How to Get Rid of Pigeons and Other Birds? (Home Remedies)

After writing how to get rid of bats?how to get rid of gnats?, how to get rid of rats?, and how to get rid of bees?, we are now writing the best ways to get rid of pigeons and other birds with home remedies and other methods. If you ever noticed your terrace, balcony, and automobiles, then you will see birds dropping on everywhere. It looks ugly and can even spread various harmful diseases.

Seeking for solutions to keep these creatures away? Well, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are explaining the all possible remedies to get rid of pigeons and other birds. Pigeon nests and their droppings destroy many buildings and automobiles. Do not feed pigeons with grains and seeds as these baits can attract more clusters, creating extra harm all over your place. These damages can be of any type like they can damage food factories, roof tops, balcony, ceiling, machinery and some other places also.

The presence of uric acid in pigeon droppings can spread diseases like Cyptococcosis, St. Louis Encephalitis, Histoplasmosis, E.coli, and Psittacosis. These diseases affect human, drastically leading to loss of life in a few severe cases. Pigeon droppings can also be sucked in air conditioners, cooking surfaces and ventilators. So, when you see their droppings on the roof or nearby, clean them properly and also avoid direct contact. You can also seek professional help to control pigeons. But, If you want to solve this problem by own, then you can try these home remedies to scare pigeons and use them as pigeon repellent. These remedies will help you to get rid of pigeons from balcony, on roof and any other area.

Home remedies to get rid of pigeons

Ways to Get Rid of Pigeons From Balcony & Roof (Home Remedies):

1.) Use The Honey Solution Repellent

Honey is one of the effective and sticky natural remedies for controlling pigeons and work as a pigeon repellent. Birds usually don’t like to sit on sticky things and their paws tend to get trapped in its gooey consistency, making it difficult for them to leave the place easily. So it is the best home remedy to keep the pigeons away.

  • All you need to do is simply spread some honey where the pigeons rest or gather. Make sure you cover all the possible places of their rest. Leave the honey and wait for the birds to come back home.
  • As soon as their feet come in contact with the sticky liquid, It will trap them and make it difficult to fly off.
  • Now, you have the option to either catch them in a cage and release them at some isolated place or a forest would be best.
  • Also, you can just leave it on the birds to release themselves and fly, they wont come back to a sticky location.

2.) Use The Old Disks As Pigeons Repellent

Using any disks or tape (Old CD’s or any shiny material) is the best method to get rid pigeons from your balcony or roof. The shiny surface of CD’s tend to irritate the birds when it comes in contact with the direct sun. It also tends to disturb their sleep during the night. This leaves no other option for the birds, but to relocate.

  • Take 2 CD’s and join them so that the shiny part of both CD’s will be outside, You need to make 3-4 similar traps (so you need 2 CD’s for each trap).
  • Hang these CD’s in your balcony or roof or near the pigeons nests. When CD’s come in contact with sum and in day or night, when wind blows the reflection from the CD will irritate and also scare pigeons.
  • So, it is also an easy and effective home remedy to get rid of pigeons from balcony or roof.

3.) Close All The Entrances For Pigeons

Closing all the entrances is an effective method for controlling pigeons. This will not allow any of the birds to sneak in and accommodate. This makes it as the best way to remove pigeons.

  • You just need to do is close all the possible entrances to your place. Close the doors and windows properly to get rid of pigeons.
  • Use shades of plastic strips and shiny surfaces to make their entry banned. Seal the places where these birds roost. Use fitting material and silicon caulk or plastic bird netting.

4.) Use The Pepper Powder

Pepper powder is a spicy and effective home remedy for getting rid of pigeons infestation. This is because birds and especially pigeons tend to hate spicy food items. So, this makes pepper as an effective remedy to keep pigeons away. It is also effective in getting rid of termites.

