How to Get Rid of Acne Fast, Naturally And Overnight?

After writing, how to remove blackheads?, how to get rid of whiteheads?, how to get rid of back acne?, and how to get rid of cystic acne?, we are now writing the ways to get rid of acne fast and naturally. Your big day is finally here, you are going on a date with your crush. You have left nothing unchecked and you are prepared till perfection, but suddenly out of the blues appears an evil, which manifests with the idea of ruining your plans. We live in a world today, which is full of materialism. From our food habits to our lifestyle, all of it shows our disconnect from our usual self. Our skin is bombarded with all kinds of chemical and toxic. They not only escalate the aging process but also kill our fresh skin cells. The same goes for acne, as there are so many creams and lotions, which promise to get rid of acne quickly. The one thing that we can suggest you is that nothing beats the good old natural treatment. These treatment does not cost much, and comes with no side effects. As natural as our content is, we provide you a list of ways to get rid of acne fast and naturally.

What Causes Acne?

Our skin consists of lots of pores on the surface which are linked to the sebaceous glands present in the skin. These sebaceous glands generate sebum (an oily substance), which is released on the skin through the pores, along with the dead skin. Sometimes these sebaceous glands become over-active and end up generating a lot of sebum. This results in clogged pores of the skin. It comes out as a red blemish on the skin. When the bacteria on this red spot found to multiply and grow, it leads to the development of acne.

Types of Acne:

  • Whiteheads: These ones are not mostly visible to the naked eye, but with time can grow out to be noticeable. They develop inside the skin of the affected area, unlike their companion which is listed in the second point.
  • Blackheads: The dark companion of the former, this one is difficult to remove. They mostly develop due to blockage in the pores, owing to oil or dust particles. The resultant blockage leads to the development of bacteria, ensuing in the white blood cells rushing to the rescue. The affected part is exposed to air and thus turns black.
  • Nodes and Cysts: Not only are these two clearly visible, but also win the title for the ugliest phases of the formation of Acne. The only difference that both these problems share is the texture, for one, which may be hard and for the other may be extremely soft. One needs to be careful if acne has reached to this level. By this time it is best to consult a doctor or a skin specialist.
  • Papules: With a pinkish color appearance on their base, this one look like tiny pimples but differ in size.
  • Pustules: Also known as pimples, these one are larger in size compared to pustules. They mostly look red in color and have a swelling like appearance.

Ways to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Naturally:

1.) Use The Honey and Cinnamon

Honey is a natural antibiotic, which makes it ideal for healing and reducing acne, whiteheads and pimples. Honey is sticky and cinnamon is zesty and it seems like they’re both things you would want to keep away from getting near your skin. Cinnamon and Honey make a killer combo when it comes to acne. Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties, so it can help to prevent bacteria. The honey is a natural antibiotic, ready and waiting to wipe your acne scars.As an added benefit, its stickiness helps to diminish excess impurities and dirt from the skin. To use this remedy, take 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients together until they are thoroughly mixed and have formed a paste. Apply this mixture to your face or on the affected area and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off fully and tap your face dry. Read article on honey for acne.

2.) Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an efficient solution for the treatment of acne. It aids in balancing the pH level of the skin. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with malic and lactic acids. It acts as a softener and exfoliator for the skin. Mix vinegar in water in the ratio of 1:3. Take and cotton ball and apply it with the help of a cotton ball to the affected area. Keep it for ten minutes. Wash your face thoroughly. For better results, follow the method several times a day. Read article on apple cider vinegar for acne.

how to get rid of acne fast and naturally

3.) Use The Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is famous for removing extra oil from the skin. It also helps in removing the dead cells from the skin. Cucumbers can be used as an alternate to your face wash. Mash a cucumber and add a little amount of water to it.  Mix it well and apply it directly on the face. Cucumber juice, combined with carrot juice, can be useful to remove acne, blackheads, and pimples. Regular ingestion of these juices also help in get rid of acne fast and naturally.

4.) Take Help From Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is helpful for healing several skin problems, including acne. Its anti-bacterial properties help in getting rid of clogged pores. Mix tea tree oil and water in 1:7 ratio, one portion of tea tree oil to 7 portion of water. Instead of water you can use olive or almond oil. Take a cotton swab and dip it in the solution. Keep the cotton ball on the affected area. Straightaway, you can’t put a drop of tea tree oil on acne, you also need to use the diluted tea tree oil. Note– Tea tree oil should diluted before its us and should not be ingested. Read article on tea tree oil for acne treatment.

