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Home Remedies for Keloids Removal

What is a keloid? Keloids are scars that continues to grow even after it has healed. This article will help you to know some of the important facts and treatment related to keloids. These are scars that continue to grow even after the it is healed. Keloids are formed because of improper formation of collagen when the skin is damaged during the healing process. Skin contains, fibrous tissues which is also known as scar tissue which is the cause for scars on our skin. As it grows it forms a scar tissue and this is what becomes a keloid or scar. They rise above the the normal skin level and they usually have a smooth crust that are tough to touch and usually of pink or purple color. It is irregular in shape and tend to grow. All you can do to minimize their appearance is to try home remedies for keloids removal. Read below to know some of the best and effective home remedies for keloids removal.

Home Removal for Keloids Removal:

Home Remedies for Keloids Removal

1.) Apply Aloe Vera Gel for Keloids Removal

Try Aloe-vera gel is is the best amongst all the home remedies for keloid removal. Using aloe vera can help if your scar is comparatively fresh, but it may not be as effective for the scars that are chronic or over a year old. Give it a try to see if the aloe vera helps to diminish the appearance of the scar. Get a bottle of Aloe Vera gel or use fresh aloe. Apply at least twice a day.

2.) Lemon Juice For Keloids Removal

Lemon juice is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C that are very effective in the treatment of of scars, including keloids. After a 2 weeks of using this lemon juice remedy, you will find significant results in the appearance, and flexibility of the scar. It will also change the color and texture of keloids.

  • Take the juice from a fresh lemon.
  • Apply it on the affected skin area.
  • Leave it for about ½ an hour, and then rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat the process for a week

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Keloids Removal

An awesome home solution for treating keloids is apple juice vinegar in light of the fact that it aides minimize the size and redness of the scar. Apply apple juice vinegar specifically on the influenced zone and delicately knead it so the vinegar is all around consumed into the skin. Permit it to dry for a couple of minutes, and afterwards rehash the procedure with a specific end goal to assist mending. Do this few times each day for the best results and proceed with this treatment for 4 to 5 weeks. In the event that the apple juice vinegar brings on any skin disturbance, you can weaken it with water. You can likewise utilize unadulterated tea tree oil.

4.) Baking Soda for Keloid Removal

Baking  soda is one of the main and effective remedy for keloids. Baking soda goes about as a grating operators and restore the color and remove keloid from the skin. It can be utilized effectively to oversee keloids. It helps a lot as compared to all home remedies for keloids removal.

  • Blend one spoon of baking soda with three spoons of hydrogen peroxide to make a smooth glue.
  • Apply the glue specifically on the influenced region to decrease irritation.
  • Do this three or four times each day relying on the scar’s seriousness.

5.) Asprin for Keloid Removal

Asprin is the best remedy you use for other health problems it is also effectively to cure keloids. The same asprin that you take for cerebral pains and other well-being issues can likewise be utilized to regard keloids as it helps diminish the scar’s size and its appearance.

  • Smash three or four headache medicine tablets.
  • Include a little measure of water to make a smooth, thick glue.
  • Apply the glue on the scar, permit it to dry totally.
  • Afterwards rinse it off by rubbing the zone tenderly submerged.
  • Pat the region dry and afterwards apply some olive oil or tea tree oil.
  • Do this every day until the keloids is no more.

6.) Sandalwood Powder For Keloids Removal

Sandalwood has numerous skin recovering properties and rose water is a characteristic skin toner. Utilized together they can help counteract or decrease and help keloid scars. It is the best narural remedy amongst all the home remedies for keloid removal.

  • Make a thick glue of sandalwood powder and rose water, you can likewise add some dark gram to the glue. You can easily get dark gram in an Asian store.
  • Clean the scar with water.
  • Apply the glue before going to bed, and leave it overnight.
  • In the morning, rinse the area with warm water.
  • Do this regularly for a month or two.

7.) Honey For Keloids Removal

Honey is a traditional remedy that is known for its healing properties. It also moisturise the skin. This is the reason nectar is exceptionally suggested for the treatment of keloids. Standard use of nectar over a couple of weeks can tackle the issue of keloids.

Apply natural and pure nectar on the scar and rub the area delicately to enhance blood flow which will help to eliminate the gathering of dead skin cells.

For best results, use the nectar, which is made by honey bees from the tualang tree. This specific nectar is very efficient that can effectively diminish the scars of keloids, therefore decreasing the presence of these scars.

8.) Garlic for Keloid Removal

Garlic stops the over fibroblast multiplication that leads to keloid and without delay it help to remove keloids, making it a decent home treatment for keloid removal.

  • Apply garlic oil specifically on the scar.
  • Abandon it on for 10 minutes and afterwards.
  • Rinse the area completely.

It may that garlic oil is not accessible, in this case you can also utilize smashed garlic cloves.

9.) Lavender Oil for Keloid Removal

Lavender oil has skin cell rejuvenating properties that can help with all forms of scarring, including keloids. It also helps increase the skin cell turnover rate, which is highly beneficial in preventing scars from becoming permanent.

  • You can minimize a scar by applying lavender oil.
  • Give a gentle massaging to the area for 10 minutes.
  • Do this several times a day for faster and better results.
  • You can also mix equal amounts tea tree essential oil or olive oil and apply it on the affected area several times a day.

10.) Fuller’s earth powder for Keloid Removal

Fuller’s earth might likewise be utilized to dispose of diverse sorts of scars, including keloids. It is the multi-beneficial remedy for skin amongst all the home remedies for keloids removal.

  • Blend 1 tablespoon of more full’s earth, one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of rose water to make a smooth paste.
  • Apply the paste on the scars and rub it tenderly to relax the scar.
  • Permit it to dry and afterwards apply another layer of paste.
  • Abandon it on for 10 to 15 minutes, and after that wash the area with frosty water.
  • Repeat this until the scar vanishes.


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