Health Benefits of Honey

This article is about health benefits of honey. Honey is popularly known as liquid gold. The reason is also very prominent as it helps to deal with various health ailments. It is extracted from the flowers by bees and is stored in their hive. Honey contains raw nutrients and compounds that have a numerous health benefits and various uses. Perhaps that’s why it has been in use for centuries. Honey is in use by numerous hospitals as a treatment for cuts and wounds. Raw honey is more beneficial than the processed honey.

Companies process most of the honey, you find in the grocery stores. Heating it helps improve the texture and color, and eliminate any form of crystallization. Many of the bacteria and useful antioxidants are also destroyed in the process. Raw honey is the unpasteurized honey, which is more healthy and beneficial. There are numerous health benefits of honey. In this article, we have written some major health benefits of honey. Read the article to know about the various health benefits of honey and use them in your daily life.

Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

1.) Honey to Boost Energy

The health benefits of honey are more than its taste only. An immense source of carbohydrates, which give energy and strength to our body. Honey is known for its support in quickly boosting the endurance, performance and lower muscle pain of athletes. Its natural ingredients play a major role in avoiding fatigue during workouts. The glucose present in honey is consumed by the body faster and gives an instant energy boost, while the fructose in honey is absorbed slowly providing constant energy. It has also been proved that honey keep levels of blood sugar constant in comparison to other types of sugar.

2.) Honey to Treat Wounds and Burns

The soothing property of honey helps in curing various wounds and burns. The sticky nature of honey provides a layer around the wounds and burns, providing instant relief from the itchiness. In earlier times, no proper medicines were available for wounds and burns. So, honey was in use for centuries for treating wounds and burns. Its antiseptic properties stop the growth of various bacteria and helps keep  wounds free from infection. It is able to suck the moisture from the air around the wound and promote healing.

3.) Honey for Sore Throat

The antimicrobial properties of honey help to treat sore throat. The sore throat is a common problem caused by the bacteria in the inner layer of the neck. Sore throat leads to the inflammation and irritation in the throat. Honey not only relaxes the throat, but can also kill bacteria that leads to the infection. Singers use honey for soothing their throats before giving the performance. The researchers believe that excess heat in the body is the reason behind the sore throat and honey drink can be beneficial. Gargle with a mixture of lukewarm glass water, one tablespoon of lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey and a pinch of salt.

4.) Honey to Detox

Detoxing your body is an important task of the healthy life. Detox means to remove all the harmful toxins, salts and hormones from the body. Sweating is a great way to detox your body. In today’s life sweating is like impossible as you are not performing any workout. The alternative to sweating is to drink honey and apple cider vinegar drink. Apple cider vinegar is the king of home remedies, when mixed with honey works wonder for your health. Detox is one of the major health benefits of honey.

5.) Honey for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is liked by everyone as it is a style status for many. Now-a-days taking care of hair is quite a difficult task. The busy schedule, pollution has made the life of hair hell. People spend a large amount of bucks to treat their hair, but they don’t get the best result. Honey is one of the home remedy that can be very useful to get healthy hair. Honey mask can be used to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp. Apply a thick layer of honey on your scalp, for a few days to get rid of dandruff.

6.) Honey for Weight Loss

One of the major problems faced by today’s youngsters is obesity or overweight. Underweight is a problem and overweight is also a big problem. Getting proper weight is quite a challenging task. Doing excessive exercise and workout is not possible by everyone. The best option to lose weight is to drink honey and lemon juice in lukewarm water. Mix one lemon juice and one spoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Drink this mixture daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

7.) Honey for Healthy Skin

Glowing skin is the dream of every individual. Pimple, acne, wrinkle free face is the priority for every individual. All these factors cause embarrassment in public and make you feel low in confidence. To get rid of all these things, use honey as a natural remedy. The redness, irritation caused by the acne is lower down by the honey soothing properties. Honey also shields the face skin from harmful pollution and ultraviolet rays. It is one of the popular health benefits of honey. Honey mask is one way to use honey for the skin. Apply a thin layer of the honey on your face, for a few days. To know about how to use honey for acne, you can read the article Honey for Acne.

8.) Honey as an Alternative to Sugar

The major cause of diabetes today is the use of white sugar in our daily life. Diabetes is a problem faced by millions of Americans in the current date. In a research it has been stated that diabetes is like a slow poison. It destroys the human organs slowly and steadily. The insulin is not released by pancreas during the consumption of the food by the body. The insulin helps to lower the blood glucose in the body. When this blood glucose is more than enough, it does not allow the organs to work properly. Diabetes affects the bones, heart, hair and eyes also. Honey is one of the best alternative to sugar, as it does not affect the insulin formation in the body. It provides energy to body cells, due to its high content of glucose in it.

9.) Honey to Get Rid of Insomnia

Honey is helpful to get rid of insomnia or sleepless nights. Honey release serotonin, a transmitter that improves happiness and mood. This helps to get quality and full sleep. In addition, honey is also loaded with numerous amino acids, as well as tryptophan that is usually associated with turkey. Honey’s stable rise in insulin, helps the tryptophan to enter the brain, where it’s then changed into melatonin, which is helpful in getting proper sleep. This is responsible for wake cycles and regulating sleep.

10.) Honey for Upset Stomach

Upset stomach is a common problem faced by numerous people in day to day life. Eating, drinking some unusual stuff can cause stomach pain. Later this stomach problem leads to vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. To get rid of upset stomach fast and naturally, use honey as a major ingredient. It is loaded with natural analgesic, anti-microbial properties that helps to treat upset stomach. It provides soothing and calm effect to the stomach pain. Honey forms the thin layer inside the stomach to remove all harmful toxins and bacteria from the body.

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