5.) Apply The Lemon Juice 

Lemon is a great home remedy for acne treatment. Further it can help with pimples and blackheads. It consists of citric acid that acts as a natural cleanser. Lemon is not only great for detoxification of skin but can in addition it also improve skin radiance. It helps open blocked pores and soothe the skin. Take one lemon and take out the juice in a bowl. Now, soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice. Place it directly on the affected area for 4-5 minutes. Then rinse it off with water. Alternatively, take a lemon slice and rub it gently all over your face. Now, leave it for 5-10 mins. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this process 3-4 times a week for better results.

6.) Fuller’s Earth Mask

Fuller’s earth is another beneficial home remedy to get rid of acne redness fast and naturally. It is known for absorbing excessive oil from the skin. It is a natural remedy for the treatment of acne, pimples and blackheads. To use this remedy, take 1 tsp of fuller earth powder, sandalwood powder and rose water in the same quantity. Mix all the ingredients well. Apply this mix directly on your face. Let it dry for some time and wash it off with water. If you feel dry skin, apply some moisturizer to hydrate your face. Try this remedy 1-2 times a week to get rid of acne fast and naturally.

7.) Potato Healing Treatment

Potato has bleaching properties and is a natural remedy to get rid of acne fast and naturally. All you need to do is boil a potato, mash it, add 2 teaspoons of milk power or milk to it. Make a fine paste and keep it on the affected area for 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with normal water. This will not only remove the hyperpigmentation, but also stop wrinkles and make your skin brighter. You can also use a raw potato. Cut a potato into slices and put one slice on the acne. Keep it for 10 minutes. The potato will work as an anti-bacterial agent and beat the infecting bacteria. You can use it in another way as well. To get rid of the acne scars, rub some grated potato on the face.

8.) Use The Activated Charcoal 

The stuff in appearance looks like a part of the hell, is actually known for getting rid of all kinds of impurities. It can be used both in raw, tablet or cream form to wipe out acne completely and especially at a faster rate. The one in the tablet and lotion form is what you call activated charcoal, which is known for enhancing the properties of the substance. Activated charcoal can easily wipe out excess oil and dust from the skin, helping in opening up the pores for a clean and clear skin to get rid of acne fast and naturally.

9.) Aloe Vera Facial Mask 

Aloe vera gel can be utilized alone or with other things to get rid of acne naturally and fast. It’s a natural antibacterial and soothing thing on its own. If you are using it alone, the best is to take an Aloe vera leaf and extract some gel out of it. Now, apply the gel directly on the face as a mask. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off using lukewarm water. If you don’t have access to aloe vera plant then you can buy the packet aloe vera gel from market. Aloe vera not only soothe your skin, but it also works as an anti-inflammatory, decreasing swelling and redness of your skin.

10.) Use The Baking Soda

Baking soda works as a natural exfoliator for the skin. It is known for eliminating dead cells and maintaining pH balance of the skin. It consists of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Also, it is one of the best remedies for treating acne and pimples. Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder along with a few drops of lemon juice. Then, add 5 teaspoons of honey. Mix the two well. Apply the mixture directly on the face. Wash it off after five minutes.

Baking soda can also be used with normal water to treat acne. Add some water to baking soda and apply it on the affected area. Keep it for five minutes and then, rinse it off. To see the difference, follow this method twice a week to get rid of acne fast.

11.) White Toothpaste Will Help

If this one sounds outright bizarre to you, then you are part of the crowd of unaware people, who have no clue of the white pastes antiseptic properties. It is commonly recommended to apply white toothpaste on a freshly burnt area. The same goes for acne. The agent can have a cooling effect on the skin area, killing along all the bacteria. It is helpful because it contains silica. As such, toothpaste has been popular to dry out and minimize the size of pimples overnight. Apply overnight and forget about it. Wake up the next morning to a bright, new skin. Use the white toothpaste only and not any gel based or color toothpaste.

