How to Get Rid of Roaches?

Did you feel it last night? Have you experienced the oddest place where they occur? Is it your own bed in the room? Well, don’t get confused with my questions because here I am not talking about any monster or nightmare instead I am talking about the wild roaches which have made your life hell. You must be experiencing them on the daily basis. But the major question which strikes our mind every day is how to get rid of roaches?

The fear of roaches has almost occupied our minds adversely and we could not figure out the ways to fight this problem. Almost every single home experiences this troublesome freaky situation and then we could not understand how to deal with it. Well, it is the most annoying condition one can experience at their own home where then could not understand how to fight with it. But now it is easy to deal with such situation because there are several ways to get rid of roaches.

Infections and Diseases Caused Due to the Roaches:

These roaches not only build their whole empire at your home indeed they may cause several infections and diseases to you.

1.)  Allergy:

The allergy caused by the roaches was first reported in 1943. The people developed the rashes on the surface when insects crawl on it. Since then it is known as the roaches allergy. The allergy skin tests first happened in 1959 which confirmed that the patients are suffering from the allergy caused due to the roaches. These allergies may even result into the acute asthma attacks which are hazardous for our health.

2.)  Asthma:

It is a dangerous chronic respiratory disease which can affect our health adversely. It almost affected 25 million of US citizens, including the 7 million of children in the population. There is no such cure for this disease so one need to remain careful while treating this disease. It is important to take proper prevention before this disease may affect your health adversely.

3.)  Food Poisoning:

The roaches spread different types of the bacteria in the air. Few among them is E. coli and Salmonella which are the root cause of food poisoning. The common symptoms of this type of the situation are the pain in the belly, vomiting, severe cramps in the stomach, nausea, and many more.

4.) Diarrhea:

This disease may even happen due to the contamination of the food. The roaches include various bacteria which get spread when it sit around the food. In rare situations, the bacteria may even cause threatening infections and diseases if it spreads in the blood.

Types of Roaches:

Before we can get aware of different ways to fight with this problem, first we need to know the different types of the roaches which exist around us. So that when the next time they come in your way, then you may recognize them easily.

1.) German Roaches:

They are the most ordinary species which can be found easily. They have a length of 13-16mm in size. They are pale brown in color and they have the two dark brown stripes at the back of their head. They have the lifespan of 12 months and produce eggs more than any other species.

2. ) Brown-banded Roaches:

They are up to 13mm in size. You may easily recognize their different gender. The females have reddish-brown and dark-brown wings in color. The wings of the males are dark brown in color on the base and it fades till it goes to the tip. Both the genders have a yellow color of the band on their bodies. They have their lifespan of 3-11 months.

3.) Oriental Roaches:

They have shiny black and a dark brown color of the body. The females may grow up to 32 mm long while males can grow up to 25 mm only. Both of the genders are not capable of flying. They have a lifespan of 6 months only.

4.)  American Roaches:

It is also known as the water bug. It is the largest species of roaches in size. The adults among this kind of species may grow up to 53mm in length. They are mostly found in the homes where food is stored. They are reddish-brown in color and are capable of flying to the shorter distances.

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Ways to Get Rid of Roaches:

1.) Use Roaches Trap:

Well, it is an amazing way to make your home a better place to live. These traps are the easiest way to get rid of roaches. They are easily available in the market. You just need to put the trap on the most obsessed area where they occur. The trap contains the adhesive material inside it when the roaches enter it and eat bait they get trapped due to the adhesive present in it.

2.) Get Rid of Roaches with Insecticide Spray:

The chemical available inside the contents of the insecticide spray includes Cyfluthrin which is efficient in removing the roaches from your home. Spray it on the areas where they occur and the places where they may hide like trash, drainage area, vents, openings in the walls, beneath your bed and other places. They mostly live in the warm and humid places.

3.) Get Rid of Roaches with Soap Solution:

You may spray the soap solution to get rid of roaches. Dilute soap in large amount in the water and sprinkle it directly on them. The majority of them will die in an instant as their breathing pores will get covered with the soapy solution. You can even sprinkle it on the places where they reside and kill them manually when they come out of their nests.

4.) Go for Ammonia Solution:

It is an efficacious way to get rid of roaches by using the ammonia solution. This solution can be prepared easily by adding 2 cups of ammonia in the water. The ammonia has a pungent smell which will repel the roaches. They will be irritated by this kind of smell and they will try to run away from it. Spray it in the different parts of your home. It is one of the effective measures to get rid of roaches and keep your surroundings healthy and clean.

5.) Get Rid of Roaches With Petroleum Jelly Trap:

This trap can be made with an ease. Just use a mounted bottle or a jar and apply a little amount of the petroleum jelly on the surface of it. Put the peels of fruits like apple, banana and much more in the trap. They will get attracted to the smell of the fruits and they will enter the jar to feed themselves. But ultimately they will get fixed on the surface of it due to the presence of the petroleum jelly on the surface of the jar.

6.) Get Rid of Roaches With Cucumber Trap:

The cucumber consists of a chemical substance known as cucurbitacins which are awesome pest control material. Put some cucumber peels inside the aluminum can. The cucumber will react with the aluminum and activate a chemical reaction which is useful in repelling the pests like cockroaches from your home.

7.) Get Rid of roaches with Catnip:

The content present inside the Catnip is Nepetalactone that repel the roaches. It doesnot do any harm to the human beings. It is one of the best ways to get rid of roaches.

8.) Use Mixture of Pinesol and Bleach Mix:

Add 2 cups of Pinesol and bleach and mix it in the hot water. Spray it on the areas where the roaches come about at a frequent period of time. This type of solution has a smell which repels roaches.

9.) Use Fabric Softener:

Roaches breath with the help of their abdomen. Sprinkle the fabric softener on roaches directly it will cause the hindrance to breath properly and they will die due to it. You can even compose this solution by mixing fabric softener and water.

10.) Get Rid of Roaches with Boric Acid:

This remedy is usually used by the professionals to kill roaches. It is a kind of poison for the roaches. But stay careful while spraying this acid in your home because it is harmful to the health of the kids and pets.

Few Facts About Roaches:

Well, it is said that roaches existed for the millions of years, even when there was no existence of the human life on this earth.

  • They can live without getting something to eat and can survive for a longer period of time.
  • They get vitamins and nutrients from the bacteria that lives inside their body.
  • They are speedy insects. They sense things with the help of the vibrations in the air.
  • The roaches found inside your kitchen are much smaller in size as compared to their species found in the tropical areas.

It is easy to catch the wild roaches which roam inside your home. It is simple to get rid of roaches as there are several ways to trap them. Just use these alternative methods to remove them entirely from your home. Protect your home and make it a hygienic place to live by treating the problem of roaches effectively.

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