How to Pass a Drug Test? (Hair Follice, Mouth Swab, Urine)

After writing how to pass a hair folic drug test?, how to pass a urine drug test?, and how to pass a mouth swab drug test?, we are now writing the ways to pass a drug test. Generally, everyone is aware of the fact that it is difficult to pass the drug test. And for few of you it seems to be next to impossible to pass the drug test. Well, keep all that assumptions that you may have just brainstormed. And your focus should be on the ways to pass a drug test. At present times, the drug test has been a compulsion for those in sports and even for a job applicant. There are various ways that leads to a drug test. That includes random testing, pre-employment testing, return to duty testing, post-accident testing, etc. These type of test involves the drug test for marijuana, PCP, amphetamines, cocaine and opiates. This in turn in is tested through urine, hair follicle, swab and mouth test. And if you have taken any of it, you job is to come out a clean drug test when you are called for it. While you read further you will discover the facts and ways to get a clean and negative drug test. There is an interesting fact that the people who follow a healthy diet and regular exercise have the weight of advantage on their side. This is because a healthy body will be cleaned up in four to six weeks. But, only with the fact that you should avoid the consumption in the coming weeks. When you are aware that you have been given a date to appear for a drug test. So, as much as possible try to avoid all types of drugs to come out clean to pass a drug test.

how to pass a drug test

Prior Knowledge Required to Pass a Drug Test:

1.) More consumption of water

Well, this may sound weird as the first point. But, this is actually the best way to clean you completely. When you will have more intake of water, the urine will help to pass out the left out particles from your body. Once your bladder is full of fluids, it will flush out everything. And when you appear for the urine test, there are chances for you to come out all clean. If you have taken any of the drugs recently, then there might be chances that there will be some remaining particles inside your body. So, try to drink water more to help yourself in the drug test.

2.) Take Enough Time to Pass a Drug Test

It’s time to stop taking drugs if you have date of your drug test approaching. If there is enough time you will be on safer side. Because when there is a long gap between your drug test date and the time you had taken a drug, that’s a good sign. So it is make sure to be aware of these provided details:

  • When there is a drug test that is going to be conducted by your employer, you will be informed before the test. But only the particular week will be provided to you and not the exact date. You will get enough time to prepare yourself. So, utilize that time to go through your company’s policies and start taking precautionary measures.
  • Another type is if you have been on a probation period. Then the test date will be given to you in advance. So, try to take all precautionary measures and keep yourself physically fit.

3.) Try to Know the Amount of Drug Present in Your Body to Pass a Drug Test

The next important step for you is having the knowledge of the amount of drugs present in your body. After taking up the above precautionary measures, it’s time to test yourself on your own. There are many options for it. Some of the drug abuse clinics offer you to test your urine without a single payment of a dollar. There is even the availability of home test kits. That is sold by companies like “Liberty Research” and “Instant Diagnostics”. So, you can easily test yourself before appearing on the real judgment day.  The next thing you need to remember is that if you take marijuana not on regular basis, you will pass the drug test easily. But if are a heavy dozer, than abstain from consuming it until you think it’s out of your body. This is because it might show up in your hair follice test (anything will come positive if consumed in last two months). Try to be extra careful before the days of drug test.

4.) If Given a Choice, Take the Right Decision to Choose the Type of Test

This is one thing that is surely in your favor. It not always that your luck favors and you have got a choice. But sometimes, your sheer luck do favors you. So, you will need to decide which type of drug test you want to take up. You can choose from one of these tests. That includes urine, mouth swab or hair follicle test. So, instead of thinking of different ways to pass the drug test. Take a wise decision that will save you and help you to pass the drug test. The urine test can be tampered while the hair follicle and mouth swab test cannot.

Types of Drug Test:

1.) Try to Pass a Hair Follice Drug Test

pass a drug test of different types

The hair follicle test is not easy to pass. If you have been a chronic drug user then you are in a danger zone. So, if you want to escape the hair follicle drug test, try to adopt these changes.

  • The first thing is to shave your head and hairs that are present in other body parts of yours. This leaves no trace of any evidence. And when there will be no hair in your body, you will be escaped from the hair follicle test.
  • Remember few things. If you have never met the officials and the person who will conduct the drug test, you have an advantage. You will have a bundle of fewer questions. And you can directly ask for some other test, by saying there is no hair in your body to appear for hair follicle test.
  • Never try to give simple excuses for your hair shaving purpose. The authorities are smarter than you. Make sure to come up with a good story behind the hair shaving purpose. And try not to give any medical reasons. You will get stuck with it. You can provide reasons like hair thinning or a new hairstyle experiment.
  • When asked for body hair, try to say that you are a swimmer. Due to which you waxed your body hair. This will sound like a valid reason.

2.) Try to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

To pass a mouth swab test is quite a difficult task. It becomes more difficult when you are asked to take the test on the spot. This is the tricky part for anyone of you. So, when you one you have time to appear for this test, try to take advantage of this situation. During the time period of the gap being provided, try to stop indulging in any drug taking activity. This will slowly help your system to flush out the unwanted drugs from your body. But if you are on the spot situation try this trick. In the mouth swab test, the testing instrument should be rubbed in between your gum and lower cheek area. Instead of that you can rub it against your teeth. Also, instead of holding it in the prescribed way, try to hold in between your molars. This will save you on the spot situation.

3.) Try to Pass a Urine Drug Test

For the urine drug test, you can have a few options to try for.

  • Firstly, try not to tamper with your urine sample by diluting it with vinegar, bleach, salt or water. It will automatically increase the pH level in the urine.
  • Now try to drink more of fluids. This will lead to go for more of urinating. The more of urinating means the more of unwanted particles moving out of your body. Before the day of the test, try to take a vitamin D pill. It will help to change the color of your urine to yellow. If your color comes out clear, the authorities might get suspicious.
  • Another trick is that if you are given privacy to urinate, than try to urinate first at the toilet and then add your urine to the sample bottle. This helps to remove the metabolites from your urine.
  • The next option is if you are given extra amount of privacy, meaning the officials are quite far from the washroom, take a chance. Taking a chance means to provide someone else urine sample. This can be done when you think that you have more than fifty percent of chances to get the test positive.

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