12.) Sea Salt Treatment 

This form of sodium has long been known for its medicinal and healing properties. Mix it with boiled water, spread it all over your face and body on a regular basis. The mixture will clean out your pores and provide a healthy glow. Make sure to check beforehand, just in-case you are allergic to it. People with highly sensitive skin should avoid this form of treatment.

13.) Use The Papaya 

The fruit coming from the tropical subcontinent is a great refresher for the body due to its cooling properties. The same holds true for the skin as it can relieve, replenish and cure acne, without any implications. Take the flesh of fresh papaya and mash it up. Place it all over all the skin as a face mask. Wash it after 15 minutes and see the changes.

14.) Apply The Calamine Lotion 

Considered to be among the cheapest and the most effective of all the alternatives, this one is a sure shot winner. The presence of zinc oxide in this product is what makes it different. The good old lotion can help you get rid of all kinds of skin related problems. So don’t be concerned and let it take care of your troubles. There are different companies who manufacture this product, choose one according to your needs.

15.) Using Natural Oils

Many natural oils like olive, groundnut, coconut, lavender and tea tree oil are known to get rid of acne fast and naturally. The natural properties of all these oils are good for skin, without any side effects. They can be applied directly on the skin using a cotton ball. The results can vary depending upon the intensity of acne and skin type. You can apply and leave the oil overnight also.

16.) Use The Cucumber 

Now this one can be consumed as well as be applied. For quick relief, liquefy the whole piece and finally apply the juice on the face. For a more permanent and constant solution to not only remove acne but also to have a fresh skin is to keep drinking cucumber juice on regular basis.

17.) Tea Time

You will hear many arguments on how tea is better than caffeine, but let’s not involve ourselves with what’s right and focus on how is it that tea cures you acne. Tea can not only be consumed for a better skin, it can also help in blood purification. You can also use tea leaves, which can be boiled and then be applied on the skin. It is preferable to use green tea for this purpose.

18.) Good Old Mint Leaves

This one not only refreshes your breath, but injects your skin with a sense of rejuvenation. The methanol present in it, acts as a natural analgesic which helps skin recover from the damage. It cleans up pores, also serving as a tool to reduce all the itchiness. Mix up mint leaves, along with mortar and pestle to form the perfect mixture.

how to get rid of acne fast

19.) Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

A good cleanser available in the market can always come in handy for the same. Anything known to contain Salicylic Acid is good for acne treatment. Consult your dermatologist or read online reviews for the best cleanser. It will help moisturize your skin, besides relieving you of all the stress to form up the right ingredients for a home based treatment.

20.) Ice -Ice Baby 

As simple as it can be, ice cubes can help reduce redness appearing from acne. The cold temperature can be a great temporary solution, considering if one is in a hurry, but as mentioned, it cannot be a permanent alternative to a professional treatment.

21.) Tomatoes to Heal Acne

Tomatoes are recognized for its antioxidant properties. They are rich in Vitamin A, C and K. All these properties help in treating the acne and pimples. For curing acne, take one tomato and cut it into thin slices. Rub one slice directly on the affected area. You can also make a paste out of the tomato. You need to apply the paste as a facial mask. For best results, do this process as many times as possible.

22.) Cut Out Junk Food

This title in itself is explainable. We all know what junk food can do to your body and the same goes for your skin. If you have a strict appetite for junk food, then it is time you make the necessary changes. Make sure you start including more green and leafy vegetables in your diet. A good diet is the most important aspect for a healthy skin and more importantly a healthier you.

23.) Drink Plenty of Water

The last and a significant way to get rid of acne, is to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Fluids are necessary for the proper functioning of your body and in these busy times we completely avoid this advice. Stay away from aerated and artificial juices. Make sure to consume only good old water for a refreshing skin.

24.) Use The Benzoyl Peroxide

Using benzoyl peroxide on the affected part can lead to quick recovery. The chemical with its intoxicating properties can help unlock pores of the skin. Not only that, it will also assist in cleaning out the bacteria that is causing the blockage in the first place.

25.) Treatment Packs

Today, one can easily find a range of acne removal cream and packs. Research about the same, consult friends and finally choose a good quality treatment pack from the market that is worth your money, something which actually delivers. A good quality product is your best bet if you wish to hurry the process without compromising with your skin.

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