Home Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment

In this article, we will discuss the home remedies for epilepsy treatment. It is an unpredictable seizure also called as “seizure disorder” that can cause many other health problems. Epilepsy is a very common neurological disorder with no fixed age biased. It can affect people of any age group. The spectrum of seizure condition is of wide-range which differs from person to person.

Home Remedies for Epilepsy

Causes of Epilepsy:

  • Viral encephalitis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Autism
  • Oxygen deficiency in the fetus.
  • Head injury
  • Stroke
  • Genetic abnormality
  • Brain tumors
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Severe alcoholism
  • Heart attack
  • Meningitis

Common Symptoms of Epilepsy:

  • Seizures
  • Sudden mood changes
  • Sudden sensation
  • Sudden violent streaks
  • Poor alertness
  • A tendency to stare blankly.

Home Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment:

1.) Chamomile Tea to Get Rid of Epilepsy

We all love chamomile tea because of it has a cleansing and antioxidant properties. However, it can also be used to subside the symptoms of epilepsy fast. The natural soothing ability of chamomile to calm the nerves will definitely help you to get rid of epilepsy. This remedy is very helpful in case you feel you have a seizure coming. Take a cup of water in a bowl and bring it to the boil. Then, add a chamomile tea bag and allow it to steep for ten minutes. You should make the tea strong to get immediate relief.

2.) Garlic for Treatment of Epilepsy at Home

Garlic is one of the best home remedies for epilepsy. Harmful free radicals present in the body can hinder the proper functioning of the nervous system. This can lead to epilepsy seizure and other related symptoms. You have to take garlic by making garlic tea. The procedure of making it is very simple. Take a half cup of water and a half cup of milk in a bowl. Bring the mixture to the boil and then add 4 pounds of garlic cloves. Then, boil the mixture till it reduces to half of its quantity. Strain the solution in a cup and take it once every day to treat epilepsy fast and naturally.

3.) Magnesium Rich Foods to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

Magnesium is the most vital nutrients that can help to treat the symptoms of epilepsy. One of the causes of seizure is a deficiency of magnesium in the body. Consume magnesium rich foods, either raw fruits, vegetable, or use magnesium rich food in daily cooking. There are various foods that are very rich in magnesium like cashew nuts, almonds, spinach, green leafy vegetables, soya beans, avocado, banana and dark chocolate. These all foods contain relatively high amounts of magnesium to full fill the need of the body. The magnesium supplements are another option for you to cure the problem of epilepsy seizure, but taking supplements is not a natural way to treat epilepsy you should constrain yourself to natural remedies.

4.) Indian Gooseberries to Get Rid of Epilepsy

The proper functioning of brain greatly depends upon the amount of vitamin C in the body. If you are concerned with the vitamin C containing foods, then you will can’t be able to find any other better option than Indian gooseberries. They have an enormous amount of vitamin C that can be used to treat the symptoms of epilepsy. Phytochemicals and antioxidants present in Indian gooseberries prevent the attack of free radical from damaging the neurological system. You should drink Indian gooseberry juice every morning to treat the symptoms of epilepsy.

5.) Coconut for Treatment of Epilepsy at Home

Coconut is one of the top remedies for epilepsy. Coconuts are loaded with vital minerals, water, and electrolytes. These components can make you feel totally refreshed after drinking coconut water. These three vital components of coconut help in maintaining a good health of neuron. It also keeps the neurological system cranked up which ensure proper brain functioning. Coconut oil contains unsaturated fats, which supply the vitality of the brain cells. Take one teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil three times a day and gradually increase the dosage amount to two teaspoons every day. For added advantage use coconut oil in daily cooking, sprinkle coconut oil on the salad also.

6.) Kava to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

Kava is an herbal remedy having loads of properties that helps the body and mind to work properly by relaxing the nervous system. Kava belongs to the pepper family. It has anti-spasmodic, anti-convulsant and anti-epileptic properties and that is why it is one of the best home remedies for epilepsy. Consume kava root extract daily to get the benefits, but first consult your doctor about the dosage and amount. As kava might have some not needed effect on the liver and hepatitis failure.

7.) Basil to Get Rid of Epilepsy

Basil has many medicinal properties that can be very effective in the treatment of epilepsy seizure as its stimulate the brain and strengthen the nerves for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Take a few basil leaves, extract the juice and take at least one teaspoon daily. Simply chewing the 3-4 basil leaves could also be beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy symptoms. It will stabilize the nerves and gradually soothe the episode of seizure.

8.) Grape Juice for Treatment of Epilepsy at Home

Drinking fresh grape juice can be highly beneficial for preventing epilepsy symptoms because grape juice is high in flavonoids and also a good source of potassium and magnesium which plays significant role strengthening the nervous system, boost your immune system and relax the nerves in the brain. Drink a glass of fresh grape juice every day to improve your overall health and minimize the episodes of seizures.

9.) Ash Gourd (Winter Melon) to Treat Epilepsy Naturally

Ash gourd is a very healthy vegetable that can give relief in epilepsy. You need to use the juice of ash gourd for this remedy. Extract juice from crushed ash gourd. Mix licorice powder with it. Stir well so that the two ingredients are mixed with each other. Consume the drink.

10.) Fatty Fish to Get Rid of Epilepsy

Fatty fish is one of the best home remedies for epilepsy. People who suffer from epilepsy should include fatty fish in their diet. The fish contains high amounts of omega-3 fats and magnesium. The fish is a rich source of Vitamin D also. Salmon and mackerel are the best fishes for you. Choose the wild salmon. You can also tuna and other fatty fishes.

11.) Epsom Salt to Treat Epilepsy

Several studies have shown that Epsom salt is also effective in treating seizures in people with epilepsy.  Epsom salt has a great tendency to cure epilepsy due to the presence of magnesium sulfate. Take finely graded Epsom salt powder in a bowl. Add ½ tsp of the powder to a glass of orange juice or water and then simply drink it each morning. You can also enjoy relaxing Epsom salt baths two times a week.

12.) Routine Exercise to Cure Epilepsy

Regular exercise not only improves fitness but also helpful for good mood. This, in turn, helps reduce seizures and the impact of epilepsy on one’s life. Routine exercise releases feel-good hormones and increases oxygen flow to the brain. You should do warm-up and stretching activities daily to feel more calm and composed. Walking is one of the best exercises that people with epilepsy should do early in the morning.  Walk for half an hour every day to get rid of epilepsy.

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