How to Pass a Drug Test?

After writing how to pass a hair folic drug test?, how to pass a urine drug test?, and how to pass a mouth swab drug test?, we are now writing the ways to pass a drug test. Nowadays, drug test is not only compulsory for athletes but is also becoming mandatory for a job in reputed companies and firms. They make it compulsory for their employees to go through a drug test in order to get selected. If you also need to pass a drug test and are thinking to fake it, then forget that. It is not possible. The methods used now-a-days are quite advanced and it is almost impossible to cheat with the help of primitive methods like changing the urine or blood sample. It’s better to prepare yourself and pass it honestly. But the question which arises here is – how to pass a drug test?

Don’t panic, here you can get answers to all your questions regarding the drug test. We are going to tell you that how can you prepare yourself for a drug test and how you can pass it. Go through the article to know about it.

how to pass a drug test

Preparations to Pass a Drug Test:

1) Maintain a Distance from Drugs to Pass a Drug Test

When you have to go for a drug test, you are told in advance about the date and timing of the test. If it is not mentioned, go through the policies of your company to get the idea about it. You should maintain a distance between the date of the test and the date you last had drugs. No matter what was the quantity or strength of the drug, it is necessary to maintain the gap. Give yourself time and be away from the drugs.

Many a times, you are not pre told about the test. For instance, you are grabbed by the police and have to give a sudden test. To distance yourself from these circumstances, it is better to maintain a gap.

2.) Types of Tests

You should be aware of the type of test you are going for. It will help you pass a drug test. Basically there are 4 types of drug tests – urine test, blood test, saliva tests and hair test. The standard 5 panel test is for – amphetamins (speed, crank, meth, ecstasy), cannabinoids (hash, merijuana), cocaine (crack, coke), phencyclidine and opiates (heroine, morphine, opium, codeine). As mentioned above, technology has advanced and you can fake a taste. But, it is better to learn about the types so that you can tacle the situation.

Urine Test – It is the most common test done by companies and firms for their employees. You can easily play with this test as you are provided with the privacy for this taste.

Blood Test – This is a quite difficult to pass if you have recently taken drugs. It can tell the exact amount of drugs in the system. The only way to pass is maintain the gap since the time of intake of drugs.

Saliva TestSaliva test is less aggressive and is used in place of the above given tests.

Hair Test – This is the most difficult one to pass as the traces remain in the hair for 90 days. Hair folic drug test, if found guilty, can assure that you are a regular user.

3.) Amount of Drug You Have Taken 

The probability to pass a drug test also depends on the amount of the drug you have taken. If you are a regular user, then it will be clearly visible in your report. For example, cocaine is detected in the system even after 15 – 30 days if the drug intake is heavy.

4.) Choose the Test to Pass a Drug Test

  • Not always, but sometimes you are asked to choose the type of test you want to go for. It will help you pass a drug test you will not have to fake it.
  • If you use the drugs only for a few times, then it’s good to go for saliva test or blood test.
  • If you are high while going for the blood test, then it’s better to for a urine test.
  • If you used it for some time and that too for a week or so, then it’s better to go for hair test as it will be able to detect if used 90 days earlier.
  • If you are a regular user, do not dare to go for a hair test.

Passing a Urine Test:

1.) Drink Water to Pass a Drug Test

Start drinking as much water as you can a day before the test. If you are not a regular user of heavy drugs then this method will definitely work. Drinking water means you urinate more and thus removes drug traces from the body. Take vitamin B a day before the test, it helps turn urine yellow. If the color of the urine is white, then you will be under suspicion.

2.) Urinate Before the Test

Go for maximum urination before the test as it will remove all the wastage and drugs leftovers from the body. It is one the best ways to pass a drug test. For that purpose, go with the first point, drink as much water as you can. Or increase the amount of liquid intake.

3.) Do Not Try to Fake it

The one who is taking your sample has seen it all, so do not try to be-fool him as it is not possible at. Technology has advanced and the chemicals you use can easily be detected. And, there is a rumor prevailing that drinking bleach will eliminate drug traces from your urine. It is not true at all. Do not even fall prey to the products that say that they will remove drug sample from the body.

4.) Clean Urine on Your Own

Clean your urine on your own. It will help pass a drug test. This should be your backup plan, not your first attempt. Buy fake urine or look for a clean donor. Synthetic urine must always have a smell or it can easily be detected.

Pass Saliva, Blood and Hair Test:

1.) Delay the Test to Pass a Drug Test

Delay the test if you can. You can be clear of saliva or blood test as the drug does not last longer for more than a few hours but some can last for three days. So, it is better to delay. For saliva test, rub the cheek swab against the teeth. There is no way to fake a blood test as the blood is taken at that particular time.

2.) Shave Your Head to Pass a Drug Test

Drug traces are found in the hair even after 90 days. So, the best way to pass a drug test is to shave your head. Make sure that you are ready with a good story. You can also be asked for hair from the other parts of the body. What you can do is go for a full body wax. If you do not have even a single hair on your body then there is no way that the drug traces are detected.

3.) Try to Choose

Hair, blood and saliva test are not easy to cheat. So, if possible, go for a urine test. You can easily adopt the ways to pass to pass a drug test. What else you can do is exercising your rights. The person taking the test might even not have any authority to take the test. Exercise your rights at that point.

Know Your Rights:

1.) Go Through the State’s Law

It’s better to go through the state laws and policies towards drug test. It will help you pass a drug test. Every state has different a law for a blood test. It is better to go through your state’s law. You should be aware if the person, taking the test, has the authority or not. This is your right to know and you can also take an action against the person if he does not have the authority.

2.) Second Test

You can also ask for another test as the drug test are not 100 % accurate. You can use this advantage if you fail the first test. It is your right to ask for the second test. if you do not pass a drug test at once, it comes a as a second opportunity.

3.) Challenge the Test

You can also challenge the test. If you think that the person taking test does not have the authority or the test was not followed in a proper way then you can also challenge the test. Again, go through the state’s law and check what you need to do.

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