How to Kill Roaches?

It is very difficult to get rid of roaches once they are prone to your house, but this article will definitely help you to kill roaches effectively. It becomes very difficult to kick them out of your home. They make the kitchen life miserable by sharing the bite on your food before yours. Not only kitchen, but it also roam around in your other corners of the house. They spread numerous diseases like cholera, food poisoning and fever. There are several effective ways to kill roaches, read below to know them all.

Causes of Roaches Infestation:

You cannot depends alone only on clean food storage areas because it doesn’t mean that you are out of the problems. This will amaze you that roaches can survive for 3 months without foods. In the meantime, they are in the search for damp, dark, wet places to live. Roaches make their home in things such as boxes, shelves, and books. To protect themselves from dangers. Many a times they make their home in the place or thing which you hardly notice for example garages, basements or other areas of the home that are less visited. So keeping a clean home is the way to keep your home cockroach and pest free. Try to clean every corner and place of your home so that they don’t find any place to make their home in yours. Wipe down every window, sweep and mop daily to avoid pest and roaches. Make sure every night that trash is sealed properly and is dumped out on a regular basis. Cleaning the dustbin is also one of the best way to prevent roaches in your house. It is also recommended to use strong fragrance room freshener as this don’t attract unwanted pest and roaches.

It is true that they can live without foods for up to 3 months but they cannot live without water. So just give a check for water supply such as pet water bowls or water pipes that is leaking. Where there is a source of water you will definitely find there is a roaches. A clean environment and regular pest control is the most effective way to keep roaches away from home. it is very difficult to get rid of once a roach moves in. It also invites others problems, like it hatches eggs soon after they enter your home. You can use some effective remedies to kill roaches which are listed below:

Best Ways to Kill Roaches:

1.) Cut Water Connection to Kill Roaches

If possible, remove the source of water where you find them most. It can live without food for a month, but water is the only weakness of roaches that they cannot live without it even for a week. Discover all the water leaks in your home, and fix it as soon as possible. When their water source have been cut, they will deal more with eating gel-based baits you set out.

How to kill roaches

2.) Clean Your House to Kill Roaches

A clean and clear house is vital in keeping cockroaches away and the primary spot to begin is the kitchen. Wash your dishes and put foods away or in a container with a lid. Tidy up pieces and spills immediately, and for the most part keep the zone clean. Give careful consideration to range tops, as cockroaches love oil and grease.

3.) Garbage Management to Kill Roaches

Decide one dustbin for foods. Don’t allow it sit for long. Use a trash with a lid, rather than one that stays open. Keep it in sealed containers. Keep your surroundings clean and don’t allow the garbage to gather in your backyard. 

4.) Soapy Water to Kill Roaches

It is a simple approach to kill roaches. Make a solution of soap and water that is sufficiently thin to spray through a spray bottle. You can splash it simply on the cockroach. Only 2 or 3 drops of a foamy water will kill roaches. Guarantee that it reaches the insect’s head and lower belly. In case that you can turn the cockroach over, hitting the gut is best. The insect will run or attempt to run, however, kill it in one moment.

5.) Insecticide to Kill Roaches

Get some insecticide spray that contains Cyfluthrin or another insecticide spray as the dynamic ingredient. Spray wherever cockroaches may be concealing or going into the house, including along dividers, in breaks, and invents. Be careful, while you are spraying in your kitchen remove all the food items because it is poisonous and keep the insecticide out of the reach of children.

6.) Block the Entrance to Kill Roaches

Block the cracks in the walls and openings to keep roaches out of the house by sealing their entrance. Close cracks everywhere you can see inside your house. This takes time, but it is the most effective, because it will eliminate most of their hiding and breeding places.

7.) Ready Made Traps to Kill Roaches

Roaches trap kill roaches using an adhesive tape. Get a few of these, and fix them wherever roaches are known. It is a successful approach to kill a little grown-up roaches, it won’t influence the home.

8.) Water to Kill Roaches

A best and effective way to kill and trap roaches is with a jar placed with a wall. This will let the roaches to get into the jar. Any liquid can be placed in the jar, including coffee grounds and water, but it also do with just water in drier weather. Again, this is a good way to kill adult roaches, but it doesn’t affect the  eggs and nest.

9.) Move Yard Debris Away to Kill Roaches

Roaches love heaps of wood and other advantageous hiding spots, and as the climate turns colder, they’ll relocate inside the house to keep themselves warm. Make sure your heap of wood is well far from the house. Uproot heaps of straw, leaves, clippings, and whatever other yard waste.

10.) Soda Bottle Trap to Kill Roaches

Take a plastic soda jug and remove the top where it bends. Remove the top and place it into the body of the jug with the view that it appears like a channel inside the container. Tape it into spot around the edge. Pour water in the base of the container, and set the trap in a spot where roaches hang out.

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