Foods & Vegetables Rich In Potassium

This article is about the foods & vegetables rich in potassium. Every mineral is essential for our body, but basically, seven micro minerals are needed for our body (more than 100 mg on a regular basis). These seven micro minerals are sodium, magnesium, chloride, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, and potassium. If your body lack in these micro minerals, then it can suffer from any illness and ailments. So, if you are suffering from potassium deficiency, then don’t worry. This article will provide you immense information regarding various foods & vegetables rich in potassium.

Potassium Deficiency Symptoms:

Here are few potassium deficiency symptoms that you may see if your body is having a lack of potassium nutrient.

  • Weakness
  • Arm and leg cramps
  • At times, potassium deficiency may become severe enough that it may cause inability to move your arms or legs due to extreme weakness (like a condition of paralysis).
  • Fatigue
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Palpitations (feeling your heart beat irregularly)
  • Getting a large amount of urine at the time of urination
  • Feeling very thirsty at most of the time
  • Low blood pressure
  • Abnormal psychological behavior like depression, confusion, delirium, psychosis, or hallucinations.

Low Potassium levels may cause various health related problems like diarrhea, dehydration, and excessive sweating. Also, consuming medicines like diuretics may affect the amount of potassium adversely. So, it is really important to consume foods and vegetables high in potassium to prevent such health-related problems. Also, it becomes really important to consult a good doctor if the health conditions become worse.

Benefits of Potassium:

Before we move ahead to further discussion about potassium-rich foods, let us know the benefits of potassium micro mineral in our body.

  • It improves the functioning of brain and muscles. Hence, it is considered to be an important macromineral for brain and muscle development.
  • It helps in lowering heart-related problems. It will reduce a risk of developing heart diseases and heart stroke.
  • It helps in maintaining fluid balance inside the body.
  • It is the best micro-mineral that can reduce stress levels effectively.
  • It is very important mineral for your bones, as it provides them strength and keeps them strong.
  • It increases metabolism of your body.
  • It prevents muscle cramps.

So, after reading various health benefits of this micro mineral, don’t you think it is really important for your body.

Foods & Vegetables Rich In Potassium

List of Various Foods & Vegetables Rich In Potassium:

Well, here is the list of potassium rich foods that contain a good amount of potassium content in them. So, add them to your diet to prevent potassium deficiency. These foods are rich in potassium and also provide various health benefits.

1.) Potatoes Rich in Potassium

Potato is considered to be one of the best potassium-rich foods. No matter, what type of potato you eat, whether it is red potato or sweet potato each and every variety of potato contains a good amount of potassium in it. If we talk about Russet potato, then it is a high source of potassium as it contains 900 mg of potassium micro mineral in it. These complex carbohydrates are also high in nutrients like vitamin C, iron, fiber, and vitamin B6. Try to eat baked potatoes as they are one of the healthiest modes of potassium.

2.) Dry Apricot Rich in Potassium

It is a great way to satisfy sugar craving as this amazing snack is important for making nutrient levels of your body more concentrated. Apricot is an essential food for your health when it is served dry. So, add this food to your diet to get potassium. Just consume one cup of dry apricot on a regular basis. Only one cup can provide one-third part of the recommended daily potassium requirement to your body. You may also go for other dry fruits like dried peaches, figs, and raisins as they are also rich sources of potassium. So, add these different dry fruits in your diet as they are rich in potassium ingredient.

3.) Tomato Sauce Rich in Potassium

Tomato sauce is rich in potassium micro-mineral and it is also good in taste. This amazing vegetable can be used to garnish various recipes and dishes. This tomato sauce can be served with any dish and adds a great flavor to it. If we talk about tomato juice, then it contains 400mg of potassium in it. Also, just one cup of tomato sauce serves 664 mg potassium to your body. So, add this nutritious and juicy vegetable in your diet and get a good amount of potassium from it.

4.) Beet Greens Rich in Potassium

The green leaves of beet are usually thrown away in the garbage. But, it is rich in potassium and serves 644 mg of potassium per half cup. Though they are slightly bitter in taste, but if they are cooked properly with good spices then nothing can beat it. So, add them to your diet.

5.) Banana Rich in Potassium

Which food can beat banana in the list of foods rich in potassium? It is probably one of the best sources of potassium. Not only it is a sweet and tasty fruit, but it contains more than 4oo mg of potassium in it. It is a very healthy snack and contains various nutrients like fiber, vitamin C, and B6. You may also go for other fruits that are high in potassium minerals like kiwi, strawberries, oranges, and cantaloupe.

6.) Fish Rich in Potassium

Fish is considered to be one of the most favorite sea foods among people. If we talk about fish like tuna, halibut, salmon and pacific cod, almost every category of fish provides you 10 percent of the daily recommended quantity of potassium to your body. Just 3-ounce piece of wild Atlantic salmon provides 500 mg of potassium mineral in it. Also, avoid frying fish. Try to eat baked or roasted fish. You may also go for other potassium rich meats like chicken, red meat, and turkey. But, eat them in a limit as they are high in calories.

7.) Drink Milk Rich in Potassium

Milk is rich in potassium. Just one cup of whole milk contains more than 300 mg of potassium in it. If we talk about skimmed milk then it contains 500 mg of potassium in it. Also, yogurt contains 350-500 mg of potassium mineral in it. So, add these milk products to your diet.

8.) Beans Rich in Potassium

White bean is a great source of potassium. Just half cup of beans provides 600 mg of potassium to your body. Even lima beans, split peas and lentils are rich in potassium mineral. So, add these foods to your diet to get basic requirement of potassium in your body.

9.) Clams Rich in Potassium

Just 3 ounces of clams provide 534 mg of potassium. It is also the highest source of vitamin B12. So, add it to your diet to get the daily requirement of potassium in your body. You may also use it to prepare seafood pasta. You can use clams to garnish different dishes as well.

10.) Avocado Rich in Potassium 

Avocado is rich in potassium mineral and it contains 975 mg of potassium content in it. This fruit is already famous in the beauty industry as it is used widely to cure skin problems and damaged hair. You can prepare a good juice by blending ½ avocado with a ¼ cup of ice. Also, add half banana, half cup of vanilla yogurt, one teaspoon of agave nectar, one cup of coconut water and one-fourth teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Grind these ingredients well and enjoy the taste of this drink. It is a good juice, high in potassium that you may consume every morning.

So, add these amazing foods and vegetables rich in potassium to your diet and get various health benefits from them.

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