Zero Calorie Foods ( Foods to Lose Weight)

This article is about various zero calorie foods to lose weight fast & naturally. Are you planning to lose weight? Do you want to make changes in your diet to look slim? If yes, then the best advice for you is to start eating the zero calorie foods. They are the best option for you to lose weight. When you eat zero calorie foods, then they not only maintains the calories in your body, but they can also burn it. So, start eating these foods to look thinner and attractive.

Benefits of Zero Calorie Foods:

  • If dieters will go on zero calorie diet, then they may lose up to 2-3 kg (4-7 pounds) of weight per week.
  • Zero calorie foods help in slowing down the aging process.
  • It improves the mental health.
  • According to a research, it is proved that the life span of human can be increased by consuming zero calorie foods.
  • It helps in improving the blood sugar levels.
  • It can also lower cholesterol levels of your body.
  • It decreases the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
  • It helps in fighting insomnia by improving sleep.

Zero calorie foods

List of Zero Calorie Foods to Lose Weight:

Well, here is the list of zero calorie foods that you should consume on a regular basis to lose weight.

1.) Celery to Lose Weight

Celery is a very light food and it is high in fibers. Just 100 grams of celery contain 1.6 grams of dietary fibers that help in losing weight. 100 grams of celery serve only 16 calories in your body that is very less. So, start eating celery in the breakfast as it is one of the best zero calorie foods.

2.) Cabbage to Reduce Weight

Cabbage is not only one of the greatest zero calorie foods, but it also provides great health benefits. It can even prevent heart diseases and dangerous diseases like cancer. It accounts very fewer calories in it. Just 100 grams of cabbage serve 25 calories in our body. Add it to salads and diet to lose weight as it is one of the best zero calorie foods.

3.) Oranges to Shed Extra Fat

This citrus fruit is not only famous for the vitamin C nutrient present in it. But, it also contains low calories in it as compared to other fruits. It is also rich in fibers that are good for our health. This citrus food is the most effective zero calorie foods, as it helps in maintaining the total calorie lower than the normal. If you are thinking to lower your daily calorie intake, then there is not a better option than to consume zero calorie foods like oranges. Only 100 grams of oranges serve 47 calories.

4.) Beetroot to Lose Weight

Just start consuming fresh beets instead of steam, boil or grill beets. Beets are really very healthy foods, serving very fewer calories to you. It contains betalains, which is a good antioxidant. This ingredient is found in very less selected foods and gives color to beetroot. Just 100g of beetroots serve 43 calories.

5.) Cucumber to Reduce Weight

Cucumber contains the high content of water in it that makes it one of the lightest and best zero calorie foods. So, just add it to your diet, as it is low in calories and keeps the total number of your calories minimum. You can prepare cucumber salad and enjoy the taste of this refreshing food. Just 100 grams of cucumber serve 16 calories.

6.) Lemons to Lose Weight

Drinking lemon in the warm water every morning with a pinch of salt keeps your body healthy and fit. They even provide the alkalizing effect on your stomach, plus they also contain great antioxidants in it. You can add lemon in a different type of recipes and salads to add flavor and taste to it. Just 100 grams of lemons contain 29 calories. So, cut your calories by consuming this zero calorie foods on a regular basis.

7.) Cauliflower to Reduce Weight

It ranks so low in the chart of zero calorie foods. It even provides amazing health benefits like improving digestive system of our body. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing inflammation in our body. It is one of the best zero calorie foods help in maintaining the calories of our body. It can also burn the extra calories of your body. Just 100 grams of cauliflower serve 25 calories.

8.) Watermelon to Lose Weight

Watermelon is one of most refreshing fruits that contains very low calories in it. Though this fruit is naturally very sweet in taste, but it also helps in boosting the metabolism of our body. Just 100g of watermelon serves 30 calories in it.

9.) Tomatoes to Reduce Weight

They are one of the healthiest foods that are very delicious in taste and provide amazing health benefits. You can even add it to salads and dishes. It is one of the best zero calorie foods that provide amazing health benefits. Just 100 grams of tomatoes serve 17 calories. It even prevents the disease like cancer, heart diseases.

10.) Grapefruit for Healthy Body

This food is recommended, especially for the heart patients. It is considered that the fruits contain more calories than the vegetables, but grapefruits are preferably very low in calories. Just 100 grams of grapefruits serve 42 calories in our body.

11.) Eat Apple for Good Health

Apple is the healthiest fruit that contains various antioxidants, vitamins, fibers and minerals in it. It not only helps in removing your hunger, but it also provides great health benefits in our body. Moreover, no other fruit can provide benefits to your health more than an apple. So start eating this type of zero calorie foods on a regular basis to keep your body fit and fine. Just 100 grams of apple serve 52 calories in our body.

12.) Onion to Lose Weight

Onions are not only found in the salads, but they are widely used in various recipes to add flavor and taste to it. This type of zero calorie foods helps you to reach your weight loss goals effectively, as it is very less in calories and provide several health benefits. Onions contain flavonoids that help in losing weight. Just 100 grams of onions serve 40 calories to your body.

13.) Mushroom

Mushroom is one of the most delicious zero calorie foods. It is used in pizza, salads, soups, and in the cuisines from the East and West. It is packed with vitamin D and B nutrients. This food provides immense energy to your body so that it may work properly. It is high in vitamin D nutrient that helps in absorbing calcium from the cheese of pizza. So, add mushroom to different recipes and diet to get various health benefits from it.

14.) Spinach, Tomatoes, Carrot, and Onion

These veggies are packed with vitamins A and C. It contains a good content of folate that helps in cell growth. It also helps in synthesis and repairment of DNA. It is also rich in potassium, manganese, and vitamin K nutrient. All these nutrients play a key role in maintaining the health of a person. So, add these zero calorie foods to your diet to get a lot of benefits from them.

15.) Kelp:

Kelp is a delicious vegetable used in soups. It is also used for garnishing purposes. Japenese uses kelp to prepare rice vinegar and sesame seeds. You may also enjoy the taste of crunchy kelp chips. You may also find kelp in different noodle powder in the Asian market. So add it to your diet to get various benefits from it.

If you are really willing to lose weight, then what are you waiting for. Just start consuming these amazing zero calorie foods to lose weight. If the workout doesn’t work for you, then why don’t you bring changes in your diet. It is a very crucial step for losing weight. It is the best way to keep you internally fit. And, if you are internally fit, then you are externally fit as well. Don’t wait for any minute. Just add these zero calories food to your diet and stay fit.

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