Home Remedies to Cure Oily Skin

After writing how to get pale skin?, how to get lighter skin?, and how to get fair skin fast permanently?, we are now writing the remedies to cure oily skin. Do you have oily skin? Is it bothering you? Well, don’t worry. In this article, we are are going to discuss several ways to cure oily skin. Oily skin is not a serious condition but it can cause various severe problems. The buildup of excess oil on the outer skin layer often causes whiteheads, blind pimples, blackheads and other skin problems. But there is one big benefit. Oily skin tends to age healthier and develop lesser wrinkles than normal or dry skin. So, it’s not all terrible.

The surplus oil is the results of sebaceous glands in the skin generating excess sebum. Those who have this problem normally have shiny skin and big open pores. Oily skin could be because of dietary choices, genetics, too much strain or hormonal changes in the body due to puberty. Women are more prone to oily skin. Their skin becomes more oily during pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause and while taking birth control pills. Here are some of the best remedies that you can try at home to cure oily skin. You can also read this related article Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally (Home Remedies) and How to Get Glowing skin? on our website.

Causes of Oily Skin:

  • Genetics
  • Medications
  • Stress
  • Sun Tanning
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Products Biotin Deficiency.
  • Overuse of Skincare Products.
  • Use of Unnecessary Skincare Tools.

Best Remedies to Cure Oily Skin:

1.) Egg White to Avoid Oily Skin

This is one of the useful treatment to cure oily skin fast. Egg white is high in vitamin A. It can efficiently dry out skin marks as well as tighten up and tone oily skin. Beat one egg white until it gets hard and spread it on your skin. Allow it to dry and wash it off with lukewarm water. Follow this process 2-3 times a week.

2.) Yogurt to Cure Oily Skin Naturally

Yogurt consists of lactic acid that helps softly exfoliate the skin and soak up excess oil from the face. Apply one tablespoon of plain yogurt carefully on your face and keep it on for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cool water. Do this 1-2 times daily for best results. Try this remedy to get rid of oily skin naturally at home.

3.) Tomatoes to Cure Oily Skin

Tomatoes are excellent for oily skin due to their clarifying, cooling and astringent properties. It’s rich in vitamin C content, which is very useful for acne-prone skin. Moreover, the natural oil-absorbing acids in tomatoes help remove excess oil. Cut 2-3 slices of tomato and rub it on your skin. Allow the juice to get absorbed into your skin for minimum 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Pat it dry and apply a gentle oil-free moisturizer. This is one of the great methods to treat oily skin fast at home.

4.) Lemon Juice to Cure Oily Skin Fast

Lemon juice is the best source of citric acid. It acts as an astringent. It also consists of antiseptic properties that help lighten skin discoloration and reinstate the skin’s pH balance. Mix one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice with ½ teaspoon of clean water. Using a cotton ball, apply it on your face. Keep this mixture for ten minutes and then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Lemon can dry out your skin, so apply some oil-free moisturizer later. Do this 3-4 times in a week.

5.) Cucumbers to Cure Oily Skin

Cucumbers are also useful to cure oily skin fast due to their soothing, astringent and cooling properties. It is also high in mineral and vitamin content, which includes vitamins A and E, potassium, and magnesium, are good for oily skin. Cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices, and rub them properly on your face. Leave it overnight. Next morning, rinse with lukewarm water. Do this every day before going to bed.how to cure oily skin

6.) Apples to Cure Oily Skin

Apple works as a perfect exfoliating agent and they have mild astringent, antiseptic, and soothing properties. These properties make apple a great remedy for treating oily skin at home. The malic acid in apples helps exfoliate dead skin cells and soaks excess oil from the skin’s surface. Grind half an apple and place it on your skin. Keep it on the skin for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. try this remedy 2-3 times a day to treat oily skin naturally.

7.) Milk to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally

Milk acts as a cleanser that can make oily skin supple and soft. Milk contains hydroxy acids that smoothly exfoliate the skin and also help preserve the skin’s natural pH balance. Mix two or three drops of essential oils like lavender or sandalwood oil with two tablespoons of milk. Apply this mixture on your face using a cotton ball. Gently rub your skin for a few minutes to enhance blood circulation. Next morning, clean your face with cold water. Follow this process daily to avoid oily skin fast at home.

8.) Aloe Vera to Treat Oily Skin

Aloe Vera is beneficial for treating oily skin fast. It consists of antimicrobial properties that make it perfect for treating acne-prone oily skin. Also, Aloe Vera can help soak up excess oil from your skin’s surface. Cut an Aloe Vera leaf to extract some Aloe Vera gel. Apply the gel on your face. Let it dry and then rinse your face with fresh water. Do this 2-3 times a day.

9.) Honey to Cure Oily Skin Fast

It can help decrease excess oil on the skin’s surface, prevent wrinkles and open pores. Honey has moisturizing properties that nourish the skin and keep it adequately moisturized without making it oily. Also, the natural antibacterial property of honey is highly helpful for acne-prone oily skin. this is an excellent way to cure oily skin fast at home.

10.) Drink Enough Water to Prevent Oily Skin

Drinking water is very important for skin care, hair care, and other diseases. It is beneficial to treat oily skin. When there is a lack of water in the body, it leads to other skin problems like pimples, acne, wrinkles, and dryness. So drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. One should drink at least 2 liters of water every day to stay away from all skin problems.

11.) Orange Peel to Get Rid of Oily Skin

This is one of the best home remedy to treat oily skin. Orange peel acts as an astringent, which help to manage oil discharge. To try this method, take out an orange peel and dry it under the sun. Grind this peel to make a fine paste. Now, Add some rose water to this powder and make a paste. Apply this mixture on your face for 15-20 mins. Wash it using normal water. Do this process daily to prevent blemishes and oil on the skin.

12.) Clay Mask to Prevent Oily Skin Fast

Clay mask is a beneficial remedy to get rid of oily skin fast. Clay masks help remove makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, and other pollution from the skin while reducing pores, giving you a clean, soft and supple skin. To try this method, add some plain water to 3 tsp of fullers earth to make a paste. Apply this mixture directly on your face. Keep this mix for 20-30 mins then wash it off using lukewarm water. Repeat this method once a week. This is one of the best remedies to treat oily skin fast at home.

Tips for Preventing Oily Skin:

  • Wash your face daily using glycerin soap.
  • Apply aloe Vera gel as it helps soak excess oil from your skin.
  • Wash your face with cool water several times a day instead of using chemical products.
  • Avoid moisturizers that worsen your oil problem.
  • Use sunscreen before you move out of the house.
  • Avoid touching your face constantly.
  • Keep your make brush clean.
  • Drink enough water to hydrate.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
  • Eat foods loaded with enzymes, like milk, pineapple and pumpkin.
  • Avoid artificial coloring agents, perfumes, mineral oils and synthetic chemicals.
  • Use home remedies and natural products to avoid any side effects.
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