Home Remedies for Folliculitis Treatment

In this article, we will talk about home remedies for folliculitis treatment. Hair forms an essential part of our body and we try all that we can to get rid of it. We use blades, wax, chemicals and what not. The same pulling out of hair can lead to several skin problems. Among the most prominent ones, the most renowned is folliculitis. As the name suggests it is related to the follicles of the hair where the hair is attached. The inflammation of the swelling leading to acne like formation is what is known as folliculitis.

Not only shaving, but your polluted swimming pools can also cause this problem. The problems is usually a result of the bacteria formation in the particular area. There are many remedies for the same available in the market, but they charge for stuff that you can get at home. We provide you one of the best home remedies for folliculitis.

home remedies for folliculitis

Home Remedies for Folliculitis Treatment

1.) Garlic as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis

Garlic is one of the best answer to dispose of folliculitis. It has antibacterial properties that work awesome for this condition. It is suggested that you consider adding more garlic into your eating routine. Extra garlic will remove the bacteria fast from the blood. All together for this solution for work, you ought to eat around three or four cloves of garlic consistently. You would require some talent to consume it raw, it is still worth it.

2.) Oatmeal as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

Rather than acquiring a cream with cereal concentrate from the drug store, set up an oats shower that you can absorb to profit by its properties. The exfoliating properties will get rid of the problem in no time. It will help remove the dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. The best part being that it is safe for your skin. It is cost effective and easily available. It is one of the best home remedies for folliculitis.

3.) White Vinegar as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis

White vinegar is a potential antibacterial operator and can be useful in managing folliculitis. Just follow the steps below:

  • Take one tablespoon of white vinegar and place it into some water.
  • Soak some cotton balls in this solution and apply it on the affected region.
  • Keep the cotton pushed against the folliculitis for 10 minutes.
  • Wash it off after some time.
  • Continue the process regularly for visible results.

4.) Heat Treatment as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

One of the most frequent ways to get rid of skin bacterial problems is to apply heat. Also known as warm compress all you have to do is follow the simple procedure to get started:

  • Boil some clean water and dip a clean cloth inside it.
  • Drain the cloth and carefully apply it on the affected area.
  • Keep doing it several times till the inflammation disappears.
  • You will be relieved in no time.

5.) Aloe Vera as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

Aloe Vera gel is the mother of home cures and it is one of the magnificent home remedies for folliculitis. It is loaded with effective mitigating and antibacterial properties. It will release you out of the side effects of folliculitis. It also holds the property to recuperate your skin. Take the gel from a leaf of Aloe Vera. Apply it gently on your skin for around 60 minutes. It is required to apply the gel three times a day.

6.) Oregano Oil as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

A standout amongst the most commended oils in regards to folliculitis is oregano oil. You can do this by mixing it with jojoba oil as it is have the best impacts. The other fabulous oil you can experiment with is unadulterated tea tree oil. But, oregano oil appears like the most prominent arrangement in this classification. It is additionally said that oregano oil can help with skin inflammation and different conditions in which the skin is disturbed. 

7.) Garlic as Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

Garlic is known to possess antibacterial properties that help to ward off an infection. Garlic is one of the top most home remedies for folliculitis. Garlic is also considered to be a rich source of sulphur. The mineral has been used to prevent various types of skin disease. Make sure to apply it carefully. A better option is to eat it in the form of raw garlic or garlic pills, which  will help to purify the body from inside. 

8.) Eat Healthy as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

One of the first steps to get rid of any kind of problems is to maintain a healthy diet. When your immunity is strong, there is nothing that can bother you. Make sure that you consume a diet that is rich on fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy food will treat and remove the infection causing folliculitis.

9.) Maintain Hygiene as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis  

It is important for all individuals to follow good hygiene, while dealing with a folliculitis. Make sure you wash your hands with soap and water whenever you touch the wound. Make sure to avoid swimming pools, hot tubs that have not been treated with chlorine. Also, make sure to not use anyone’s towel or clothes. 

10.) Coconut Oil as a Home Remedy for Folliculitis 

Coconut oil in the case of folliculitis is recommended as one of the finest natural remedies that is available. The coconut oil should be directly applied to the area with folliculitis and let it set. Repeat this remedy daily for the best results. It will heal your skin slowly and steadily. The leftover rashes will disappear completely after sometime. Leaving you with the good old smooth skin. Coconut oil is considered as one of the exclusive home remedies for folliculitis.

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