How to Sleep Better at Night?

There are a huge number of people who have every comfort in their house but fails to fall asleep. This problem is also known as Insomnia there are numerous reasons of a sleepless night. It varies from person to person. A sleepless night can bring many problems like a lack of freshness, lazy day, body pain, hypertension, weakness, feeling less active, tiredness, headache, sinus and many more. In short it can simply ruin your day. There are several reasons behind this problem, for example, any health issue, deficiency of protein and minerals in the body, tension, depression, uncomfortable mattresses.  If you are falling asleep and it has become your dream it is advisable to read this article, as it will help you to know some of the effective ways to sleep better at night. Before listing remedies to sleep better let us see some of its main causes:

Causes of Insomnia

1.) Anxiety

Many people experience anxiety in cooperating with their everyday lives. This leads to the feeling of helplessness, tensed, afraid and worried. These feelings may be the results of relationship problems, social stress or financial worries or official work pressure. When you try to sleep, these anxious feelings do not allow you to sleep and are one of the main reasons of insomnia.

2.) Medications

Pharmaceutical medicines, some time disturbs the functioning of the body. It often interferes with your sleep. If you’re prescribed with any medication, for the purpose like blood pressure, heart medicines, stimulants or allergy medicines. It may possibly that you experience sleeping problems due to these medicines.

3.) Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine

Caffeine is a concentrated element found in coffee, soda and energy drinks. Having a coffee late in the evening can keep you awake for longer time and lead to this problem. Regular intake can turn the problem to insomnia.

Cigarettes and tobacco products contain nicotine, which is another reason that cause insomnia. Regular and excessive smoking, especially late at night has a negative effect on sleeping patterns.

Same goes with alcohol, when it is used excessively and regularly before going to bed. It can increase the chance of insomnia. After some time you feel addicted to alcohol and you will not be able to fall asleep until you have some.

4.) Stress

In this busy world, stress is a part of daily life. Even a kid is stressed due to concerns about school. So we can escape of concerns about work, family and health. These conditions keep the mind in working mode, and especially during the night. It can also make you awake. Try to stay away from stress make your mind set not to think of any topic which stresses your mind.

5.) Depression

Most people who suffer from depression also experience problems in their sleeping pattern. In some cases, depression causes insomnia, while in other sleep problems contribute to depressive disorders. Make sure you take care of your daily routine that you go to bed on same time and take at least 7 hours of sleep daily.

How to Sleep Better

Best Ways to Sleep Better at Night:

1.) Keep Your Room Clean to Sleep Better at Night

Keeping your surrounding clean will make you feel calm and relax. Whereas unmanaged and dirty room will give an unpleasant image to your eyes and it may disturb your night. So always try to keep your room clean and managed. Even your mom will praise you for this. Clean your room every day if not possible make sure you do it every second day.

2.) Avoid Coffee and Tea to Sleep Better at Night

This is the well-known remedy to sleep better. Do not intake coffee or tea at night because it contains a huge amount of caffeine. It is responsible to lead many health issues and sleepless night is one of those. It disturbs your body clock. Remember people take coffee and tea when they feel like sleepy at odd times to boost their energy and to get rid of sleepy feelings. So never drink tea and coffee at or near to bed times.

3.) Read Books to Sleep Better at Night

Yes it’s boring but that is the best remedy suited. I am pretty sure you remember the boring class or a lecture of your history teacher, who have scolded you many a times because you were sleeping in between the class. So use this childish remedy to sleep better read books in your bed. You will not fall asleep after reading the very first page or at first day, it will take time so make it a habit. Once you develop the habit, you will wonder about the magic of this remedy to sleep better.

4.) Do Not Ignore that You are Tired

Do not drag yourself for the sake of work, go to your bed when you are tired or feeling sleepy. Do not avoid this feeling. Try to complete the pending work in the early morning but don’t avoid this sleepy feeling to sleep better. Try to fix a time of sleeping and make sure you ignore everything else for the sleeping time. No matter what it is whether it’s a office work or your kitchen work. Once you ignore it and carry on with your work you will repel the feeling of tiredness and this will not allow you to sleep better throughout the night.

5.) Keep the Stress Out of Your Bed Room

Keep yourself away from stress especially during the bed time. There is no need to worry about things which are not under your control so why to worry live the life. Enjoy your present and sleep better.  Try meditation to get rid of stress and this will also help you a lot to sleep better.

6.) Try Pedicure to Sleep Better at Night

Sometimes due to excess physical activity like walking, running or gym causes pain or discomfort in the feet this can also disturb the sleep. So soak your feet in a warm water for 15 minutes before going to bed, preferably wash it with a scented soap. This will make you feel relax and help to sleep better.

7.) Do Not Watch Clock to Sleep Better at Night

Stop watching the clock try to concentrate fully to sleep better. Watching clock again and again can panic you it may lead to stress of why you are not able to sleep. So, swtich off the lights and get inside your bed. If you are not able to stop yourself by doing so remove the clock from your bedroom for a week.

8.) Change the Place to Sleep Better at Night

Yes you can change the way of sleeping or the place to sleep better. Many a time it happens changing the room or even the way you sleep can solve the problem. You can even try to shift your bed and give your room a different look. Or you can even change the room by simply sleeping in your living area. Keep in mind change is very good in every aspect so change bedsheets, pillow cover or anything to everything of your wish to sleep better.

9.) Physical Activity to Sleep Better at Night

If you are not tired this could also be the reason of sleepless nights. Physical activity can boost the energy and correct all the problems related to the body. This makes you feel tired and you will automatically fall asleep. It also correct the body clock which gets disturb because of chronic sleeping problems. Including meditation will help to reduce stress and to get rid of this problem within a week. So make sure you practice meditation for 15-20 minutes in the early morning. If you feel you are not fit for physical activity because of a last sleepless night, try yoga it does not require your energy like working out in a gym, in fact it will boost your energy.

10.) Drink Water to Sleep Better at Night

Water is the solution for each and every problem related to human body so even if you are fit try to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. Water is the best remedy to sleep better because it naturally cleanse the body and remove toxins. It helps to maintain our body clock and proper functioning of every part of the body. So drink water to stay fit and healthy.

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