Foods High in Calcium (Calcium Rich Foods)

Calcium is essential for the development and maintenance of strong teeth, bones, nerve signalling, muscle narrowing, and discharge of certain hormones and enzymes. A shortage in calcium can lead to lack of sensation in fingers and toes, muscle cramps, convulsions, weariness, loss of hunger, and abnormal heart rhythms. Conversely, surplus calcium (particularly from doses) can cause kidney stones, calcification of soft tissue, and greater risk of vascular diseases like stroke and heart attack. Most calcium is present in dark leafy greens and dairy products. While there is some proof that oxalate in greens can hold back calcium absorption, they are still a good source of calcium, and the intended daily value (DV) already takes into account absorption and bio-availability. Read the article to know about the foods high in calcium.

Foods High in Calcium

Foods High in Calcium:

1.) Spinach a Good Source of Calcium

Spinach is another simply available vegetable that is rich in calcium content. Plus, its vitamin K content helps to protect calcium in the bone matrix. Along with calcium, spinach also contains a fine quantity of fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and C. This green leafy vegetable can be grilled, boiled or eaten raw. It makes an outstanding addition to salads, sandwiches, appetizers and cooked dishes like Quiche and lasagna. It is one of the top foods high in calcium.

2.) Tofu a Rich Source of Calcium

Tofu is a type of soy food that has a good amount of calcium and plant-based chemicals called isoflavone. Tofu is a popular choice for people who are lactose intolerant and cannot eat a lot of milk products. One-half bowl of tofu can carry out about 25 percent of your daily need of calcium. Whether you eat it pure or cooked, tofu is a healthy option for your bones. Prefer to have crude and fermented tofu or other soy products.

3.) Salmon a Good Source of Calcium

This oily fish is a complete package of a great variety of bone-boosting nutrients, like calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and vitamin D. Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids helps in increasing the digestion of calcium in the body. You can eat salmon in the form of baked, boiled, grilled and as a regular meal. It is easily available in the stores. It is one of the best foods high in calcium.

4.) Yogurt a Rich Source of Calcium

Yogurt contains a good amount of calcium, vitamins D, A and B12, potassium, magnesium, riboflavin, phosphorus and protein. So, take in at least a cup of yogurt in your daily meal. If you are not a fan of milk, here’s another attractive reason why yogurt is good for you. Yogurt, on the other hand, being a fermented milk product, works as an acid neutralizer and does not have the calcium leakage effect. Those who are health conscious can prefer fat-free plain yogurt daily in their meals.

5.) Sesame Seeds a Good Source of Calcium

Sesame seeds have a variety of nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins K and D. You must daily eat at least a half cup of these crispy seeds, in roasted or dried form. You can shake over some sesame seeds on cooked vegetables, throw them into your favorite salad, and add them to stir-fry vegetables. If you do not like the crazy taste of the seeds, you can try sesame butter. Along with sesame seeds, you must also take in flaxseeds in your diet.

6.) Carrots a Rich Source of Calcium

Carrots are known as super food as they are a rich source of calcium. Carrots also contain, in smaller amounts, essential oils, carbohydrates and nitrogenous composites. They are well-known for their sweetening, antianaemic, healing, diuretic, remineralizing and sedative behaviors. You can eat carrots in raw form, as a salad and in the main course. It is one of the best foods high in calcium.

7.) Orange a Good Source of Calcium

Citrus fruits like oranges are not only rich in calcium but also contain vitamin D that is essential to soak up the calcium in the body. Have it as a fruit or press out its juice and have it as a breakfast. Oranges are round citrus fruits with lightly textured skins that are, of course, orange in color just like their mushy flesh; the skin can vary in width from very thin to very thick. Oranges often range from just about two to three inches in diameter.

8.) Beans a Rich Source of Calcium

White beans are another wonderful food for healthy bones. It contains a fine quantity of calcium, protein, fiber and minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Depending on the type of white beans, one bowl of cooked beans can offer a good quantity of calcium to get healthy well-built bones. You can take in white beans in soups, salads, stews, bean spreads and dips, casseroles and baked vegetables. Along with white beans, you can get strong bones by eating pinto beans, navy beans and black beans.

9.) Edamame a Rich Source of Calcium

Edamame is a staple food of China and Japan that is in use for thousands of years. For them it is considered as a nutritional powerhouse. It is loaded with calcium and protein that is quite high as compared to animal products. It is similar to soybeans in appearance. The amino acids found in the edamame is quite high. The fiber present in it helps in digestion and improve bowel system. You can have it in the form of salads, soups, spreads, stews and as a grilled.

10.) Kale a Rich Source of Calcium

Kale is popularly known as super-food. All nutrients that you can think about is present in it. The calories present in it is quite low, but vitamin C and vitamin A in it is sufficient for your daily intake. The calcium in it is around 100 milligrams per serving which is quite sufficient. The vitamin K which is important to form a blood clot during wound is also present in it. Kale can be eaten in form of salad, soups, spreads and boiled. To get strong bones it is important to eat kale regularly in your meal.

11.) Figs a Rich Source of Calcium

This Asian fruit is quite popular to get a good of amount of calcium, minerals, vitamins and other basic nutrients. Go for dried figs and you will feel you are eating a sticky desert and sweet fruit. This fruit is packed with fiber and potassium that is sufficient for your daily need. Figs also provide a sufficient amount of magnesium, which the body uses in more than 100 bio-mechanical reactions, like developing muscle functionality, keeping your heart beat steady, and building your bones.

12.) Almonds a Rich Source of Calcium

Almonds, that are among the top nuts for your health, have around 10 percent of your essential daily amino acids, and are packed with vitamin E and calcium. Since it is loaded with fats, but it’s the good fat that helps to decrease your bad cholesterol levels. You can eat almonds in roasted, salads, baked or in the dressing for your desert. Make sure you eat almonds in the limited quantity as for it might cause nausea problem. There are numerous foods high in calcium but it is one of the best.

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