  • All you need to do is, sprinkle some pepper powder on the roof. Also, cover the areas where these birds tend to roost.
  • Repeat the remedy every time the birds go out to fetch for food. This will keep the pigeons away from your place.

5.) Use The Chili Powder or Spicy Food

Spicy food is the best home remedy to get rid of pigeons from roof or balcony. Again, because pigeons do not like the smell and flavor of spices. So, this makes as one of the important thing on the list to keep the pigeons away. It also an effective remedy for carpenter ants.

  • As the pigeons don’t like spicy food. Sprinkle some chili powder to the places of their roost.
  • Repeat this method as many times as possible. It will help you to prevent pigeon infestation.

6.) Use The Bird Nets

Using bird netting is also an effective and important thing to get rid of pigeons away from your house. This is because it is one of the easiest ways to keep these birds away from your place.

  • You can simply use birds netting to secure the place.
  • You can easily buy the bird nets from near by Walmart store or on Amazon.
  • This will be very helpful in keeping the birds away from your place.

7.) Spray Some Water On Pigeons

Spraying water is effective way to keep them away. It will tend to irritate these birds, leaving no option but to relocate. Birds do not loving water that much, so this will eventually be an important point on the list to get rid of pigeons away from balcony or roof.

  • Spray water with high pressure and consistently on them. They can not land with water being hosted on them.
  • Also, if possible use an automatic sprinkler to make it easy for you. It is suitable for large lawns and garden areas.

8.) Try to Place Some Mirrors

The mirror works same as any other shiny surface, as discussed earlier. It tends to disturb them with their reflection and also scare pigeons off during the night. This makes as one of the important thing to get rid of pigeons quickly. Put a mirror or any other reflecting materials on your balcony or on the roof. This will scare pigeons and they will not come nearby your area.

9.) Use Some Cooked Rice

You can also use cooked rice to get rid of pigeons. Cooked rice contains starch, which is not good for their stomach and pigeons usually refrain themselves from being around anything that is not good for their health. So sprinkle some cooked rice on your roof. Repeat the process daily while the birds’ roots or go out to fetch food. You will get good results.

10.) Keep Some Pets to Control Pigeons

Keeping pets at home is one of the best methods to get rid of pigeons quickly and also to keep them away. This is because pets do not really like birds and always tend to hawk them away with their continuous bark. This eventually scares the birds away, also refraining them from coming back. You can either adopt a dog or cat for this purpose or in case you do not want any pet, borrow one from your friend for a few days.

home remedies to get rid of pigeons 1

11.) Use Plastic Owl or Snake

Pigeons are always scared of these two creatures. They appear to be long-term enemies with the owl and the snakes tend to feed on these birds, making them as the most effective solution to keep the pigeons away.

  • You can purchase plastic owl or plastic snake from any toy shop.
  • So hang them on your balcony or roof and they will not come near by your house.
  • This is a nice and simple home remedy to get rid of pigeons fast.

12.) Use Anti-Roosting Spike Strips

You can buy anti- roosting strips at the hardware store or garden centers to get rid of pigeons from the balcony or roof. Fix this anti-roosting spike strip at any place where a bird wants to sit on like house roofs. Follow the manufactures instructions. This is a very helpful technique to get rid of pigeons quickly.

How to get rid of pigeons

13.) String Tied to Remove Pigeons Fast

Use weatherproof string and tie it from one end to another end where a pigeon wants to roost. This string tied will help to imbalance them from anywhere. It is a good way to get rid of pigeons.

14.) Ultrasonic Bird Repellent Product

This ultrasonic pigeons repellent is an easy way to get rid of pigeons fast. You need to buy this product from the market. It is very easy to install. This product emits the sound, which is helpful to confuse and scare pigeons. So that they stay away from the area.

15.) Use Light and Sound Deterrents 

By using light and sound deterrents, you can protect pigeons from damages. For this, you need to buy pigeons repellent scare tape. It is also available on amazon. Hang the tape to the problematic areas, then put a stop to keep them away. This product is non-toxic. It gives natural sound and light to protect your property from bird damage. The main benefit is it is cheaper than other products. It is the best method to get rid of pigeons quickly.

