How to Get Rid of Gnats?

This article will help you to know the ways to get rid of gnats. Gnats belong to the category of small insects that is found hovering around your house. They are also one of those annoying insects that keeps bothering you in your kitchen and dining areas, gardening area, near the drainage systems, etc. It is required to understand the fact that gnats will be seen in those filthy areas that are left unattended. Gnats are similar to those of fruit flies. There is similarity between these two insects that both of them are found on the left over food, dirty dustbins, etc. So, if you want to get rid of the gnats you will have to identify those areas that show the sings of the presence of gnats. You will need to adopt some of ways to catch the gnats. Here are some of the best home remedies that will you to get rid of the gnats.

get rid of gnats

Identify the Gnats:

To identify the gnat you will have to try for a closer look. The gnats are tiny black insects. They are normally to be seen in their breeding ground. It means they  breed in the soil. And their breeding habits are quite fast that makes the population of gnats quite huge. So, if they are breeding in your ground soil, its time to take care of your property wisely.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gnats:

1.) Use the Ancient Trick to Get Rid of Gnats

The ancient trick to catch the insects includes the trick to attract the gnats. This is one way to get hold of the annoying insects that mostly makes its way to the kitchen. The old folks are stored with bundles of tricks that are still in use. So, here’s the list of ingredients that you will need to prepare. Firstly, collect milk, black pepper and raw or brown sugar in one place. Now pour all of it in a bowl and mix it well. The next step is to place the bowl in the area where you have identified the presence of gnats hovering around. Once they notice the bowl and come to feed on it. They will get trapped inside the bowl itself and will die. You can make the mixture in multiple bowls depending on the amount of gnats bothering you.

2.) Use Ammonia to Get Rid of Gnats

The next remedy is the use of ammonia. This is one of the best tricks to kill the gnats. Ammonia has a very strong odor which the gnats won’t be able to resist. Moreover ammonia is a toxic agent that will easily kill the gnats. So, apply the best way to get rid of gnats you will need to pour a small amount of ammonia in your sinks and nearby drain systems. Once you pour in the sinks the gnats that are already residing there will be killed along with their eggs. And secondly, the pouring of ammonia in the drain system will prevent the future breeding in those areas. You will have to take precautions after pouring the ammonia in the sinks. The precaution is not to use the sink for the next six to seven hours.

3.) Use Apple Cider Vinegar Trap to Get Rid of Gnats

The apple cider vinegar trap is one simple trick to apply for. You will need a mason jar that is filled with apple cider vinegar (1/4 part). Add one or two rotten fruits inside the jar along with apple cider vinegar. And then you will need a plastic wrap else you can use the cap of the jar if there are small holes on it. If you are using the cap of the jar it then just fit the cap tightly. And if you want to go for the plastic wrap, then wrap the mouth of the jar with the plastic.

The next step is to take a rubber band and tie the plastic wrap around mouth of the jar. Now take a toothpick and start making holes on the plastic wrap that will help the gnats to get inside to feed on apple cider vinegar. Then, place the jar filled with apple cider vinegar and fruits over the kitchen windows. This will stop the gnats at the entrance of the windows itself from entering your house. You can make multiple jars and place it in those areas where you think gnats hover around.

4.) Use Red Wine Trap to Get Rid of Gnats

The red wine trap is somewhat similar to that of the apple cider vinegar trap. But the technique is a bit different. For this you will need a wine bottle with some left over wine in it at the bottom. And a dish wash liquid is also required to trap the gnats inside the wine bottle. Now you will need to pour few drops of dish wash liquid in the wine bottle. And shake the bottle to mix both the liquid. Then place the wine bottle in the dining area where you have noticed the gnats. In this way the gnats will go inside the wine bottle to feed on the wine but will get stuck inside the bottle. That will be because the dish wash liquid will make them slippery to fly out of the wine bottle.

5.) Try the Jar Containing Banana to Get Rid of Gnats

The jar containing on fruits is the best trick to attract the gnats. This trick will help you to catch and trap the gnats in one single jar. Banana is among the fruit which are mostly liked by the gnats. When the banana is stored in the open basket in your kitchen area or the over the fridge, you will notice the gnats hovering on top of it. Thereby make a trap out of their favorite fruit. So cut some banana slices and place it in a bowl. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. And make small holes with the help of the toothpick. And place it on the areas where you have seen the gnats.

6.) Use Dish Wash Liquid Trap to Get Rid of Gnats

The dish wash liquid is the perfect remedy to get rid of gnats. It is one of the simplest tricks to catch the gnats. Take a jar and add some dish wash liquid and pour honey in it. This will attract the gnats towards the jar.  And you need not cover this jar. Because once the gnats will fly inside they will be trapped in the slippery solution and get stuck inside. They won’t be able to fly back out of the jar. Hence make bottles of this solution and place it near the flower or plant pots and other areas as well.

7.) Spray Lemon Grass Oil on Plants to Get Rid of Gnats

Lemon grass oil is the best for spraying purposes at home. The spray leaves a refreshing smell to its surroundings where it has been sprayed. So, you will just get the lemon grass oil spray and use it to spray around your house. Also, you can spray it over the plants that are placed inside your house. And you can also spray it in your garden area. This will keep the gnats that live on plants to be away. Thus, gnats won’t be able to breed near your house.

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