Tea Tree Oil for Hair (How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair?)

Tea tree oil is taken out from Melaleuca alternifolia of the Myrtaceae family and is also known as ti-tree, ti-trol and melasol. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It is easily available at drug stores and health food stores. Tea tree oil has a bounty of benefits. Apart from hair care, it can also be used to cure acne, treat burns, athlete’s foot, and to treat common cold and flu. It is one of the useful natural hair care product. A regular use of tea tree oil will give you clean and healthy scalp and hair. Since it can be used to treat all kinds of hair problems, therefore, it is more in demand these days. Right from dandruff, lice, to dryness, and even for baldness, the oil helps to get rid of all types of hair problems. Tea tree oil is a great substitute for the artificial and chemical hair care products. It is a natural herb that promotes hair growth and stops hair fall. Read the article to know different uses of tea tree oil for hair.

Tea tree oil for hair

Uses of Tea Tree Oil for Hair:

1.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth

It has been found that tea tree oil increases hair growth. It helps in opening hair follicles and nourishes your roots. The oil has moisturizing properties that removes the fungal from the scalp and improve the hair growth. The dry scalp and dead skin cells stopping the growth of hair is also treated by the tea tree oil. Take a few drops of tea tree oil, blend it with any carrier oil and simply rub it onto your scalp. You will feel a great stimulating and tingling effect on your scalp. However, don’t forget to add carrier oil because tea tree oil is very strong.

2.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Dandruff 

Tea tree oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits that help a lot to get rid of the dandruff. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and combine it with your daily shampoo that you use to clean your hair. Use this shampoo regularly and you will see how it helps you to get rid of dandruff. This has been used to get rid of dandruff for ages. This process also help to treat scalp psoriasis, itchy scalp, oily scalp, flaky scalp sores, scalp infection and scalp ringworm.

3.) Tea Tree Oil for Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is due to overuse of artificial shampoo and numerous stylish products. This results into dry scalp and weak hair. Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for dry scalp. It moisturises by nourishing your scalp and your hair very well. It opens all blockages in the pores. Combine it with any carrier oil like jojoba oil and rub softly onto your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Leave it  for some time and rinse thoroughly. Tea tree oil is one of the greatest natural home remedy that give essential amount of moisture to the dry scalp and hair.

4.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Infection

The properties and natural elements present in tea tree oil can help to keep all the viral and bacterial infections away from your scalp. These infections are often the reason behind scalp impatience. The hair infection causes scalp psoriasis, itchy scalp, oily scalp, flaky scalp sores, scalp infection and scalp ringworm. Take a few drops of tea tree oil on your palm. Using your finger tips apply it to your scalp and hair roots. Tea tree oil is in use from ages to treat hair infection fast.

5.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Fall 

Tea tree oil helps in strengthening the body’s immune system. The immune system gets weak due to which may be damaged by stress, illness, use of antibiotics and other drugs. If your body is free of radicals and full of energy then you will face less hair fall. It also takes care of the respiratory problems like common cold, cough, asthma and bronchitis. Tea tree oil has antiviral properties which help to cure chicken pox, cold sores, measles etc.

6.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Moisturiser

Shampoo your hair with a shampoo that contain tea tree oil. Research has shown that tea tree oil shampoo makes hair healthier and it also moisturise the scalp. Saying that it ‘moisturises’ the scalp is somewhat less disgraceful than claiming that it can make your hair grow. Tea tree oil is one of the greatest natural home remedy that give essential amount of moisture to the scalp and hair.

7.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Wash

Tea tree shampoo also helps to get rid of dandruff. Cleaning your hair carefully with tea tree shampoo is very important and advantageous. It opens the clogged pores that in many cases cause organisms to slow down hair growth and  endorse dandruff. These shampoos are inexpensive and can be easily obtained at the retail outlets in your neighbourhood.

8.) Tea Tree Oil to Get Curly Hair

Yes, you read it right! Apply tea tree oil if you want curls. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual as you do. Then take a few drops of tea tree oil and rub it all over your hair and scalp. Now press your hair into two parts downwards and sleep that way. This procedure will create loose, wavy curls properly and this is all about long hair. If you have shorter hair, then you need more than couple tress and sleep with these tress. Take out the tress in the morning and finger comb your hair through the hair and then see your curl.

9.) Tea Tree Oil for Black Hair

Buy pure tea tree oil bottle or any shampoo that contains tea tree oil as a main component. You can find the 100% pure tea tree oil in herbal shops or drug stores and shampoo in neighbouring beauty hair supply stores. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and rub directly to your scalp. If you want, you can add a few drops of any carrier oil. Rub it softly on your scalp in a circular manner by using your fingertips. Rest it on for a few minutes and clean it off with a shampoo that contains tea tree oil or tea tree oil combined in your regular shampoo.

10.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Mask

Tea tree oil hair mask not only treats scalp problems like dandruff, dryness, head lice and other warm weather hair problems, but also cool down your hair and scalp in the summer. It also helps to make your hair grow stronger and in a good physical shape. It is a natural antiseptic and germicide that treat all the hair and scalp problems. Tea tree oil can be mixed with almond paste to prepare a hair mask. Mix almond paste and tea tree oil in a bowl. Apply it on your hair with brush. Try to apply at bed time and wash your hair next day using your daily shampoo. Use it twice a week and if your hair is severely damaged then use daily for 5 to 10 days.

11.) Tea Tree Oil for Hair Lice

Lice is a problem faced by millions of people all over the world. Lice are commonly seen in the children as they are the easy target for them. Applying artificial and chemical based treatment for hair is also not helping to get rid of lice. Tea tree oil is a popular insecticide, making it an effective home treatment for head lice. Mix one teaspoon of tea tree oil, two ounces of shampoo and two tablespoons of olive or coconut oil. Apply the mixture slowly throughout your scalp and cover your head with a shower cap or towel.

12.) Tea Tree Oil for Split Ends

Split ends is a major problem faced by the females all over the world. When the essential amount of protein is not available for the hair growth, the hair becomes weak. The ends of the hair gets divided into two parts resulting into ugly appearance of them and dull look. Take a few drops of tea tree oil on your palm. Using your finger tips apply it to your hair roots and split ends.

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