How to Stop Binge Eating?

This article is about different remedies to treat binge eating. Binge eating  disorder is characterized by episodes of excessive overeating. However, unlike bulimia the person do not vomit, after eating in access. Though it does not have a specific cause but binge eating can be a result of other medical conditions such as a lesion of the hypothalamus gland or a Prader – Willi disorder. Binge eating can give way to other health problems also. Hypertension, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are some of the health problems which are caused due to binge eating. In the course of binge eating the person eat in excess even if he is not hungry. Since the person has no control on his eating pattern, therefore, he feels guilty about eating in excess and so he may suffer from anxiety and depression as well. The problem should be treated as soon as possible. Read the article, to know different remedies to stop binge eating.

Risk Factors for Binge Eating Disorder:

There is no specific cause of binge eating disorder, however, there are a few risk factors that can contribute binge eating. Following are the risk factors for binge eating disorder:

  • Age – Although people at any age can suffer from binge eating, but it is more common among middle age group.
  • Other Eating Disorders – Patients who suffer from other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are at higher risk of binge eating disorder.
  • Psychological Problems – Binge eaters often feel a lack of control on their eating patterns, therefore, they tend to experience anxiety, stress, and depression etc.
  • Sexual Abuse- It has been found that people who have been sexually abused tend to indulge in binge eating.
  • To overcome stress and society’s expectation.
  • Eating habits.

Symptoms of Binge Eating:

How to stop binge eating

Remedies to Stop Binge Eating:

1.) Identify the Problem to Stop Binge Eating

The best way of treating binge eating is to determine the factors which lead to overeating. Many people love to eat in every situation, on the other hand, few people indulge in overeating when they are stressed or when they do not have anything to do. So you need to find out the situation in which you tend to eat more. After determining the main factor that makes you eat in access, search for a solution. For example, if you tend to eat when you are stressed then call your friend or spend some quality time with your family. Same you can do to kill the time as well. In such way, you will not eat in excess. Moreover, try to avoid thinking about the food. However, that does not mean, you will go on dieting. You only have to eat in a limit to stop binge eating. So identify the factor that causes binge eating and makes a plan to deal with it.

2.) Keep a Record to Stop Binge Eating

In order to get rid of binge eating you need to keep a track of your eating patterns. First of all consult, a dietician who will make a diet chart for you according to your age, need and body type. All you have to do is strictly follow that diet chart. Apart from this, you can also make a record of what you eat and when you eat. However, sometimes you do not have control of yourself and you tend to eat more. To avoid such problem ask your mother, friend or sister to strictly restrict you from eating in excess. You can also make a diary and note down the food, their servings, and time of eating. Also, keep a track on your hunger pattern. By doing so, you will get to know how much you eat. And, accordingly you can omit the quantity of the food.

3.) Avoid Social Gatherings to Stop Binge Eating

Often in a social gathering, one tends to eat more when they see people around them eating. To avoid such situation look for the activities that do not  include foods. For example, when you go to a birthday party or wedding you arrange your plate according to your likes and dislikes but when you see others eating something else you tend to add it also to your plate. Since the food is tasty so you tend to eat it more even if you are not hungry also. So avoid such situation. Although nobody like eating alone, but when you eat alone you tend to eat less. Similarly to control the craving for the particular food, participate in other activities which are not centered around the food. You have to firmly determine yourself for doing so.

4.) Control your Craving to Stop Binge Eating

Often people crave for something and tend to eat it in the access which leads to binge eating disorder. The person does not have control on his eating pattern but regrets later for eating without the urge of eating. To avoid such situation, look for the foods that you crave for and then, if possible, substitute them with other healthy foods. Or, if you can resist then try to avoid it completely. For example, you crave for chocolates, so instead, of chocolates, you can eat dates or fruits which are more healthy. However, eating anything in the access will have a side effect so mind the quantity of the food that you intake. Sleep Deprivation is also one of the causes of food craving. So to stop craving take a sufficient sleep i.e. 7-8 hours a day. Moreover, eat meals at scheduled times and eat a healthy breakfast. Most of the people avoid breakfast and to fulfill their hunger later, they tend to eat more than what they were supposed to eat. So look for the measures that help you to control your cravings in order to stop binge eating.

5.) Avoid Dinning Out to Stop Binge Eating

According to a recent study, it has been found that people tend to eat more at restaurants and functions. When you read a menu in restaurant or hotel you tend to order those foods also which you never thought  that you will eat. This is because of the fancy names of the dishes that tempts you. Moreover, when you eat with other you considerably eat more, since it is a human tendency to try all the options that others are eating. In such way, you eat more.Frequent episodes of such situations lead to binge eating. To avoid such problem, it is batter to avoid dining out. However, if in any case you have to do so then order food according to your hunger. Also, go for  healthy meals which make you feel full. Eat salads and fruits before the main meal. It will make you feel full and thus, you will tend to eat less food. However, in any case, do not starve yourself, otherwise, it will lead to another disorder.

6.) Exercise to Stop Binge Eating

Regular exercise keeps you fit and make you feel better. Also, you tend to avoid eating. Moreover, it improves your mental health and thus you gain control of yourself, which is very important in order to stop binge eating. However, make sure that you enjoy it, otherwise, it will be of no use for you. The Even brisk morning walk will also do the wonders. If you do not have an interest in regular exercise then you can go for aerobics, different forms of dances such as salsa or any sports like volleyball or basketball. In such way, you will not think of food. Moreover, whatever you have eaten will digest soon and you will not indulge in any serious body problems.

7.) Maintain  a Healthy Lifestyle to Stop Binge Eating

In order to stop binge eating it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to eat three healthy meals a day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The reason behind this is when you skip a meal you ought to eat in excess the other meal. For example, when you skip breakfast you ought to eat lunch in access or whenever you find time to fill your tummy. In such way, you eat more than what you supposed to eat. Thus, the person gets binge eating disorder. Moreover, eating anything that too anytime also results in binge eating. To avoid this make sure that you  eat your meal peacefully by sitting at the dining table or kitchen table. Also, avoid eating while watching TV. In addition don’t finish your meal in hassle. Take your time to finish the meal. If possible, prepare your meal at home rather than ordering it. Also, keep healthy snacks that you can stuff in between the meals.

8.) Avoid Dieting to Stop Binge Eating

As said in the previous point when you skip a meal you ought to eat in access later. Similarly after dieting you tend to eat more. This is because during dieting you restrict yourself from eating the food and when you achieve your target or loose amount of weight, which you planned to, you start eating food that too in the high quantity to compensate. Therefore, it is advised not to go for dieting and lead a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent eating disorders.

9.) Manage Your Stress to Stop Binge Eating

In a recent research, it has been found that people tend to eat more to combat with stress. Financial problems and emotional problems contribute overeating disorders. The easiest way to stop your binge eating is to manage your stress. Moreover, apart from eating in excess do activities that keep you mentally sound. Take 7-8 hour sleep, eat healthy food, spend a quality time with your family and friends. You can also try yoga, meditation, and listen to soothing music to overcome the stress.

10.) Call the Doctor if Nothing Works

When nothing works, seek a professional or psychologist help to stop binge eating. He will recommend you few therapies such as Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Interpersonal psychotherapy, and Dialectical behavior therapy. All these therapies will defiantly help you get rid of the binge eating disorder.

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