How to Cure a Hangover?

More than 70 percent of people who take alcohol have experienced a hangover. Hangover is a severe headache and body ache which is caused by taking excessive alcohol. A hangover occurs more in the morning after taking large amounts of alcohol. To avoid hangovers and to attend your meeting next morning, it is best to take alcohol in a smart way. Apply the following scientifically proven methods to cure your hangover. Read the article to know how to cure a hangover?

Symptoms of Hangover:

Causes of Hangover:

  • Urination
  • Stomach Irritation
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Immune System Response
  • Sleep Quality
  • Congeners
  • Dilation of Blood Vessels

How to Cure a HangoverMethods to Cure a Hangover:

1.) Water and Fluids to Cure a Hangover

After excessive drinking during the night, the next morning you will need water to reduce your thirst. Putting water and other fluids into your body will help to cure a hangover. Alcohol is liquid, but the drawback of it is that it dehydrates the body. Water lowers down the headache, fatigue, nausea and confusion caused by a hangover. Taking a good amount of water before going to sleep helps in lowering the hangover the next morning. Water helps to hydrate and detox the body. Detox is very important during the hangover, as it flush out the toxins from the body making you feel relax.

2.) Sports Drink to Cure a Hangover

A sports drink is a rich source of electrolytes and minerals which, help in lowering down the hangover. Taking sweet, caffeine-free soda will help the body better metabolize alcohol by lowering down ALDH. ALDH is the main culprit for hangover symptoms. Sports drink contains ingredients which lower down the processing of ALDH resulting in curing a Hangover. You can also drink the coconut water as it is also a rich source of electrolytes. Electrolytes boost your immunity and removes the free radicals from the body in a fast manner.

3.) Asparagus to Cure a Hangover

Asparagus is a spring vegetable rich in amino acids. Taking asparagus after drinking alcohol will protect our body from booze. The amino acids in asparagus increase the speed of body cells to break down alcohol, which prevent our body from further damage caused by the hydrogen peroxide present in alcohol. Alcohol affects our liver cells, asparagus help to protect our liver cells from alcohol. You can drink asparagus tea or asparagus soup. Take some asparagus and boil it with a cup of water for a few minutes. Add some salt to flavor it. Drink the mixture regularly to cure a hangover.

4.) Ginger or Peppermint Tea to Cure a Hangover

Herbal teas like ginger or peppermint tea are in use for centuries to cure a hangover. Research has also proved that nausea and stomach ache caused by a hangover are lower down by ginger or peppermint tea. Ginger tea is also helpful in curing liver cells damaged by excessive alcohol intake. The astringent, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger makes it one of the best cure for a hangover.

5.) Bananas and Pretzels to Cure a Hangover

This combination is not familiar as one is sweet and the other one is salty. Banana is a rich source of potassium while pretzels are a good source of salt. Potassium and salt help to hold water in the body to decrease the dehydration. You will also get relief from nausea and stomach pain caused by a hangover. Taking banana and pretzels at a same time is a difficult task, but to cure a hangover you need to have this. You can also go for spinach, beans and poultry items as a rich source of potassium.

6.) Coffee to Cure a Hangover

Coffee is rich in caffeine, which lower down the headache after hangover. Coffee is acidic and will give you a sort of energy by forcing adrenaline to go up. Coffee also react against ethanol, which is known to bring on muscle pain and headache. So taking a cup of coffee the next morning after excessive drinking is a fast way to cure a hangover. Coffee also helps to deal with stress and anxiety caused by the hangover.

7.) Aspirin to Cure a Hangover

Anti-inflammatory and painkiller found in aspirin is a good way to cure a hangover. Aspirin also reacts against ethanol, which is known to bring on muscle pain and headache. So taking a tablet of aspirin next morning after excessive drinking is a fast way to cure a hangover. Aspirin is not recommended for those who have a delicate stomach. Aspirin helps to make the blood thin so that it can pass through the veins easily.

8.) Bland Foods to Cure a Hangover

Bland foods like bread, toast helps in raising blood sugar, which get lower down in a hangover. Foods containing sugar help in getting rid of the alcohol by breaking its molecules more rapidly. Bland food are not spicy and are rich in fibre. These fibre rich foods, clears out the toxins from the body and lowers the hangover. Bland food also ease the stomach pain.

9.) Exercise or Swim to Cure a Hangover

Exercise and swimming are helpful to get rid of a hangover. When doing exercises a good amount of sweat is also released which helps in getting proper sleep after a hangover. Releasing of sweat is beneficial because sweat contains chemicals which helps in lowering stress hormones caused by a hangover. Group exercise is more beneficial to get rid of a hangover. Since, doing exercise will take a lot of time and effort, but the end result is always good. Endorphins hormones released after swimming helps in improving the mood and lower down the stress of a hangover.

10.) Meditation to Cure a Hangover

Meditation is an approach of workout for mind, similar to the way exercise is to the body. Our nervous system deals with tension, stress, overuse of coffee and drugs. To relax the nervous system, there is need for meditation. Regular meditation improves sleep problems caused by a hangover. Try to do meditation at morning time as it is better than late in the noon. Meditation not only cures hangover but also makes the mood fresh and mind sharper.

11.) Yoga to Cure a Hangover

Hangover causes stress, anxiety and depression. These can be diminished with regular yoga practice. Take at least 15 minutes of time out in morning to reconnect to a quiet and peaceful nature. In the evening, follow an hour with a gentle yoga practice before dinner time as it helps in getting good and healthy sleep. Yoga helps in getting muscles relaxed and circulating blood in the whole body. Yoga is a good way to cure a hangover.

12.) Music to Cure a Hangover

Music is an integral part of our life. If you are having trouble in getting proper sleep or late in falling asleep due to hangover than music can help you. Listening to quiet and soft music will help you to relax your body and  brain muscles. Music also helps you to get relaxed from stress and tension. Research has revealed that older people who are more prone to hangovers are getting rid of a hangover by listening to soft music. Make sure you pick soft and cool music to listen. It is one of the simplest way to cure a hangover.

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