16.) Don’t Feed Them

Feeding pigeons are the way to attract them including other scavenger birds seeking for food, which is not good for you. When several pigeons come to eat on your roof then they spoil the place with their droppings and feathers. Don’t place sprouting seeds, berries and grass seed on the roof and anywhere at your place that is exposed to other scavenger birds. Also, cut or discard any water source you have on your balcony or roof.

Some Easy Precautions for Pigeons Control

1.) Remove Water Sources

Even a small amount of standing water can invite a bunch of pigeons. As pigeons can fly distances for food and water. But if food and water is not available on your terrace then your property will be less likely rooting sites.

2.) Remove Food Sources

If you really want your property a less convenient roost for pigeon then you need to clean all the bird seeds, grains and other sources of food. Make sure that you have secured the garbage cans and other sources of waste. Make it better by securing your garden with netting and motion sensing sprinkles. On your farms, you can use drop feeders and other feeding systems that are required for the livestock to release the food stock.

3.) Destroy the Nest, Rotten the Eggs

It may be cruel, but it is one of the best ways to get rid of pigeons fast. You can find nests on tree branches, tent poles or roof rake. You need to get up and search these things around. Research says that doing it this at two weeks interval to prevent any eggs from hatching. So the pigeons will get the point and make for safer ground.

Note: If you don’t remove the nest and clean the area properly then there is a possibility of inviting birds mites at your home. Also, wear rubber gloves as a precaution.

Damages Caused by Pigeons:

  • Damage to Machinery: Pigeons makes nests on industrial machines, air conditioner, and so on. Their dried droppings may cause several diseases and can even destroy machines.
  • Damage to Food and Chemicals: In manufacture industry of food and chemicals pigeons tend to destroy food and chemicals by their acidic droppings.
  • Damage to Roofs: Roofs is damaged by their droppings because droppings contain acid. And this acid is the main reason to spoil everything. Diseases are spread by these acidic droppings.

Diseases Caused by Pigeons:

There are some diseases which are encountered in pigeons. These diseases include infection, canker, worms, coccidia and external parasites. Humans may get affected by these diseases because some people also tend to consume pigeon meat. As pigeons are domestic birds and tent o make their nest between humans, there are high chances of getting affected with these bacterial and viral infections. Bird flu is the most common disease that is easily transferred into humans, from pigeons and other birds. The problem is more severe in residential areas.

  • Salmonellosis- Salmonellosis disease happens when food poisoning occurs. Pigeon droppings contain bacteria and dust. They can be sucked through air conditioners, ventilators and cooking surfaces inside your home, restaurants and some food processing plants.
  • E.Coli- When a pigeon sits on cow manure and picks at it, the bacteria tend to transfer into them and then is spread to other birds and even humans. The bird droppings are also the reason of this disease.
  • St. Louis Encephalitis- St. Louis encephalitis tend to affect the individuals of all age groups but, leads to loss of life only in the older generations, that is people above 60. This disease is easily communicated through mosquitoes because they must have fed on infected pigeons which carry the group B virus. This group B virus is responsible for the St. Louis encephalitis disease.
  • Candidiasis- Candidiasis is a fungal infection which is spread through pigeons. It is such a growing problem in women, which leads to itching, discharge, and pain. This disease also affects the mouth, skin, respiratory system and especially the vagina.
  • Cryptococcosis- Cryptococcosis disease is caused by yeast that is found in the intestine of the pigeons. This disease may affect the central nervous system. It often starts as a pulmonary disease during the initial stage. This yeast is found in parks, buildings, roofs, warehouse, mills.
  • Histoplasmosis- It is a respiratory disease which may even lead to the patient’s loss of life. The fungus is usually found in dried pigeon droppings.

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