How to Prevent a Hangover?

A wise man once said that drinking alcohol is like borrowing fun from tomorrow. Yet while he was scarily accurate. Drinking alcohol has it’s pros and cons. One of the worst things about it is getting a hangover the morning after. The only way to avoid a pounding head and queasiness is to drink in moderation or to stay away from alcohol entirely. However, the party animal in you will always force you to drink more and more and thus, the question arises, how to prevent a hangover? To know the answer read the article.

Symptoms of Hangover:

How to Prevent a Hangover?

Remedies to Prevent a Hangover:

1.) Don’t Drink with Empty Stomach to Prevent a Hangover

Generally, people supplement snacks with their hard drink. This is probably because it is human psyche that we cannot drink without eating or vice a Versa. However, according to the latest research, this is done because the empty stomach absorbs more alcohol and the person feels drunk fast. Moreover, instead of salads and chips, people should eat burgers or pizza and other fatty foods. Such foods act as a buffer between the stomach and the alcohol. It slow down’s the digestion process of the alcohol and the person is light to be affected by the drink. However, avoid spicy food as it contains salt which dehydrate the body.

2.) Drink Plenty of Water Before Boozing to Prevent a Hangover

To prevent the hangover, the ideal way is to drink plenty of water before starting drinking. Dehydration is one of the main symptoms of the hangover. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and cleanses your system. Also drinking water before and along the alcoholic beverage will  help you in a good way. Make sure you drink 2-3 glasses of water before hitting the sack, otherwise you tend to experience dry, sticky mouth, dizziness and decreased urination. All these conditions can be troublesome for you next morning. To keep such problems at the bay, you can also drink an electrolyte solution as a substitute for the water. It will add energy to your body and keep the hydration away.

3.) Consume Vitamins and Antioxidants to Prevent a Hangover

The food we eat  goes through the different process before turning into the energy. This process is known as metabolism. Since alcohol does not contain nutrients thus when you drink it, the nutrient level in the body reduces drastically as the body tend to use preserved nutrients. Moreover, the Vitamin B stored in the body is destroyed. Therefore, one starts feeling dizziness. To avoid such condition, it’s better to pop in Vitamin B pill before you start drinking alcoholic beverages. Also, eat food that contains antioxidants to prevent a hangover.

4.) Avoid Smoking while Drinking to Prevent a Hangover

Don’t smoke while drinking alcoholic beverages. Cigarette contains nicotine or tobacco that increases the release of the protein known as cytokines. The same protein is secreted when the brain encounters injury. Therefore, it causes head throbbing, inflammation in the head and the head start spinning. Moreover, according to the recent research, it is found that tobacco and nicotine give way to the craving of drinking more. Thus, the person ends up drinking too much which results in the hangover. So to prevent a hangover, it advised not to smoke while consuming alcohol.

5.) Drink Milk Before Consuming Alcohol

It is recommended to drink a glass of milk before you start with alcohol beverages. This is so because milk  does not let the alcohol, to absorb in the body. Which later helps the digestive system to deal with the alcohol content in your body. A toxic chemical known as acetaldehyde is present in the alcohol which causes a hangover.

6.) Avoid Diet Mixers to Prevent a Hangover

To prevent a hangover don’t mix a diet mixer like diet cola or lemonade. Such drinks do not contain calories and sugar. Because of this, the alcohol shoots in the bloodstream and therefore the person experience a hangover.

7.) Olive Oil to Prevent a Hangover

Gulp a tablespoon of olive oil before consuming alcohol to prevent a hangover. Olive oil works same as fatty foods. It limits the absorption of alcohol in your body. So have an olive oil before going ahead with the alcohol.

Other Useful Remedies to Treat a Hangover:

1.) Banana to Getting Rid of a Hangover

After drinking too much alcohol beverages, the potassium  content in the body is depleted. To replenish the level of potassium eat a banana. Since this fruit is a rich source of a potassium. Moreover, it soothes the stomach and treats the stomach ache. Also, it boosts the energy level in the body which drops down during alcohol consumption. Eat 2 banana in your breakfast to treat the hangover. Smoothies and  milkshakes made of banana will also help you to stop the hangover.

2.) Lemon to Treat a Hangover

Lemon is indeed an advantageous fruit. It is packed with wholesome of nutrients such as Vitamin B Complex, C, iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, and magnesium. Lemon juice will reduce the inflammation caused due to excessive drinking. It helps in digestion, flushes out all the toxins accumulated in the body  after drinking alcohol. Moreover, it cures the bad breath which is one of the common symptoms of a hangover. Also, it  controls the blood sugar level and pH level of the body. To stop the hangover drink lemon water. Make sure, the water should be lukewarm. You can also add honey to it. For instant treatment after drinking lick lemon juice. One glass of lime water will not solve your problem so drink it after small intervals. It will also hydrate your body.

3.) Peppermint to Cure a Hangover

Another home remedy which comes handy for treating the hangover is peppermint. It aids the symptoms of the hangover. Also, it accelerates the process of detoxification in the body.  To cure the hangover, chew a few peppermint leaves whole day. Or, you can drink peppermint tea to relax your stomach and intestine. Drinking tea will also heal a headache. Alternatively, you can add peppermint oil  to the warm water that you are going to use for a bath.

4.) Oil Pulling to Get Rid of a Hangover

Another way to get rid of a hangover is swish some oil in the mouth immediately after you wake up. It is considered as a natural detoxifying technique. It flushes out the harmful toxins build up in the body after drinking excessive alcohol. Swish coconut or olive oil around the mouth covering the teeth. Keep swishing for 15-20 minutes, then spit it off and rinse off your mouth. Do this with an empty stomach, even before you brush.

5.) Take A Sufficient Rest After Consuming Alcohol

After consuming alcoholic beverage all the nutrients present in the body are depleted therefore, one feels tired. The lack of nutrients slows down the metabolism. To combat with the lethargicness, it’s important to take ample amount of sleep so that the body does not feel exhausted. Also, sleeping helps you to get rid of the body pain and headache which are common after effects of boozing.

Tips to Prevent a Hangover:

  • Try to have one type of alcohol instead of many.
  • Don’t eat sweet while drinking.
  • Avoid chocolates, oranges and fried foods.
  • For instant relief take ibuprofen instead of aspirin.
  • Don’t drink fast.
  • Don’t skip the breakfast
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