How to Stop Dizziness Naturally?

Dizziness is not diseases it is just a symptom of the disease accompanied by other symptoms. It is a very common problem which is mainly caused due to  low and high blood sugar, low sugar level, anemia and other major disorders. Since it is not a serious problem, therefore, it can be treated easily at home. All you have to do is follow the below given home remedies by heart and take care of yourself. Read more, to know the ways to stop dizziness naturally.

Symptoms of Dizziness:

  • Loss of balance
  • Head pounding
  • Sensation of swimming or floating
  • Vertigo
  • Light and heavy headedness
  • Unsteadiness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Problem in vision
  • Weakness in limbs
  • Pain in Chest
  • Feeling of fainting
  • Headache

Causes of Dizziness:

how to stop dizziness naturally

Remedies to Stop Dizziness Naturally:

1.) Drink Plenty of Water to Stop Dizziness Naturally

The prime cause of dizziness is dehydration. To combat with dehydration, drink plenty of water. Another main cause of dizziness is a loss of body fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. To treat such problem consume juices and fruits that have water content.

  • Consume watermelon, strawberries, raspberry, oranges, coconut water.
  • Drink 7-8 glass of water in a day to keep the dizziness at the bay.
  • Whenever you feel dizziness dehydrates yourself with water or juice.
  • Herbal tea, soups, broths will also do equal benefit.

2.) Take a Deep Breath to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Another way to deal with dizziness is deep breathing. While doing so, your brain will get sufficient amount of oxygen, which will relax your body and  stop dizziness.

How to Take a Deep Breath?

  • Sit or lie down comfortably, then place your right hand on the abdomen.
  • Then, place the thumb of your left hand on your left nostril and close your mouth with rest of the fingers.
  • With your right nostril try to inhale. While doing so, the inhaled air will go in your belly.
  • Hold the breath for a second and close both the nostrils and lips.
  • Then exhale slowly and blow out the air which was filled in a belly.
  • Repeat this for 8-10 times relax your body and breath normally.

3.) Gooseberry to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Gooseberry  has been considered a boon to treat dizziness for the ages. It is enriched with Vitamin A and C, which  increases blood circulation, boost immunity and eventually helps you to get rid of  dizziness.

How to Use Gooseberry?

  • Grind 2 gooseberries and make a paste out of it. Make sure you remove the seeds from them.
  • In a cup of water mix the paste of the gooseberry and 2 teaspoons of coriander seeds.
  • Leave the mixture for a night.
  • Next morning, strain the mixture and gulp it.
  • Drink this mixture daily until you get encouraging

4.) Lemon to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Lemon is another natural home remedy which comes handy for treating dizziness. The citrus fruit is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C. It boosts the immune system. The healthy immune system fights back with the illness. Moreover, it is a  natural energizing agent. The fruit instantly adds energy to your body and you feel refreshed.

How to Use Lemon?

  • In a glass of water mix 1 ½ lemon juice and a spoon of honey.
  • Drink this solution to stop dizziness.
  • Or, in a glass of water mix a tablespoon of lemon juice, salt, and a pinch of black pepper.
  • Drink it 3-4 times a day.

5.) Ginger to Stop Dizziness

Ginger helps you to get rid of nausea and vomiting which are the main symptoms of the dizziness. It improves the blood flow to the brain and rest of the body.

How to Use Ginger?

  • To combat dizziness suck ginger, candy  Or chew a slice of ginger roots
  • Drinking ginger tea will also aid dizziness.
  • Last but not least take ginger supplements. However, do consult with your doctor before the intake of supplements.

6.) Fever-Few to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Feverfew is a herb which comes handy for treating the symptoms of dizziness such as vomiting, nausea, It improves the blood circulation at home.

How to Use Fever-Few?

  • Chew fresh leaves of feverfew during dizziness.
  • Or in a cup of heat water, steep at-spoon of peppermint and  fever-few for  15-20 minutes.
  • Strain this drink and consume the tea.
  • You can go for its supplements as well.

7.) Ginkgo Biloba to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Ginkgo Biloba is also an effective remedy for dizziness. It stimulates the blood flow to the brain and rest of the body parts. Also, it helps you get rid of tinnitus, an infection in the ear, which is a common symptom of the dizziness.

How to Use Ginkgo Biloba?

  • In a cup of warm water steep dry leafs of Ginkgo Biloba. Strain the water and drink the tea
  • You can also mix the liquid extract of the herb in a glass of water and gulp it.
  • Alternatively, you take supplements of Ginkgo Biloba.

8.) Honey to Stop Dizziness Naturally

Honey is packed with the natural sugar which instantly improves the energy level and keep the  dizziness at the bay. Also, it cures Hypoglycemia (L ow Blood Sugar).

How to Use Honey?

  • In a glass of hot or cold water mix 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and honey.
  • Drink this solution 2-3 times a day.
  • You can also add lemon juice and honey in warm water.
  • The drink will come handy for treating the dizziness immediately.
  • Alternatively, you can consume a mixture of  a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and honey.

9.) Ice-Pack to Stop Dizziness Naturally

An ice pack will provide you instant relief from the dizziness. It will cool your body and increase the blood circulation to the brain and other parts of the body.

How to Apply Ice Pack?

  • Lie down on the stomach and press ice pack on the back of the neck.
  • Leave the ice pack for 10-15 minutes.
  • You can prepare your own ice pack at home, put some ice cubes in the washcloth and wrap it or use frozen veggies bag as an ice pack.

10.) Body Massage to Stop Dizziness

A nice body massage is an ideal home remedy for dizziness. It has soothing and calming properties. Moreover, it improves the blood circulation and relax the nervous system. All these properties are beneficial for treating dizziness. You can use any essential oil like lavender oil for body massage.

11.) Simple Exercise to Stop Dizziness

Simple neck exercises such as moving your neck in clock-wise and anti-clockwise direction and many more will help you treat dizziness. However, do them slowly. Don’t put force on your neck.

12.) Take Rest to Stop Dizziness

Last bot not least rest will help you to get rid of the dizziness. Strenuous workout or mental activities can also lead dizziness. To treat the problem take ample amount of rest. Also, take care of your postures.

  • Lie with the legs up, such pose increases the blood circulation.
  • Another pose then can improve the blood circulation is, while sitting keep your head between the legs.

Other Useful Tips to Stop Dizziness Naturally:

  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Avoid caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • If your nasal gets blocked use saline.
  • Drink lemon water.
  • Don’t take the stress and avoid excessive exercise.
  • Calm yourself with regular exercise or yoga.
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