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Is your loved one in the family having difficulty remembering things? Or having trouble in recalling names and faces? It could be due to Dementia. So, in this article, we are going to talk about home remedies for Dementia. Dementia is a condition of a neuron generative brain disorder. Neurons are the nerve cells which help us impair our memory, help solve the problem, communication and look after attention span.

Dementia further refers to the progressive decrease in mental abilities, which disturbs the person routine functionality, it is known as Dementia. When it directly affects your brain, then it causes memory loss, orientation and language problems. The condition typically affects an individual over the age of 65 and worsens till an individual’s death. While the symptoms vary from person to person.

There are some natural and home remedies which help serve brain function and helps remove heavy metals from the body, stimulate the blood flow to the brain and detox the liver. Through this article, we suggest some home remedies which are easy and simple for the treatment of Dementia. Read these related articles home remedies to improve memory and super foods for your brain on our website.

Causes of Dementia:

Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells. This damage obstructs the ability of brain cells to corresponding with each other. When brain cells cannot communicate normally then behavior, thinking and feelings can be affected. There are some following causes of Dementia:

Symptoms of Dementia

  • Memory loss.
  • Disorientation
  • Difficulty in speaking and writing.
  • Thinking and reasoning.
  • Personality and behavioral changes.

Home Remedies for Dementia:

1.) Vitamin B12 to Treat Dementia

Vitamin B12 is exceptionally significant to offer the cerebrum some assistance with functioning typically. It has been found that individuals who have Vitamin B12 inadequacy experience issues with memory, and this can likewise bring about Dementia. The best source of vitamin B12 is cheddar, braced oats, and egg yolks.

2.) Papaya, Strawberries, Peas to Treat Dementia

It is among the tastiest remedies for dementia treatment. Sustenance rich in folic corrosives like papaya, peas and strawberries keep the cerebral cells dynamic and assume a noteworthy part in avoiding Dementia.

3.) Ginkgo to Treat Dementia

It is an understood tree from old times that has massive medical advantages. Ginkgo has been utilized in customary medication too. It enhances blood course in the cerebrum and is decent cancer preventing agent known. It should be taken at the initial stage of Dementia to control the further symptoms.

4.) Coconut Oil to Get Rid of Dementia

Coconut oil works so well for dementia patients it practically seems like a magical cure. It is counted among the most effective remedies for dementia treatment. Coconut oil consists of substances known as ketones. Ketones are a great brain food. The healthy fats in coconut oil also aid to restore the lining of the nerves so that helps promote brain communication and encourage healthy nerve function.

Coconut oil has gigantic cancer prevention agent properties, and examination has demonstrated its adequacy in treating Dementia. A couple of tablespoons of coconut oil every day keep Dementia under control.

5.) Melon to Prevent Dementia

Did you realize that intense melon accompanies a large group of advantages, and it merits devouring them to keep our cerebrum sound? When you eat melon, you are giving your body and mind with beta-carotene, potassium, and other imperative supplements. They are expected to keep the cerebrum ready and dynamic.

6.) Turmeric to Avoid Dementia

Turmeric involves a position of pride in the kitchen. Research has now uncovered this yellow shaded fixing that contains curcumin, which is rich in cell reinforcements. It is one of the top calming specialists that can keep the cerebrum solid. Thus, it is one of the best remedies for dementia treatment.

7.) Epsom Salts Bath to Cure Dementia

A collection of destructive poisons in our bodies can bring about memory slip-ups. In this manner, Epsom salts have been observed to be greater at flushing out poisons. Hot water bath with four to five tablespoons of Epsom salt in a bathtub can wipe out poisons from each pore of the body.

8.) Fish to Prevent Dementia

Fish is great to keep the mind ready and dynamic. In such manner, fish are rich in omega 3 unsaturated fats that help the intellectual capacities of the mind to boost up. Devouring fish in wealth ward off the side effects of Dementia. So add fish in your diet to Prevent dementia naturally.

home remedies to treat dementia

9.) Go Out In The Sun

Going out in the sun is a standout among the best characteristic solutions for Dementia. Vitamin D, which is created in our body by absorbing the sunlight. It is required to help increase the cerebrum capacity. At the point when vitamin D is insufficient in the body, individuals feel low and even get discouraged. Absorbing the sun, for an event of 30 minutes is sufficient. Taking supplements of vitamin D can impede the movement of Dementia.

10.) Almonds to Treat Dementia

Our cerebrum requires Vitamin E to stay solid and improve capacity ideally. Almonds are a rich wellspring of Vitamin E. Consuming almonds daily keeps the cerebrum cells solid and dynamic. So do not forget to include almonds in your diet. You can also use almonds for garnishing milkshakes and desserts. You can also chomp on some almonds for better communication and healthy mind.

