Home Remedies for Arthritis in Hand

Arthritis is caused when you feel pain, swelling and stiffness in the hands joints or wrist, which causes obstacle to move your hand or wrist joints.It affects multiple joints in the hands The person suffering with this problem faces difficulty in performing the activities of daily life, due to pain and uncomfort caused by arthritis. These  joints in the hands are important and works together to produce motion. It can affect people of any age.If arthritis is not treated with time, the bones inside the joints lose their actual shape which causes further pain and limitations to the motion. This article include all the effective home remedies for arthritis in hand. Read below to know some important facts and home remedies for arthritis in hand.

Causes of Arthritis in Hand:

There are different reason that causes arthritis. The cartilages that are away can be one of the cause behind arthritis. Deficiency of synovial fluid in the joint of hands can cause arthritis in hands Third is Autoimmunity,it is another important cause of arthritis in the body joints. A combination of several factors can also cause arthritis. Some of the other major causes of arthritis of hands are as follows:

  • Genetic.
  • Physically jobs with repetitive movements.
  • Previous injury to wrist or hands.
  • Obesity or underweight.

Best Home Remedies for Arthritis in Hand:

Home remedies for Arthritis in hand

1.) Castor Oil to Cure Arthritis in Hand

Castor oil is one of the best remedy amongst all the home remedies for arthritis. It is well known for its medicinal properties. It contains most important medicinal agent called Ricinoleic acid, that is full with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory priorities. This is the reason for it is recommended as a natural remedy for arthritis in hands.

  • Take 2 spoons of castor oil and apply in the affected areas in the hand.
  • Gently massage the area for about 5 to 10 minutes twice in a day.
  • This will help to get rid of the pain because of arthritis in the hands.

2.) Garlic to Remove Arthritis in hand

Garlic is another effective remedy that you can use as a home remedies for arthritis in hand. It is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that helps to reduce the pain and the inflammation of arthritis. Garlic is also very rich in allicin, that is effective in reducing  the reproduction of the micro-organisms that really worsen the arthritis. Eat to 3 cloves of raw garlic everyday. This will help in lessening the pain of arthritis in hands.

3.) Potato to Get Rid of Arthritis in Hand

The potato is rich wellspring of sugars, and it likewise contains the mitigating and cell reinforcement properties that helps effectively in treating joint inflammation in hands.

  • Extract the juice of a few potatoes and after that include some water.
  • Drink this potato squeeze each day as a home solutions for joint inflammation in hands.

4.) Nectar and Cinnamon to Cure Arthritis in Hand

Nectar and cinnamon powder is the best home solutions for joint pain close by. it has an extraordinary recuperating forces. Utilizing them together will help to alleviation in joint inflammation in hands. Nectar is rich in germ-free quality and cinnamon has great cancer prevention agent and antibacterial properties. It likewise keep up the creation grease in the joints

  • Take a spoon of nectar blend it with a large portion of a spoon of cinnamon powder.
  • Apply this blend regular in the morning to lessen the joint inflammation torment.

5.) Epsom Salt to Remove Arthritis in Hand

Epsom salt is a rich wellspring of magnesium and aides in enhancing the stream of blood in your body. It additionally serves to dispose of joint inflammation in hands. Absorbing your hands warm water blend of water and epsom salt aides in lessening torment in your grasp.

  • Add 2 spoons of Epsom salt in a warm water.
  • Soak your hand in this water for 15 to 20 minutes for a week.
  • This will help you to get alleviation from agony, irritation and solidness in joint pain.

6.) Olive Oil to Cure Joint Inflammation

Olive oil is a best regular cure amongst all the home solutions for joint inflammation close by. As it is rich in oleocanthal which backs off the generation procedure of star incendiary catalysts, it is exceptionally prescribed as a treatment for joint pain in hands. Eat olive oil for cooking and for your plate of mixed greens dressing. This will help in lessening the agony and aggravation of joint inflammation in hands.

7.) )Boiling Point Water to Remove Arthritis in Hand

Warm pressure is one of the best system you can use as a home solutions for joint pain To dispose of the torment on irritation because of joint inflammation. Warm pressure enhances the flow of blood to the influenced zone and unwinds the muscles and joints. This serves to decrease the swelling and agony.

  • Absorb a towel boiling point water and crush it to uproot over abundance water.
  • Put the towel over the influenced hands or wrist.
  • Join warm pack with light practice of the hands to show signs of improvement results.

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Heal Arthritis in Hand

This cure serves to lessen the firmness and torment connected with joint pain in hands. As it has mitigating property. You can utilize it as home solutions for joint pain close by.

  • Mix one glass of warm water with one tablespoon of apple juice vinegar.
  • Add one teaspoon of nectar.
  • Drink this on an unfilled stomach
  • Repeat this for a month.

9.) Ice Pack to Get Rid of Arthritis in Hand

Frosty pressure treatment is exceptionally compelling for hand joint inflammation. Chilly packs lessen the aggravation and soreness. It additionally relief the swelling and agony in the hand.

10.) Turmeric to Get Rid of Arthritis in Hand

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property and hence can be used effectively amongst all the home remedies for arthritis in hand. It also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect the skin of the affected fingers from the bacterial attack.

  • Mix one teaspoon of turmeric and honey to a glass of warm milk.
  • Drink this every day. Repeat this for a month.
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