How to lower Cholesterol?

This article is about how to lower cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol is one of the basic needs to live a healthy life. High cholesterol can lead to various heart problems. The major effect that high cholesterol causes is that it leads to clogged arteries. High cholesterol cause arteries to get clogged and thus increases the chances of heart attack. Thus, it becomes very important to maintain the cholesterol level in the body. Basically there are two types of cholesterol in the body – HDL and LDL. HDL is the good cholesterol that our body requires, while LDL is the bad one. It is the LDL which we have to bring down in order to stay healthy. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that will help bring down the cholesterol level.

Reasons for High Cholesterol:

There are many reasons that can lead to increase level of cholesterol in the body. If you are able to have control on them then what else can be better than that? Well, different reasons for high level of cholesterol in the body are:

how to lower cholesterol

Foods to Lower Cholesterol:

Foods play an important role in maintaining the cholesterol level in the body. Medication is secondary, it is food that help maintain the cholesterol level. Going for healthy food is the best way to be chosen to lower the cholesterol in the body. There are a number of foods that aim at lowing cholesterol. Here we are going to discuss some of the best foods that will help you reduce cholesterol level.

1.) Oats to Lower Cholesterol

Oats is the first and the foremost food that you should look forward to lose cholesterol level in the body. Start your day with a bowl of cooked oatmeal and you will be able to lower the level of cholesterol fast and naturally. Just switch your morning meal with a healthy bowl of oats and keep your heart healthy. Adding two servings of oatmeal in your breakfast can help reduce cholesterol by 5.3 per cent and that in just six weeks. Oatmeal has a substance known as beta-glucan. This substance is known to absorb the LDL cholesterol. Along with that, oats also help lose weight. Obesity is also known cause of high cholesterol. Thus, a bowl of oatmeal can perform two tasks at once.

2.) Nuts to Lower Cholesterol

You can also go for nuts in order to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Nuts are the perfect snacks that you can go for. If you have a habit of munching or snacking then you are advised to go for nuts. Considering the report published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who had 1.5 ounces of walnuts six days a week for a month were able to reduce their LDL cholesterol by 9.3 per cent. So, replace your evening snacks with nut. If you do not like walnuts then you can also go for cashew and almonds. But the problem with nuts is that they are high in calories. So, always have to mark the quantity before consuming. Over-consumption may lead to weight gain. Just have 1.5 ounces, that mean a shot glass and a half.

3.) Salmon and Fatty Fish to Lower Cholesterol

Salmon and fatty fishes are among the best foods to lower cholesterol. This is because of the reason that they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is the finest component that our body requires to lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the body. In short, foods high in omega-3 should be consumed more to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. Omega- fats are wonders when comes at treating different heart diseases. Research from Loma University shows that omega -3 rich foods like salmon, herring and sardines not only lower the level of cholesterol but also raise HDL levels by 4 per cent.

4.) Beans to Lower Cholesterol

Beans are also among the top foods to lower cholesterol. Beans are great for your heart and they also help with weight loss. Researches have shown that consuming half cup of beans helps lower cholesterol by 8 per cent. Thus, it is counted among the best foods to lower cholesterol. Beans are high in fiber and thus help lower cholesterol level. Fiber slows the rate of absorption of cholesterol by some foods. You can include cooked beans in your meal. They serve taste as well. Also, they help lose weight. You can go for different beans of your choice like black beans, kidney beans or pinto beans.

5.) Chocolate to Lower Cholesterol

This is the tastiest way to lower LDL levels in the body. Yes, chocolate can help you lower the cholesterol levels. Dark chocolate is high in anti-oxidants that help build HDL cholesterol. Also, being high in cocoa power, they help raise the HDL levels in the body by 24 per cent in 12 weeks. Make sure that you go for dark chocolates. Do not go for sweetened chocolates. Go with the bittersweet taste. Before buying the chocolate, you should make share that it has at least 70 per cent of cocoa. When compared to the milk chocolate, dark chocolate has 3 times more anti-oxidants than normal ones. This prevent from arteries from getting clogged, as it prevents blood platelets from sticking to the walls.

6.) Spinach to Lower Cholesterol

You can also go for spinach to lower cholesterol level. This leafy vegetable is rich in lutein. Lutein is the yellow pigment that is found in egg yolks and green leafy vegetables. Lutein is well-known for protecting one from age-related macular degeneration. The problem is a leading cause of blindness. Recent researchers have shown that it also has potential to reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the body and also prevents arteries from getting clogged. Adding just cup of cooked spinach to your meal will do the job. Along with that, you can also use the baby spinach leaves as topping for salads.

7.) Red Wine to Lower Cholesterol

Look, you have another reason to drink red wine. Red wine can also help your lower the bad cholesterol levels. Researches have shown that Tempranillo red grapes, that are used to make red wines like Rioja, are high in fiber and thus they help lower the cholesterol levels in the body. A study has shown that when individual consumed the grapes used to prepared red wines, their LDL cholesterol level was decreased by 9 per cent. So, if you want to celebrate then do it with a glass of red wine. In fact, you should replace the alcohol bottle in your house with red wines.

8.) Garlic to Lower Cholesterol

Garlic is one of the best foods to be consumed to raise cholesterol level. It is well-known to purify blood and thus can treat various health related issues. It prevents blood clots and thus prevents arteries from getting clogged. Also, it helps reduce blood pressure and also works as a protective shield against various infections. It helps artery clogging plaque to stay from the walls and thus prevent arteries from getting clogged. You are advised to eat two-three fresh garlic cloves daily. You can also add garlic to your meal. Or have soup prepared with garlic.

9.) Olive Oil to Lower Cholesterol

Fats are known to increase the cholesterol level in the body. But olive oil a kind of fat that helps decrease the cholesterol level. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that help lower LDL cholesterol in the body. Also, it helps cut down belly fat. You can use to marine chicken or cook vegetables. You can also use it for salad dressing. So, go for olive oil and reduce cholesterol in tastier way.

10.) Tea to Lower Cholesterol

Researches have shown that tea also help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. It is also rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants that help prevent the risk of cancer. A research has shown that regular consumption of black reduces blood lipids by 10 per cent in three weeks. So, if you have love for tea, grow it more.

Tips to Lower Cholesterol Level:

Here are some of the tips that you should follow to reduce cholesterol. Basically, there are some lifestyle changes that you should make to cut down the cholesterol level in the body. It is your lifestyle that highly affects the cholesterol levels. So, bring some lifestyle changes and prevent high cholesterol.

  • Cut down the consumption of oily foods like finger fries, chips, liver etc. Avoid fried foods as much as possible.
  • Obesity is one of the main reasons for increased weight. So, you are advised to lose weight first.
  • Lack of physical activity is also the cause of the higher LDL levels in the body. Thus, you are advised to go for different exercises and workout. You may also start playing some sport of your choice. This will serve you recreational purpose as well.
  • You should also quit smoking as soon as possible. Cigarette is one of the major causes of higher cholesterol levels. So, you should quit smoking as soon as possible. Also, limit the consumption of alcohol.
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