How to Get Rid of Depression?

In this article, we will talk about ways to get rid of depression. All of us have been through this feeling at some time of our life. The feeling where everything seems lost, when all seems to go wrong. The feeling when you feel like a looser, when there is constant darkness surrounding you. I know how it feels my friend, I have been through that and I have come out of it. It is in times like these that you realize your worth. For whenever you feel low remember, for if your life is surrounded by bad times at present, think about all the good times that are about to come.

So get away from all the melancholy surrounding you and let’s look at what is causing it and how you can get away from it finally.

Symptoms of Depression:

  • Insomnia
  • Loss of diet
  • The feeling of self- loathing
  • Irritatibility
  • Anger
  • Under Confidence
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Fatigue or Loss of Energy

Causes of Depression:

1.) Trauma:

This is one the major causes of depression. From the loss of a loved one to a financial blunder, anything that creates a sense of loss can result in trauma and eventually depression. Trauma for the same reason has been categorised as one the first sign of an underlying mental problem.

2.) Mental Problems:

People with some kind of mental problem are at more risk to suffer from depression. People with alzheimer could suffer from depression. Any previous head injury could also induce the sensation. Check your doctor if that’s the case before the depression becomes acute.

3.) Substance Abuse:

People who try to escape from the realities of life by inducing there body with drugs, can have severe side effects. The drugs can have lead to depression because of the brain triggers being released in the brain. Excessive alcohol and smoking can also result in chronic depression.

4.) Medicinal Side Effects:

For people who take sleeping tablets, the overdose of the same can cause brain to malfunction. There have been many cases of people on these medicines complaining of anxiety and stress. Don’t be your own doctor and for your own good consult a professional.

how to get rid of depression

Ways to Get Rid of Depression:

1.) Drink Green Tea to Get Rid of Depression

I know all of us are jealous of the beautiful and clear skin of asians. Their secret is not hidden from the world, it’s all because of consuming green tea. Green tea contains flaveniod extracts, along with antioxidants which help relieve stress. It has been researched that green tea is known to relax the mind, soothing up the whole body. Make sure to consume one cup daily to say hello to a healthy you and goodbye to depression.

2.) Exercise to Get Rid of Depression

I understand that any activity during depression seems impossible. There is no will to go out and exercise is a big no. But you have to realize that the more you give up to it, the more you suffer. Get up! Wear your running shoes and begin exercising. Performing exercise daily for 30 minutes can help enhance testosterone levels, elevating adrenalin and finally relieving you of depression. Try it, to believe it.

3.) Travel to Get Rid of Depression

It is not possible for everyone to go out and explore. Many of us have priorities which restrict our ambitions. Let’s see, what good is it that you want to be secluded in the comfort of your rooms and office. Go out and explore. Take out time for yourself and pamper yourself with all that nature has to offer. It will help you to self-introspect as you meet new people, try out a new language, see a different location. The depression will not be there any more.

4.) Almonds to Get Rid of Depression

I swear, this is one of the most underrated treatments of all. No one thinks of the poor almonds but what you are forgetting that the tiny little piece holds qualities that even high quality medicines can’t match. Almonds contain Vitamin B 12 which is essential for brain development. Soak 10-12 almonds overnight and then peel and eat them in the morning. Do this regularly and you would notice all around mind sharpness and relaxation.

5.) Do Meditation to Get Rid of Depression

You can buy all the costly medicine and remedies available in the market but all you need is a little self relief. What I am suggesting by self relief is the creation of a perfect balance between your body and mind. Depression controls your brain, there is constantly a negative force surrounding you. Meditate and learn to control your brain. Chain up the force and let your mind relax. Perform mediation or breathing exercises daily to get relieved of depression. Yoga can be helpful in this case.

6.) Smile to Get Rid of Depression

 Right now as you read this article, give me a smile. NO! Not those fake one. I don’t want that. Give me the big one, the one that used stick your face as a kid. Yes, that’s more like it. Laugh and smile and spread the joy. The more you smile the more your brain releases endorphins  and serotonin, both known to relieve depression and pain.  A simple way to start is to think of all the good memories.  Spread more of it, the world needs it.

7.) Surround Yourself with Positive People

If you have people in your life, which constantly let you down, then its time you get rid of them. Surround yourself with people who care for you. The kind of people, who are there during your happy as well as sad times. Make them an essential part of you and don’t let them go. Get rid of the emotion suckers at the same time. 

8.) Massage to Get Rid of Depression

Get a gentle massage sometime. A mixture of coconut, sunflower or any other essential oil, heated up can relax you. Get someone to give you a nice massage. The oils will open up the closed pores, activate brain cells and will enhance the body functions. Try it and thank me later.

9.) Omega 3 to Get Rid of Depression

Consume omega 3 tablets or feed yourself from natural sources to get relieved of depression. Your sardines, mussels and fish are all rich in omega 3. It enhances the brain function and leads to a healthy body and mind.

10.) Consult a Professional to Get Rid of Depression

It is best advised to consult a professional if the problem has reached a chronic state. Visit a local psychologist, psychiatrist or any people who are an expert in this field. It is best not to be your own doctor and treat yourself with stupid medicines, which may only worsen your condition. In the end it is all about being happy. Times are difficult, but after every storm there comes a new day, filled with liveliness.

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