How to Remove Ear Wax?

In this article we will discuss different methods to remove ear wax. The purpose of the ear wax is to prevent dust and other harmful elements from entering and damaging the eardrums. But, this wax can also cause hearing problems if the amount of wax exceeds than the normal. Also, if the shape of the canal is different, it can collect more ear wax than usual shape. People sometimes try to remove ear wax on their own without taking any prior precautions. This results in more harm than good. One must not try to do such things as it may damage the eardrums, which can further result in hearing problems or even complete hear loss. However there are medical treatments available to get rid of wax, but such treatments can be little costly. Instead of going for medical treatment, you can remove ear wax safely and effectively with the help of some remedies mentioned below.

How to Remove Ear Wax

Methods to Remove Ear Wax Safely and Effectively

1.) Warm Water to Remove Ear Wax Quickly

Warm water is a simple and easy method to remove ear wax fast. Flushing warm water in an ear will help in loosening the wax and makes it easier to get rid of it. Here is the method to do it.

Directions to use Warm Water for Ear Wax Removal:

  • Take an ear aspirator and fill it with warm water.
  • Tilt your head to a side to make it easier to fill warm water in your ear.
  • Drop warm water using an aspirator into the ear.
  • Leave it for a minute.
  • Now, tilt your head to the opposite side to drain out the water from the ear.
  • Clean your ear from water and wax that came out of it.
  • Use filtered water to do this.

2.) Almond Oil to Remove Ear Wax Blockage

Almond oil help as a good lubricating and softening agent. This property of almond oil makes it easy to remove ear wax. It is one of the best home remedy to get rid of ear wax.

Direction to Use Almond Oil for Removing Ear Wax:

  • Take some warm almond oil (room temperature) and fill it in a ear aspirator.
  • Tilt the ear upward, which is needed to be treated.
  • Drop warm almond oil in the ear with the help of the aspirator.
  • Leave it for several minutes to work.
  • Now place a cotton ball over your ear and tilt your ear to the opposite side.
  • You will notice excess oil and wax has come out of the ear with a cotton ball.
  • Clean your ear with a damp cloth.

3.) Olive Oil to Remove Ear Wax at Home

Olive oil is another helpful remedy to remove ear wax at home. Olive oil makes the wax soft which makes it easier to fall from the ear. Being antiseptic in nature, it helps prevent your ear from infection as well.

Directions to Use Olive Oil for Ear Wax Removal:

  • Warm olive oil a bit (room temperature).
  • Feel a dropper with warm olive oil.
  • Put a drop on your hand first to be sure that it’s not too hot for your ear. If it is fine, put a few drops of olive oil using a dropper.
  • After that, leave it for several minutes before draining your ear clear from excess oil and wax.

4.) Baking Soda to Remove Ear Wax Blockage

Baking soda is not only known for kitchen purpose, it also helps in various body and skin ailments. Clearing wax from ear with the help of baking soda is very safe and effective method. It helps in softening the hardened wax. Here is the method to use it.

Directions to Use Baking Soda:

  • Mix half tsp of baking soda in 4 tsp of water.
  • Bend your head sideways.
  • Fill the solution in an aspirator.
  • Put a few drops of this solution in the affected ear.
  • Wait for 15 minutes.
  • Flush the ear with some warm water.
  • Now, tilt the head in the opposite direction to drain out excess of Solution, water and wax to make ear clean.
  • Clean the ear later.

5.) Baby Oil to Get Rid of Ear Wax Quickly

It is very easy to remove ear wax with baby oil. Baby oil easily softens and loosen earwax. This oil is very gentle for the skin. Remember to follow basic ear-cleaning protocol before removing ear wax to prevent any damage.

Directions to Use Baby Oil  for Ear Wax Removal:

  • Fill an ear aspirator with baby oil in it.
  • Tilt the concerned year towards the ceiling.
  • Put a few drops of baby oil into the ear.
  • Place a tissue over the ear.
  • Leave it for some time.
  • Later, tilt the head in the opposite direction, remove the tissue and let excess oil and wax to drain out.
  • Clear the ear later on with a damp cotton.

6.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Ear Wax Fast

Apart from baby oil, you can also easily remove ear wax with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is known for treating many health ailments. Because of its fizzy nature, it is quite useful in loosening ear wax.

Directions to Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Ear Wax Treatment:

  • Mix same amount of hydrogen peroxide and water.
  • Fill this solution in an ear aspirator.
  • Tilt your head and put a few drops of solution in your ear.
  • Leave it for several minutes.
  • Later, tilt your head in the opposite direction to drain out the remaining solution and excess wax.
  • Wipe your ear outer ear clear with a moist tissue.

7.) Glycerin to Remove Ear Wax Fast

Glycerin is another effective way for removing hard wax by lubricating and loosening it. It is gentle to the ear and causes no harmful effect if done taking proper precaution.

Directions to Use Glycerin for Removing Ear Wax:

  • Tilt your affected ear towards the ceiling.
  • Fill a dropper with glycerin
  • Now, put 3-4 drops of glycerin with dropper.
  • And place a cotton ball over your ear for an hour.
  • Later, just tilt your ear in the other direction and remove the cotton ball to drain out the excess glycerin and wax with it.
  • Clean the ear with a moist tissue.

8.) Salt Water to Remove Ear Wax Quickly

Salt water is one of the most common and effective methods to remove excess ear wax. It softens the hard wax and makes it easier to get rid of it. Follow the steps carefully before using it.

Directions to Use Salt Water to Remove Ear Wax:

  • Mix 1/4th cup of water to 1/2 tsp of salt and dissolve it properly,
  • If you don’t have aspirator or dropper, simply soak a cotton ball and squeeze a few drops of salt solution in the affected ear.
  • Leave the solution in the ear for several minutes.
  • Later, drain out the excess of solution and wax which comes out it with the solution.
  • Clean outer ear with a towel.

9.) Avoid Following to Remove Ear Wax Safely and Effectively

  • Never use sharp objects to remove wax the ear.
  • Don’t use water forcefully into the ear.
  • Never use hot oil.
  • Avoid hearing loud music.
  • Avoid clearing ear frequently.
  • Don’t use cold water in the ear.
  • Avoid cotton swap or ear buds.

10.) Omega-3 Fatty Acids For Healthy Ear

Excess ear wax in the ear is the result of lack of omega-3 fatty acids in your body. So, first of all clear wax from your ear with the help of any of the above mentioned methods. Then, for future precaution, increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids rich food such as fish, including tuna and salmon, eggs, peanut butter etc.

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