Home Remedies for Earache Treatment

This article is about home remedies for earache. Here we will discuss the remedies which are used to cure earache. Little things are always avoided and so are the ‘aches’. They are treated when they grow their size. The most common reason to avoid the mild pain is that you don’t want to go for the medication for such tiny things. At this point, home remedy is the best solution. It doesn’t mean that home remedies for earache are ineffective for the major pain. They are equally efficient in major pains as well. But, it is always good when something is treated in the beginning only. In this article we will learn various amazing home remedies for earache.


Earache, pain in the ear is more common in children than in adults. It feels like dull and strong sensation in the ear. Earache is a common problem faced. As found more in children, it should be treated well.

home remedies for earache

Symptoms of Earache:

As said above, it is more common among children than in adults, it is necessary to know the symptoms because babies can’t tell you about the pain and children doesn’t care till the time it is grown enough. So, the symptoms of earache are:

  • Babies show symptoms like they appear irritable and hot.
  • Children face the appetite problem.
  • Hearing problem generates.
  • Body temperature rises

Causes of Earache:

  • Injury to the Ear Canal – If the ear canal has received any injury due to some reasons then it leads to earache.
  • Temperomandibular Joint Pain – Now, what on earth is this? This is nothing but the jaw pain. If you have the jaw pain than there are chances that you have an earache.
  • Dental Problem – If you have any dental problem or pain in the mouth, then it can also result in the earache.
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia – It is the facial nerve pain that results in the earache.
  • Throat Infection – Throat infection, like tonsils, also causes earache.
  • Glue Ear – Earache is caused by ‘glue ear’ as well. Glue ear is built up of fluid inside the ear.
  • Ear Infection – Ear infection is also a leading reason for earache. Ear infection leads to swelling of ear canal and thus it hurts.

Home Remedies for Earache:

There are a lot of pain killers available in the market that help cure the earache. But, the pain killers are considered to be very harmful and thus, should be avoided. As mentioned above, earache is more common among children and painkillers should be kept far away from kids. For children, it is doubly harmful. Home remedies are easy to make and safest to use. When it comes to kids, nothing can be better than home remedies. The best part about home remedies is that you have complete idea about the ingredients used. Some of the best home remedies for earache are:

1.) Hot Water as a Home Remedy for Earache

One of the easiest home remedies for earache is hot water. What you have to do is boil some water and pour that into a bottle. If you have the hot water bottle, then put it on your ear and if it is a normal water bottle, wrap it in a cloth and keep it on the affected area. This remedy is good for the pain and the swelling as well.

2.) Garlic as a Home Remedy for Earache

Garlic is one of the best home remedies for earache. It is best to use if the ache is due to the infection. Using it with the sesame oil works like a charm. Follow the easy steps:

  • Heat two teaspoons of sesame oil and add one teaspoon of minced garlic to it.
  • Heat it for a while and pour 2-3 drops of the oil in the ear.

What else you can do is collect the juice of the garlic and pour it in the ear.

3.) Ginger as a Home Remedy for Earache

Because of the anti-inflammatory qualities it possesses, ginger works as a natural painkiller. It is counted among the most effective home remedies for earaches. Collect the juice of fresh ginger and put the drops in your ear directly. This is one way you can use it. Another way to use is that heat a teaspoon of grated ginger roots infuse with two teaspoons of olive oil for almost ten minutes. After 10 minutes, put the drops in your ear.

4.) Onion as a Home Remedy for Earache

Onion has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that help with the pain. Use it to get rid of the earache. Here are the simple methods to use onion:

  • Extract some juice from fresh onions and heat it for a while.
  • When it gets heated up, put the drops into your ear.
  • Repeat the process at least twice a day.

There is another way to extract the qualities of the onion:

  • Grate fresh onion and wrap it in a clean piece of cloth.
  • Now put the cloth on the ear.
  • Repeat it several times a day.

5.) Herbal Inhalation as a Home Remedy for Earache

If the ache is due to the swelling of the lining tissues of the nose than go for herbal inhalation. it is one the most primitive home remedies for earache. What you have to do is:

  • Boil some water and pour that in a bowl.
  • Now add chamomile tea leaves to it.
  • The mixture is ready.
  • Take your mouth over it and drape a towel over your head and inhale deeply.

6.) Honey as a Home Remedy for Earache

This sweet home remedy for earache works slow but the effects are enduring. Direct use of honey will help you with the pain. What you have to do is apply it directly around the ear and get rid of the pain. Raw honey should be preferred as it works best.

7.) Peppermint Oil as a Home Remedy for Earache

Peppermint oil works well fro earaches. Apply it on the aching ear get rid of the pain. Take a cotton swab and put some peppermint oil on it. Now apply it around your ear with the help of the swab. You have to be very careful while using the peppermint oil as the oil should not go inside your ear. Repeat the process several times a day and the pain will vanish.

8.) Olive Oil as a Home Remedy for Earache

Olive oil works as a lubricant that help get rid of the pain and the buzzing sensation. It helps a lot with the earache. What you have to do is:

  • Take two tablespoons of olive oil and heat it.
  • When it is lukewarm, pour 2-3 drops in your ear.

You can also take the help of a year bud also. Dip the ear bud  in the oil and put that ear bud into your ear.

9.) Salt as a Home Remedy for Earache

Salt also works quite efficiently in order to get rid of earache. It is rich in contents that help ease the welling and pain. Thus, it proves to be one of the most amazing home remedies for earache.

  • Take at least five tablespoons of salt.
  • Heat it till the color turns brown.
  • Wrap the heated salt in a piece of cloth and press it on the effected year.
  • Do it for a few days and the pain is gone.

10.) Basil Leaves as a Home Remedy for Earache

Basil leaves have proven to be a very effective remedy for many of the problems. Earache is one of them. Basil is one the most effective remedies for earaches. It cures the earache very efficiently. Take a few basil leaves and crush them. Extract the juice from the crushed basil leaves. Now put two drops into the ear.

11.) Tea Tree Oil as a Home Remedy for Earache

Tea tree oil works like a charm when it comes at treating earache. It is also used to treat other health related problems as well. What you have to do is just put a few drop of tea tree oil in your ear. Your pain will disappear in no time.

12.) Increase the Intake of Vitamin C as a Home Remedy for Earache

Increase the intake of Vitamin C. you also increase the intake of vitamin C in order to get rid of earache naturally at home. What you can do is increase the consumption of fruits that are rich in Vitamin C. You can go for the juices as well.

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