Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

This article is about the uses of apple cider vinegar for hair. Apple Cider Vinegar has properties that balance your scalp and hair pH level. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help combating scalp infections, dryness, itchiness and dandruff. After shampoo, apple cider vinegar rinse can do wonders to your hair. It retains the pH level of your scalp and leaving you with soft, shiny and smooth hair. It tames rough hair cuticle and fight ssplit ends. Apple cider vinegar is considered as the king of home remedies. Not only, it treats hair related problems, it is is in use for centuries for various health issues like acne, rashes, bug bites and stomach infections. Read the article to know way to use apple cider vinegar for hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair

Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair:

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Shampoo

Apple cider vinegar shampoos are helpful in dandruff treatment. Washing your hair carefully with apple cider vinegar shampoo is very important and advantageous. It opens the clogged pores that in many cases cause organisms to slow down hair growth and support dandruff. These shampoos are inexpensive and can be easily obtained at the retail outlets in your neighborhood.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Moisturizer

Apple cider vinegar works as a great hair moisturizer. The laxative nature of it makes it an important ingredient in hair shampoo. It opens the pores of the scalp, taking out moisture from the skin. Using an apple cider vinegar shampoo is also helpful in moisturizing your scalp. Research has shown that apple cider vinegar shampoo makes hair healthier and moisturizes the scalp. When your scalp is moist, it makes your hair healthier.

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Fall Treatment

Apple cider vinegar helps in strengthening the body’s immune system. Immune system of t damaged by stress, illness, use of antibiotics and other drugs. If your body is free of radicals and full of energy then you will face less hair fall. It also takes care of the respiratory problems like common cold, cough, asthma and bronchitis. Apple cider vinegar has antiviral properties which help to cure chicken pox, cold sores, measles etc.

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Black Hair

Buy pure apple cider vinegar bottle or any shampoo that contains apple cider vinegar as a main component. You can find the 100% pure apple cider vinegar in herbal shops or vitamin stores and shampoo in neighboring beauty hair supply stores. Take a few drops of apple cider vinegar and rub directly to your scalp. If you want, you can add a few drops of any carrier oil. Rub it softly on your scalp in a circular manner by using your fingertips. Allow it to rest for a few minutes. Wash it off with shampoo that contains apple cider vinegar. You can also mix apple cider vinegar combined in your regular shampoo.

5.) Apple cider vinegar for Hair Growth

It has been found that apple cider vinegar increases hair growth. It really helps in opening hair follicles and nourishes your roots. Take a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Blend it with any carrier oil and simply rub it onto your scalp. You will feel a great stimulating and tingling effect on your scalp. However, you must keep in mind to add carrier oil. Do not use it directly. Apple cider vinegar is quite acidic in nature and can cause irritation on the scalp. It is important to add it with other essential oil.

6.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Dandruff and Lice

Apple cider vinegar is great at treating dandruff and lice as well. It also prevents dandruff from coming back. The dryness caused by the dandruff on the scalp is easily removed by the vinegar. The astringent and antibacterial properties of the apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of the infection caused by dandruff. Take a few drops of apple cider vinegar and combine it with your daily shampoo. Use this shampoo regularly and you will see the difference.

7.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry Scalp

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy for dry scalp. It moisturizes your scalp and nourishes it. It opens all blockages in the pores. The laxative property of it helps to remove dryness of the scalp. Combine it with any carrier oil like jojoba oil and rub softly onto your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Allow it settle for some time and wash it off. You can also add it with coconut oil to improve its efficiency.

8.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Infection

The properties and natural elements present in apple cider vinegar can help to keep all the viral and bacterial infections away from your scalp. These infections are often the reason behind scalp infection. So you can use it with any oil and prevent infection. The pollution, harmful UV rays and the free radical toxins damages the hair quite badly. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a protective mask against these natural issues and treat the dull hair.

9.) Apple Cider Vinegar for Curly Hair

Apple cider vinegar helps in getting curly hair and promotes healthy hair. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual as you do. Then take a few drops of apple cider vinegar and rub it all over your hair and scalp. Now tress your hair into two parts downwards and sleep that way. This procedure will create loose and wavy curls in the hair. If you have shorter hair, then you need more than couple tress and sleep with these tress. Take out the tress in the morning and finger comb your hair through hair and then see your curl.

10.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Nits from Hair

ACV has stronger anti-microbial properties when compared with regular white vinegar. Thus it is more beneficial to use. Before using ACV, one needs to decide whether one is allergic to it or not. Simply apply a drop of diluted ACV on a part of the skin. There should be a minor harsh sensation that should vanish after a few seconds. If there is a constant burning sensation, then the afflicted person is allergic to ACV and this treatment is not suitable for the said person. Just apply some ACV on your scalp using your fingertips.

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