encourage mucus flow and circulation, allowing you to remove all the mucus and phlegm from the throat. There are many ways to use cayenne or black pepper in cough remedies. To try this remedy, take 1 tsp of freshly ground black pepper mixed with 1 tsp of honey and mix it in a cup of warm water. Drink this concoction 2-3 times a day to get rid of cough fast. 

22.) Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most necessary things to do in order to get rid of cough. When your body is hydrated, it is able to put a check on the formation of mucus and thus keeping your chest clear. So, always stay hydrated. Drink 6-8 cups of water a day. You can also go for other liquids.

23.) Have Some Chicken Soup

A tasty chicken soup will prove to be one of the most effective remedies for cough treatment. The reason behind this is that chicken soup contains potent expectorant properties that are highly beneficial while treating a cough. It helps clear any kind of nasal blockage and clears off the mucus. When the mucus is cleared, the main reason for coughing comes to an end. This remedy is highly beneficial for wet cough. Ready to cook chicken soups are easily available in the market. But, if you can cook it at home all by yourself then nothing can be better than that.

24.) Drink Some Carrot Juice

The carrot juice remedy is known as the most finest remedy for cough. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins, which helps to get relief from the symptoms of cough and from the coughing as well. Dilute at least four to five carrots or carrot juice with some water. You can also add 1 teaspoon of honey for making the taste better.

Medication to Get Rid Of Cough:

1.) Try Some Decongestant

Decongestants are a perfect option to treat a cough and painful throat. The reason behind this is that when you get rid of congestion in your chest, you will be able to fight off the symptoms of a cough fast. It also removes mucus from lungs and clears the airways due to which you are able to breathe properly and your cough does not last long. You can take the decongestant in different forms. Syrup, pills, and tablets are a variety of options to try.  You can try a nasal spray as well. But make sure that you do not overuse anything as it might lead to dryness and then can further cause a dry cough. If you are going for spray then make sure that you do not use it for more than three days.

2.) Use Cough Suppressant

Coughing in the middle of the night can be extremely troublesome. Not only for you but also your neighbors. So, a cough suppressant is a boon for you at that time. It restricts the flow of mucus that causes coughing. So, if you want to treat a cough in the middle of the night then this is the perfect remedy for you. Choose a suppressant that contains dextromethorphan, antihistamines, and pholcodine.

3.) Give Try To Throat Lozenges

Try to go for horehound lozenges. Horehound is a herb that is bittersweet in taste. They are capable of thinning the phlegm, helping you get rid of a cough. You can even go for menthol cough drops. A menthol cough drops numb the throat and keeps the mucus away. So, you can go for lozenges when you want. Note: A pregnant woman should not consume horehound.

4.) Use The Medicated Rub

Medicated rub is also one of the most effective ways to get rid of a cough fast. You should get medicated rub from stores and rub it on your chest. Do check for menthol and camphor when you buy it. These types of rub should not be applied to infants.

Some Precautions to Get Rid of Cough:

To keep yourself away from cold and cough, follow the given precautions:

  • Do pranayama or yoga daily.
  • Proper balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
  • Getting enough sleep is very important.
  • Avoid salty, oily and fatty foods. Avoid citrus fruits and spicy foods.
  • Drink herbal or green tea and Avoid smoking.
  • Utilize a hanky to cover your mouth and nose while sniffing or hacking.
  • Wash your hands frequently. Increase intake of liquids.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor?

No doubt that home remedies can do wonders but there is a time limit to check them and you shouldn’t exceed it. So, if you are not finding any difference after trying out the different home remedies then you should definitely consult with your doctor. Remember. ignorance is not the solution to any kind of problem.  A cough is a problem which is commonly ignored by people. But do you even know that a chronic cough can really lead to something serious? Here are some of the symptoms that indicate that you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Bloody Mucus – If you notice that the mucus is bloody or red or green in color then you should immediately consult your doctor. It can be a symptom of any major problem.
  • Short of Breath – If you run short of breath while coughing then it might be the symptom of asthma.
  • Coughing Only at Night – Coughing only at night shows some kind of pattern and thus it can prove to be the symptom of some major problem.
  • High Fever – If it is followed by a high fever then it means that this is not common or normal coughing.
  • If You Smoke – Smoking affects your lungs directly. If you are a smoker and suffering with the problem of coughing then it means that your lungs are badly affected and you need to see a doctor soon.
  • A Cough With a Headache – If your cough is followed by a headache then it clearly shows that it is no normal coughing and thus you need to consult your doctor.
  • More Than 10 Days – If your cough lasts for more than 10 days then it might be the symptoms of tuberculosis. And, if this is the case, you really need to run to the doctor.
  • If Suppressant Does Not Work – If your cough is not cured by taking some suppressant then it means there is some serious issue and you need to rush to the doctor.
  • Persistent Among Children – If it is persistent among children under six then you need to take the child to the doctor.
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