Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment Naturally

After writing, how to make your hair grow faster?, home remedies for scalp fungus treatment, and how to prevent hair loss?, we are now writing about the alopecia hair loss treatment. Gail Porter is a well-known television presenter who had suffered from alopecia. It had affected her modeling career adversely. She is an ambassador for Alopecia awareness across the UK and abroad. Alopecia is one such condition that makes your hair fall out. It is basically an autoimmune disease, where the immune system of person attacks their body badly. In this condition, your hair started falling out in clumps. The rate of falling varies from person to person. It is a serious disease that gets broader with time. So, it is really important to go for alopecia hair loss treatment.

How Alopecia is Caused?

The condition like Alopecia is caused when your hair follicle cells are attacked by white blood cells. All this slows down the hair production and causes your hairs to shrink. Alopecia can also be genetically inherited. It is caused in one among every five people who have someone in their family suffering from Alopecia.

What are the Symptoms of Alopecia?

The main symptom of Alopecia is patchy hair loss. Alopecia may also affect your fingernails and toenails. Your nails can lose shine and they may get thin and split. You may experience Alopecia totalis in which all the hair from your scalp is lost while in the case of Alopecia Universalis the hair of the whole body is lost.

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment:

There is always a brighter side of any condition. You just need to find out the solution. Similarly, there is always a cure and treatment for various diseases. You just need to find it out. Here, we are going to discuss alopecia hair loss treatment that you may follow to recover from this autoimmune disease.

1.) Cortisone Injections for Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

This is the most common alopecia hair loss treatment. In this treatment, dermatologist gives cortisone injections by using a needle. Multiple injections are injected into your skin and around bare patches by using a tiny needle. These injections are given on a monthly basis. You can tolerate the pain of needle prick and slight tingling if it is injected by a good dermatologist.

Also, there will be no discomfort while leaving doctors clinic. New hair growth will be visible within four weeks. However, this treatment doesn’t interrupt with new patches from developing and it is somehow unable to prevent it. There are also few side effects of cortisone injections. But, it is a good alopecia hair loss treatment.

2.) Cortisone for Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

These pills are given to cure widespread scalp hair loss. Even these pills work better than local cortisone injections. Though, there are few side effects of these pills. Also, a physician can guide you better regarding it. But, it must be taken after consulting a doctor because there will be prolonged effect of these pills if they are in use for a longer time. It can develop various health risks and even your regrown hairs can fall out when you will stop taking these pills. So, consume it at your own risk.

3.) Anthralin Cream for Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

This is another alopecia hair loss treatment. Anthralin is basically a synthetic or tar-like matter that is used to treat skin problem like psoriasis. This ointment and cream must be applied on the bare patches on a regular basis and it should be washed off after a short time. It is a good way to grow hair. You will start seeing the results within 8-12 weeks. This ointment may cause little irritation to your skin. It can even cause brownish discoloration to the affected skin. So, use it in a limit and always remember to wash it off after application.

Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

4.) Rogaine (Minoxidil) for Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

This type of topical drug is used to treat pattern baldness. It usually takes 12 weeks for the hair to grow. You must consume this drug on a regular basis. But, yet results may vary from person to person and may be quite disappointing for few.

5.) Natural Ingredients for Treating Alopecia:

Foraha Oil:  This oil is from the Pacific. It is used for centuries to treat various skin and hair conditions. Alopecia is sometimes known as spot baldness. Therefore, it causes inflammation around the hair follicles that in turn results in hair loss. This treatment contains anti-bacterial essential oils like Thyme, Peppermint, Rosemary, Atlas Cedarwood and Clary Sage. It is a great Alopecia hair loss treatment.

Jojoba Oil: The Jojoba oil seeds are cultivated in the Southwestern United States. This is basically a golden colored oil extracted from jojoba seeds. Even the native Americans use waxy substance from jojoba seeds and apply it to cuts for speeding up the healing process. Moreover, it will neither cause any greasy feeling nor it will cause any allergic reactions.

Coconut Milk: Just apply a gram of flour mixed with coconut milk on your scalp for quick recovery of lost hair. This paste helps in stimulating the hair follicles while boosting the overall health of your scalp.

Green Tea: It is an effective Alopecia hair loss treatment. Just dip a cloth in the green tea and use it to wipe the bare patches of your scalp. The antioxidants present in the green tea helps in regenerating healthy cells on the scalp. It is also useful in eliminating the free radicals beneath the surface of the skin. It is a good home remedy for Alopecia.

Other ways to Cope Up With Alopecia:

There are not much Alopecia hair loss treatments, as this disease cannot be cured completely. None of the above treatments can cure new patches, but there are few tactics and treatments to grow your hair. Apart from this, people need to find out few other ways to cope up with Alopecia. Here are some of them given below:

  • You need to learn constantly about the disease you are suffering from a long time. It is an important aspect of staying proactive.
  • You need to stay positive and should try to look on the brighter side of this disease.
  • Keep in touch and in contact with the people who are suffering from the same disease.
  • Maintain a positive self-image with a help of a counselor.
  • Don’t expose your head skin in the sun. Always use sunscreen when you are leaving home.
  • Use wigs or wear a scarf and keep your head covered.
  • Always apply antibiotic ointment inside nostrils to keep it away from germs, and dirt particles.
  • Always wear eyeglasses as it helps in protecting your eyes from dirt particles and various environmental impurities.

Tips to Enhance Your Look:

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. All people are beautiful in their own way and all creatures are made in the image of god. So, no matter what you are suffering from in your life, there is always the solution of every problem in this world. So, if you want to enhance your look, then here are few tips for you:

  • Always try to wear wigs, scarf, and hairpiece. Not only it increases your charm and makes you attractive, but it is really important to protect your head from sun, dirt particles and environmental impurities.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to fill up the color in missing eyebrows.
  • You may also use hair color powder, crayon or cream on your scalp to hide baldness.

There is always a way to cure and treat a disease. One should remain positive and must look on the brighter side of his situations. Though, you may feel quite lonely and dark at times in your life. But, remember you are one who can support yourself. Follow the above ways to enhance your beauty and never lose your confidence in any case. You are beautiful in your own skin and no matter what had happened in past, you can cope up with any problem.

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