11.) Cinnamon to Get Rid of Dementia

A study says that dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s are actually a type of diabetes. In fact, Alzheimer’s is now being characterized as type III diabetes. This helps prevent various symptoms of dementia. To try this method, take one tsp of cinnamon powder 3 times daily. You can also add cinnamon to your diets such as salad or cooking. You can also make some great ginger tea and cinnamon for an extra dose.

12.) Vitamins to Treat Dementia

A study conducted says that the B group vitamins, that includes folic acid and vitamin B6, B12 can help slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamins are essential for those who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer as well as those who want to prevent this disease. So include green leafy vegetables and fruits loaded with vitamins and minerals in your diet to prevent dementia fast.

How to Communicate with a Person with Dementia?

1.) Remind Your Identity

If your loves ones are confused about your identity then you have to elaborate your identity and names with your past experience so that it can strike in their memory. Properly explain them with any incident or anything that had special impact on them. For example: I’m sandy, your brother. We always eat heart design chocolate together.

2.) Use Your Sentence to Remind Them Better

When you describe the thing then make sure you use lower tone and speak slowly. You just have to use simple and short sentences. Make sure you break your sentence before reminding them. Better to take a little pause so the people get a proper time to think and react. So only use simple word and short sentence to make it easier. And break every long incident into small steps.

For instance, we’re going to purchase sweets from your favorite shop Sugar spice then we will park our car near the street from the school then we will see movie at the mall. This might be confusing and go over the head. So you can change it like first we are going sugar & spice to buy sweets. Take a pause to give them a moment to process before proceeding. Then we will go to the park. Take a little pause. Then we will go to movie and see a movie.

3.) Give Time

Don’t get panic or don’t get excited, just give some times to respond to questions. It takes dementia patients take longer time to get the things you are saying. Don’t irritate the person with so many questions. Just have a slow conversation. Make sure the person is comfortable while talking to you otherwise all the words will go in vain when the person is not focusing on your words.

4.) Use Body Language

Use word retrieval (find the right word to identify the things or describe the things) which can be difficult for the people with dementia. They might get confuse while listening to your or may not find the right word to understand what you are saying. You can take help of your gesture to understand the things. Encourage it with gesture to describe what they are saying and you can do the same thing to show that you understand the things.

5.) Don’t Argue

Not only it increases the stress level but people with dementia often genuinely feel confused. They may not ask the same question again and again but they may not know where you keep their medication. You have to be gentle and polite as it is a disease not a persona who is causing this behavior.

You just have to go along with your stories, even when you know the stories are false, just to make them calm and maintain the peace say yes. Please no need to correct them as it can give them stress.

6.) Give a Person a Treatment like An Adult 

You just have to be respectful while talking to the person. Just give them independence as much as possible. Let them make the decision as much as cable of making. Actually, depending the intensity of the dementia may be the suffering person can’t able to make the decision, but make sure to give them opportunity as often as you can. Even in a small choice like, which shirt do you want to wear today? Blue one or the yellow one? Which can improve the quality of life?

7.) Help Them in Completing the Conversation

Losing one’s train of thought is very common with dementia patients. They might forget what you are talking about mid-sentence.

You just have to be pay attention what are you saying and help the person to get back on the track and don’t make a big deal out of it. Say in a lighthearted tone of voice, oh just telling me about the cat you had? Can you tell me more about the cat?

8.) Show Affection and Show

You can show them love and affection by giving them hugs and kisses, if you are comfortable. Physical touch can show too much affection and give them positive benefits for people with dementia. Just give them hug and show a deep care that they will get comfortable.

You can also talk about love good old days. Just remind them to showing the album of old pictures. This can help them to remind the old memories so that they can recognize the person. This will also help you to start a good conversation with the patient.

9.) Find a Respite Care

As taking care of dementia patient is can be exhausting and all encompassing and you also need to also take care about yourself in order to take care of yourself so that you can take care about the loved one.

Here are some options that will surely help you:

In home caring, While you are with the person who are suffering from dementia, you can leave someone at home in order to takecare about your love ones. You can also drop your love one off after few hours of activities and socializing. You can opt for the residential facilities if you need to have loved one taken overnight or for a few days if you need to go out of town.

10.) Talk to Your Family

Everything will get so easy if your love ones are with you in every situation. Don’t leave your family alone. Talk to other family member that they will care about your family which will be invaluable support for you. You can talk about your family high and lows of days to days and suggest caregiving strategies.

Have a conversation with your loved one’s care giver team. You can improve the situation by knowing the effective way of communication method. Opening the lines of communication with other involve can improve the care they are receive. You will be helpful after knowing the information by different sources like doctor and nurse. If the suffering person is from your family and at your home then take the help of doctor how to treat the person and tell them to other family member about it.

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