How to Lucid Dream? (Lucid Dreaming)

When you are aware that you are dreaming during sleep, it is called lucidity of dreams. This awareness may trigger when you feel extremely sad, angry, or happy. Sometimes when you are in dream, you realize whatever is happening, it is not actually possible and the only possible answer is that you are dreaming. This feeling is or awareness is known as lucidity of dreams. Although the dream is beyond your control, but you can also learn how to lucid dream. When you are aware that you are dreaming, you will realize that you can do anything and there is no danger ahead. You can fly, dive, swim or do whatever you wish to do. You can do all the things that are not possible for you to do in real world. However, when we are not aware of it we get up scared and shocked and our sleep also get disturbed. After learning to lucid dream you can continue to sleep without any disturbance. Once you do that you will have control over all your actions in the dream, your brain will be working on a conscious level. Here is the complete lucid dreaming guide that you can follow to experience the dream world.

How to Lucid Dream

Tips to Lucid Dream (Lucid Dreaming)

1.) Remember Your Everyday Dreams

If you think that you don’t dream, you are wrong. Everybody dreams, it is just that you don’t remember it. To lucid dream it is necessary to remember your dream. Try remembering your dreams to lucid dream by following below listed technique.

  • Before sleeping every night, repeat this phrase verbally “I will remember my dream when I wake up in the morning”.
  • Repeat this phrase every night for some time. Repeating the phrase every night will help your brain in remembering dreams.
  • After a week or so you mat notice that you can remember your everyday dream. It may take more time in some cases. Keep repeating the phrase each night until you notice changes.

2.)  Keep a Track for Lucid Dreaming

This can be little monotonous, but it is necessary for lucid dreaming. Keeping a track of the dream will help you remember dreams faster. Below are some suggestions that you need to follow.

  • In starting writing even 2-3 lines about your dream is quite sufficient.
  • This will get you in a habit of getting used to remembering dreams.
  • Try to look for some signs and signals in your dreams.
  • It can be useful in analyzing your thought process as well.

3.) Look for Signs to Lucid dream

Most of the dream that you see have many objects and people in them. You can use these objects and people as a sign of waking you up in your dreams. When you get this habit right, it will be easier to lucid dream. Here is the example to learn this method.

  • Suppose you see George (who is no more actually) in your normal dreams every day.
  • So, George can act as a sign to wake you up in your dream, because you know George is not alive.

4.) Be Awake in Real World to Control Dream

To be active while dreaming, you must be active in your real world as well. By being active we mean to be aware of the world around you. When you will be aware of the things more clearly like being aware of seeing, feeling, smelling, touching, hearing and voicing, it will increase awareness in your dreaming state as similar to the real world.

  • Keep a note of things you learn or see in the real world.
  • More you focused in real world more properly you will be able to lucid dream.

5.) Question Yourself to Have Lucid Dreams

Just question yourself “Am I Dreaming”. Ask yourself as often as you can. Although, you know you are not dreaming. But, how to know that? If you would have been dreaming, you would have crawled building like the Spiderman. When you dream you cannot read for long, so read a sentence to prove that you are not dreaming. You might be wondering as what’s the use of all this questioning. Here is the answer to it.

  • Asking yourself question like this will prepare you to lucid dream.
  • When you question like this, you carry the same question in your dream too. This make it easy to know that you are dreaming.

6.) First Lucid Dream

Most of the people have their first lucid dream just by normally reading about it. And, when you find that you are experiencing a lucid dream, you become over-excited and get out of the lucid state out of excitement.

  • Some of the starting lucid dreams are difficult to maintain, but at least it’s a start.
  • Just keep on working and refine the skills to control your dreams better.

7.) Return Back to Sleep to Lucid Dream

When you wake up from your dream, recall and remember the dream. Pen it down in your notebook, then get back to sleep and try to focus on the dream again. Try to notice the dream sign and slowly get back to the sleep, you might be lucky to enter a lucid dream.

  • Lucid dreams generally occur when you are completely asleep.
  • Normally, you will notice a strange event and become conscious that you are in a dream.
  • This is the reason most of the lucid dream crashes soon.

8.) Meditation for Lucid Dreaming

Meditation and lucid dream go hand in hand. According to studies, meditation and lucid dreaming have a direct link to each other. It is one of the best lucid dreaming techniques.

  • Both practices include a superior level of awareness.
  • Meditation helps in making you more habitually focused, reflective and self aware.
  • It helps in improving your power of recalling dreams, visualization skills and your capability to turn into lucid automatically.
  • So, practicing a simple breathing meditation will help you to relax and increase your chances to have more lucid dreams.

9.) Video Games to Lucid Dream

If you play video games before hitting the sack, you can get to an extraordinary level of awareness fast. You can achieve better control in your dreams.

  • Gamers are familiar with controlling their gaming environment that can help them to have the same control in their dreams as well.
  • Gamers and lucid dreamers have a better visualization of things.

10.) Galantamine to Lucid Dream

Galantamine is considered to be very useful in enhancing memory power. It has a very powerful mind-inducing effects. Galantamine is a known to improve cognitive functions. It also enhances waking and dreaming memory. So, this way you can get to lucid dream better. Galantamine tends to increase dreaming:

  • Lucidity
  • Recall
  • Control
  • Visualization
  • Cognition
  • Bizarreness
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