How to Stop a Toothache?

Toothaches can be a gentle soreness to an unbearable throbbing pain in your teeth and around your jaws. Some of the main reasons of toothaches are cavities, an exposed tooth root, an infection, a cracked tooth, gum disease, or a jaw joint disorder. There are several home remedies available in your home to stop a toothache. Sometimes toothache needs a medical attention, however in even such cases home remedies are quite helpful. They will help you subside the main, until you visit the dentist. A toothache can long last or may disappear soon depending upon the reasons it was triggered.

Remedies to Stop a Toothache:

1.) Clove Oil to Stop a Toothache

How to Stop a Toothache

Cloves are a natural remedy for numbing the nerves. Eugenol is the primary chemical compound of the cloves family, which is a natural painkiller. To stop a toothache, cloves oil is really useful if handled carefully. It can make pain worse if the oil is poured on the sensitive gum or on the tongue. To avoid such condition, simply put 1 or 2 drops of clove oil on a cotton ball and hold it against the tooth itself until the pain subside. Alternatively, use a pinch of clove powder or place a clove on the tooth. You can also chew a clove to release its oil and keep the clove at the place, until the pain subsides completely.

2.) Pepper and Salt to Stop Toothache

Salt and pepper both ingredients have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial properties. The mixer of salt and pepper is a great remedy to stop a toothache if the tooth becomes extremely sensitive. Make a paste by mixing equal amount of common salt and pepper with few drop of distilled water. After mixing it properly, apply on the affected tooth. Let it sit for five minutes. Repeat the remedy every day for few days until the pain subsides completely. It is one of the best home remedies to stop a toothache.

3.) Garlic to Stop a Toothache

Garlic has many medicinal properties, which can treat various health related problem. You will be happy to know that it also has immense property to treat a toothache. Garlic’s medicinal and has antibiotic properties can be very effective in reducing the pain. To use garlic for a toothache simply mix garlic powder or crushed garlic clove with some table salt. Instead, table salt, you can also take black salt to mix with garlic clove. Directly apply it one the tooth to ease the pain. Alternatively, simply chewing a garlic clove will help you alleviate the pain. This is an ideal natural remedy to stop a toothache. You should repeat this for few days until the pain subsides.

4.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Cure a Toothache

Hydrogen peroxide is a great remedy to kill bacteria and relieve some kind of discomfort. It can give you temporary relief if a toothache is due to fever. It will not permanently soothe the pain, but provide enough relief until you see your dentist and get the treatment to clear up the infection. You should use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for rinsing. Don’t intake the solution as it can be harmful to your health. Spit out as soon as possible after rinsing the mouth.

5.) Ice Cubes to Ease a Toothache

Ice cubes can help you relieve tooth pain by numbing the nerve ends. You have to wrap a small ice cube in a cotton cloth and then hold it on the aching tooth for a couple of minutes. Those who have exposed nerves should note that cold compress can lead to more severe pain. An acupressure technique that can alleviate a toothache is to rub an ice cube between your index finger and thumb for several minutes. Sometimes it better to get medical help instead of trying home remedies. Some gum and dental problems require more vigorous treatment than simple home remedies.

6.) Guava leaves to Stop a Toothache

Guava leaves can be used to stop a toothache fast and naturally. Guava leaves are the best home remedy for a toothache as they have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Simply chew two or three guava leaves until you extract the juice from them. This juice of guava leaves extract is really beneficial for affected tooth. Instead, of guava leave, you can also go for raw spinach leaves too. Alternatively, boil some guava leaves on a medium flame for a few minutes. Add some common salt to the solution after it cools down. Simply rinse your mouth with this solution to get rid of a toothache.

7.) Onion to Stop a Toothache Fast and Naturally

Onions have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that can help you to relieve a toothache. It can give comfort from pain by killing the germs that are causing the infection. As soon as you get the sign of toothache onion can be really effective to prevent further pain. Simply chewing some raw onion for few minutes can soothe the pain fast. If you can’t tolerate the taste of onion then place a piece of it directly on the affected tooth or gum.

8.) Rinse Your Mouth with Myrrh to Stop a Toothache

The myrrh has anti-inflammation properties that can help you to alleviate the tooth pain. You just have to rinse your mouth with a tincture of myrrh. The added benefit of using myrrh is that it can also help you by killing harmful bacteria causing toothache. Simmer one teaspoon of powdered myrrh in two cups water for 20 minutes. After that, strain the solution and let cool down to room temperature. Rinse your mouth with one teaspoon of the solution in a1/2 cup water five to six times a day.

9.) Wheatgrass Juice to Stop a Toothache

Wheatgrass has useful natural antibacterial properties that will help you to fight against a toothache and tooth decay. The method of using wheatgrass for a toothache is extremely easy. You have to rinse your mouth with the juice of wheatgrass extract. Wheatgrass juice is really beneficial for your gums as it absorbs harmful toxins from them. It also reduces the growth of bacteria and prevents any infection. You can also simply chew on wheatgrass, the effect will remain same.

10.) Oil Pulling to Stop a Toothache Fast

Swish one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 15 minutes. It has proven that this reduces the amount of harmful bacteria present in the mouth causing toothache. By swishing the oil in the mouth, bacteria get stuck in the oil. This is actually the way in, which bacteria and plaque caused by bacteria is removed. After 15 minutes, spit out the oil. You should make sure you do not swallow it as you will swallow the bacteria stuck to the oil.

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