12 Fruits that Fight Aging (Prevent Aging Naturally)

In this article, we will discuss the top fruits that fight aging. You can’t go back once you grow old as it is the irreversible process. Most of the people go for medical treatment so that they can look young, but in this way you are not only spending you hard earn money but also damaging the skin cells. There are some fruits available in the market and we often consume them without knowing their anti-aging properties.

10 Fruits that Fight Aging

Top 12 Fruits that Fight Aging:

1.) Kiwi to Fight Aging

Kiwi contains antioxidant properties that help in restoring the beauty as well as prevents the formation of wrinkles and make skin plump. The free radical attack should be avoided as they lead to the formation of wrinkles and make skin thinner and for that vitamin C and F contain by kiwi are outstanding agents.  Photosensitive oxidation is to be minimized as exposure to the harmful UV lights cause skin burn and form line and wrinkles. Kiwi is little green fruit that can be used as fruits to fight aging and many  people have found benefit after using it, that is why it is one of the best anti-aging fruit.

2.) Berries for Aging

Berries can be various types, but it does not matter when fruits that fight aging is the concern. You can take any berry either strawberries, blackberries or blueberries as they all work same. Compare to other fruits all the berries have a high concentration of antioxidants. To keep the skin well toned and wrinkle free, collagen must have to fresh and that can only be done using vitamin C contain by the berries. Free radical present around comes into contact with us and cause skin problem, these free radicals can be easily controlled by eating antioxidant fruits. Apart from this antioxidants also, encourage new cell generation and keep skin cells healthy.

3.) Avocados Best Fruit to Fight Aging

Avocados are loaded with vitamin A, E and B complex vitamins which nourish your skin and slow down the  process of aging. They are not only rich in vitamins but also contain a high amount of potassium that is vital  to keep skin well hydrated. Glutathione contained by avocados is also assisted you to diminish the process of aging. Avocados are also loaded with the high amount of monosaturated fats which are very beneficial for the skin.

4.) Grapes to Avoid Aging

Grapes contain a high amount of vitamin C and manganese, in combine form these components of grapes prevent any damage caused by the UV rays. On the other hand, the antioxidant properties of grapes help fight against the aging  process. No doubt you like eating grapes very much but haven’t know that they can play a vital role to keep you young and retain your charm and beauty. The things are grapes indeed a great fruit not only to fight aging but also boost metabolism and avoid obesity to some extent.

5.) Banana to Prevent Aging

Banana contains a high amount of vitamin B6 and vitamin C that are pretty useful to keep skin elasticity and coherence. Banana is an anti-aging fruit due to the presence of various antioxidants and manganese that prevent the aging process. Sun radiations are the biggest culprit that causes skin problem especially the UV rays. Banana form a shield to protect the skin from destructive radiation coming from the sun along with this, it also provides the hydration to the skin. Consume at least two bananas daily to maintain the skin cells healthily.

6.) Apple to Avoid Aging

We all know that apple is very good for our health due to its herbal properties. The organic components and the enzymes contain by the apple help in reducing the number of fats and also help the skin to retain the water. If skin got high retention of water then it will look healthy and fresh which is more important to treat the aging problem. Skin pH level also a key point to remember if you want to look younger, apple cider vinegar has brilliant property to maintain the pH level of the skin at the normal level.

7.) Watermelon to Fight Aging

Watermelon has a great property to keep the skin hydrated as it contains important vitamins that supply the nutrients to the skin that prevents the harmful wrinkles and discoloration. Blend both the skin and seeds of watermelon before taking a sip. Watermelon contains vital antioxidants whereas its seeds  contain important mineral like zinc, vitamin E, selenium, etc.

8.) Pomegranate for Aging

Pomegranate is one of best fruits that fight aging naturally. Like all other fruits pomegranate also contain various vitamins and minerals needed by the skin cells to make you look younger. Healthy skin cells make you look fresh and plump if a skin is fully hydrated. Pomegranate increases the amount of collagen which ultimately gives skin its firmness and elasticity.

9.) Mangosteen to Prevent Aging

Mangosteen is rich in water, protein, carbohydrate, energy, and fiber. It also contains essential nutrients that fight aging such as  iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium,  zinc, sodium, copper and manganese. Mangosteen contains catechin which is a brilliant antioxidant that can be used as an anti-aging fruit. It prevents the skin cells from free radical due to the vitamin C present in the mangosteen. It is one of the best fruits that fight aging naturally.

10.) Tomatoes to Fight Aging

We all use tomato in our daily cooking as well as in the salad, but the fact is tomatoes are more than just a vegetable. They can be used to fight aging problem naturally due their high vitamin C content, which assists the body in building collagen, which keeps the skin plump and beautiful. Sun rays falling directly on your skin, can also make you look aged. Lycopene contains by the tomatoes improves the overall cardiovascular system and protect against damaging rays. Eat tomatoes daily for few weeks until you get the glowing skin. It is one of the best fruits that fight aging naturally.

11.) Lemon to Fight Aging

Lemons have numerous health benefits and that’s why they called as a super fruit. It is one of the best fruits that fight aging naturally. Besides being tasty to eat in desserts, they are also very beneficial to your skin. The main component in lemon is Vitamin C, which aids the immune system and builds collagen. The citric acid contained in lemon makes it a natural preservative which helps in digestion and kidney function. They have a variety of phytochemicals that offer a bioactive effect on human health as a brilliant antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and fee radical scavenger. Squeeze out lemon juice onto a cotton face pad, add raw sugar on top then simply massage face or body in circular motions to eliminate dead skin cells and blackheads.

12.) Strawberry to Fight Aging

Strawberries are packed with a lot of essential nutritional benefits. Only one cup of medium-sized berries can yield 150 percent daily value of vitamin C. It also contains other essential nutrients that can help the immune system and collagen growth. Strawberries also contain some anti-inflammatory agents like phenol and phytonutrients. These phenolic present in berries not only taste and smell but also help in blood flow and reduce breakouts on the skin. The high fiber and water content make it one of the best fruit for anti-aging. They flush out harmful toxins from your body and skin. You should consume strawberries on a regular basis for fast result. Mash three strawberries then add a few drops of olive oil and lime juice. Directly apply the mixture to the face and leave it on for ten minutes. Rinse it off with normal water.

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