Foods to Help You Sleep Better

This article will help you to know the foods to help you sleep better. Well, to have a sound sleep is one thing that is lacking in today’s lifestyle. Every one of you are busy with your personal and working life. But in between to sleep is also an important part of your life. Unlikely, it has been missing from your daily schedule. There are lot many reasons to provide for not having a proper sleep. The most important factor is work and stress. When you have different shifts in working hours, you tend to lose the normal sleeping cycle. Thereby you end up with only 5 to 6 hour of sleep. The next thing is when you take too much of stress. Your body is tired out of the fact that it has been up for 10 to 12 hours straight. It means you have been working a lot and your mind is restless that is accountable for not able to sleep better. Sometimes, it even happens that you want to sleep, but are not able to. That is because your mind is not in peace and relaxes state of mind. All sorts of things use to pop in your head when you just lie down for a nap. It’s quite a common symptom among the working lot. All you have to do is pick the right amount of food, right amount of time to sleep and right amount of time to relax or meditate. It will help you to sleep better. There are even factors related to your food habits. Due to your change in schedule of sleeping hours, there is even a change in your food habits. You tend to munch on anything that fills your stomach which is not right for you. Thereby, try these list of foods to help you sleep better.

Top Foods to Help You Sleep Better:

foods to help you sleep better

1.) Walnuts are Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Dry fruits are usually good for your health. And walnuts are among the ones that boost up your health. Walnuts contain the tryptophan that is a kind of amino acid that is responsible for generating sleep. The amino acid in turn creates melatonin and serotonin which is a hormone known as “body clock hormone”. And body clock hormone generates your sleeping cycles. The intake of walnut in your daily diet will also help you to sleep as early as possible. Thus try to have walnuts in your snacks.

2.) Dairy Products are Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

It is an old tale that says warm milk will let you fall asleep faster. Well, it’s true because any kind of dairy product is responsible to make you feel sleepy. That varies from cheese, milk and yogurt. Try to include this in your diet and especially after your dinner. Because the tryptophan present in dairy products helps to produce melatonin to make you fall asleep. Also, dairy products are high in calcium. This is another advantage for you as calcium will help your muscle movements to regulate normally.

3.) Lettuce is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Green leafy vegetables are generally good for health. Moreover, when there is an added advantage in it, the beneficial factor increases for you. So, in order to include lettuce in your daily diet, a salad in your dinner will work for you to sleep better at night. Lettuce has the lactucarium component in it that induces your brain to go in sleep mode (works like opium) due to its sedative properties. You can also opt for another method of having lettuce. Try to pour 3 to 4 large lettuce leaves in a bowl of water. Let it heat in a simmer for 15 minutes. After that drain the leaves and drink the water before going to bed at night.

4.) Tuna is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Fish is among the favorites for everyone. And a daily fish diet is also quite healthy. As, it will not let you gain any extra weight, improves your eyesight, gives you the essence of all the nutrients, vitamins, protein, omega 3 fatty foods, etc. Along with such factors fish such as tuna and salmon contains the melatonin and serotonin that is present in vitamin B6. So, to induce a proper sleeping pattern in your daily habit consumes tuna. It has lot more beneficial factors for stored for you.

5.) Rice is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

From ancient times to the present everyone knows that the intake of rice makes you fall asleep. White rice is known to have the glycemic index that is responsible for generating sleep in you. It has been researched in American and Australian study that people who consume white rice fall asleep faster than any other type of rice. And among the types of white rice, jasmine rice is the best for consumption to induce your sleeping cells.

6.) Cereal is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

A bowl of your favorite cereal bowl will help you sleep better. The cereal that contains carbohydrates and the milk contains calcium. The combination of the both will help you to fall asleep faster than your other days. You can consume it like a snack which will be light in consumption but works its magic to make you fall sleep quickly and naturally.

6.) Chamomile Tea is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Sipping a cup of chamomile tea will help to sleep well. The chamomile tea will help your body to relax and calm that will bring your mind to a relaxing state of mind. This is because chamomile tea contains glycine that is responsible to relax your body and mind. When you are stress free, you will easily fall asleep. Even some researches have shown that chamomile tea can help you fall asleep faster as it relaxes your mind. Start sipping a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed at night. But have the tea only after 2 hours of intake of your dinner.

7.) Honey is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Honey is a source of natural sugar content that is present in it. So, the sugar works to increase the insulin level in your body that in turn helps the tryptophan to flow into your brain easily. This helps to generate sleep quite faster. Also, it has been said that when there is too much sugar consumption you feel more sleepy. So, try to apply that trick with raw honey that is a natural sugar content to sleep better. Therefore, before going to bed sip 1 spoon of honey or add it in your chamomile tea. It will work its own charm on you.

8.) Shrimp and Lobster are Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Well, it has already been mentioned that fish like tuna helps you sleep better. There is more of other fishes from the water planet to help you sleep easily. Shrimp and lobster also contain quite a good amount of tryptophan that induces better sleep. So, try to have a dish of shrimp or lobster in your dinner to get a peaceful sleep.

9.) Sweet Potato is Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Sweet potatoes are good many of the health benefits. It is rich in vitamin, potassium and fiber. It is among the family of vegetable that contains natural sugar in it. And sweet potatoes works to boost your health as it low in calorie content. Therefore, the tryptophan content present in it works to let the natural sugar flow into your brain. As a result you tend to fall asleep easily. This intake of sweet potato will not increase your blood sugar level, there is nothing to worry about. Instead it will work to ease up your digestive system. Therefore, during your dinner, try to include of the sweet potato dish. This will help you to go for a relaxed and sound sleep to wake up fresh in the next morning.

10.) Grapes are Among the Foods to Help you Sleep Better

Grapes are the counted among the citrus fruits. Thereby, it displays its benefits which a citrus fruits has. It is rich in vitamin C content. Along with the reason as for grapes to be suggested for consumption to help you sleep better is due to melatonin. Grapes consist of the melatonin component that is necessary to generate or induce your sleeping cells to work faster. Therefore, there are two ways of consuming fruits. One you can have grape juice before going to bed. Else you can even opt for having a handful of grapes directly popped into your mouth.

Additional Tip:

When you follow these foods chain to generate proper sleep, also try to be stress free. When your mind and body is at relaxing state, you will fall asleep easily. Keep your worries and stress out of sight when you go to bed at night.

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